10 x 10 canopy - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Alice
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10 x 10 canopy

This is a great forum to tap people's experience, likes/dislikes, opinions and help.
Am looking at getting a 10 x 10 canopy. I will be the only person putting it up. Any specific product recommendations/experience putting up a 10x10 canopy by yourself? Also, how do you keep it from "blowing away" in high winds?

All info is appreciated.


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Name: jim
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Several members use EZ Up here Amazon.com: E-Z UP Sierra II 10 by 10 Canopy, Blue: Sports & Outdoors
and there are holes in the legs for steel stakes for windy situations.

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Name: Lil
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Hi Alice,
I have a 10x10 (measured at the bottom) Shade Tech that I hadn't used for a couple years. Brought it along on the Last Hurrah camping trip the weekend before Halloween. I managed to get it halfway up, but couldn't manage to get it to full height until the folks I was spending the weekend with arrived to help me complete the task.
I usually anchor the base with four tent pegs. If it's going to be very windy, it's a good idea to just remove the cover and leave the frame standing until the winds pass and you can reinstall the cover.
Sure was nice to have it since it kept the area around the propane firepit clear of snow. Then we could warm our hands while taking down camp. Had to bring the unit inside and partially unfold it to get it dried off. Took a day to accomplish.
I'm gonna have to practice erecting it myself, just to make sure I can do it alone. Maybe some silicone spray will help make it easier to push in the buttons to extend and lock the legs. It's nice to have over the picnic table or if you cook outside. Otherwise, I have an home made awning that attaches to the Scamp that I can install myself.
BTW, I'm 61, 5'2" and am losing my grip strength, which might be a factor in my challenge putting the Shade Tech up this time.
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Lil M.
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Name: Diane
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Alice, I use a 10 x 10 and or a 12 x 12 Quest canopies. They are just like the EZ up Canopies. I camp solo, am a female and can put these up by myself. However for years I struggled with them, then I learned a trick which I will share with you.
First I stake out one leg to the ground, then I go to the opposite corners consecutively and pull out the corners, then I put the top on it then I (push the top up till it clicks on the legs then pull up the legs. ) This is not how the instructions tell you to do it. BUT IT WORKS A HECK OF A LOT BETTER!!!! And one person can do it.
I have used them for years and mine have never blown down like others I have from time to time seen.
For a woman alone it is a good idea to take a weather radio with you. I do and make sure that everything you have outside can handle the storm, wind, rain or snow that may occure. Stake everything. Make sure things are taught, canopies and such. No pockets that rain may pool up in. Extreme wind ...take it down if the winds are too strong. Especially at the beach. You can also weight the canopy down by using milk jugs filled with water or sand or dirt or rocks. Personaly I have not had to do this except at the beach.
The canopies are great, you can add "wind walls" ( soft sided walls just like the top)to them for protection in rain or I use the wind walls in the Fall and Winter months for an extra heated outdoor room. They also have screen sides, which I almost never use but have them. Our trailers are small and this gives you extra space for sure.
You can do it lady! So go forth and have fun in the outdoors.
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Name: Kevin
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We have been using a 10x10 FirstUp shelter for about 5 years. I've been putting it up myself this year due to my wife's bad elbow. First, I anchor one corner where I want it with a metal tent stake. Then, I stretch it out, walking it diagonally until I have it about 75% unfolded. I put on the cover, attach the corners and the other velcro straps to the frame, then walk the whole thing out to almost 100%. At this point, I pull up the locking mechanism on each corner to fully extend the top. The cover should be stretched tight at this point. Next, I start raising the extending legs, one at a time. I just go to the first hole all the way around, then repeat until I'm at the third (top) hole. This fully extends the covering. I finish by putting tent stakes through the remain anchor foot of each leg, put up the side bug screens and/or wind walls, and complete the job by using the tie-down ropes extended out from the shelter. We put our FirstUp right against our trailer so it forms a sort of covered porch for us. We also put a string of colored LED lights (Halloween leftovers) down each front tie-down rope to alert us to where the ropes are when we are out walking around. This shelter has gone through very high winds without a problem, due to the fact that we attach it firmly to the ground. (If the ground is too hard for stakes, we use weights that are made to fit around the base of each leg. They are OK, but not as good as the ropes.) In all, I can put it up by myself in about 20 minutes and take it down in about 10 minutes.

[Looks like I do it just like Diane above.]
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Name: Hazel
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We have a 10x10 canopy plus wind walls and netting. I am vertically challenged and haven't succeeded in erecting it alone. My tall partner puts it up quite easily without my help.

When we think it is too windy for it to just stand there we peg the corners. Windier yet, we tie it to the front and back of the camper and any convenient tree.

We found that on very windy days the windwalls caught too much wind and started to tear at the seams. I cut a chunk out of the centre of one and sewed a cheap shower curtain over the hole. This 'spills' the wind quite nicely, and can be 'opened' when we just want a wee bit of shade.
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Diane, Kevin - thanks for the tips. I've been struggling with how to put this up by myself.
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Name: Diane
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Just reading your remarks...HA, got to love it!
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Name: bob
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New York
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We have an older First-up, no good, water pools up on it and bends the frame. Daughter has a Swiss Gear 10 X 10 that we bought her a few years ago, sheds water good, has detachable screens or side panels. When I set it up for her I use real stakes, not the straight rods or plastic stakes that come with it, and also use ropes off the top corners. I think it has the "bat wing" things at the corners to attach the ropes to. We have a Coleman Geosport canopy that we put over our teardrop. It's not a one person erect thing, 5 legs, spider center for the poles, and other "Y" connectors, but the nice thing is it has a center roof vent for when wind gets under it.
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Name: Carol
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I have the EZ up style canopy and I also can put it up on my own. As others have said staking down one corner is the trick! To keep it from blowing away stake all 4 corners. I also put the cover on while it is in the low position and dont have any problem putting it up to full height on my own doing it one leg at a time.

Getting sides for it are a big bonus! You can put one side on if you need to block out sun. In bad weather I often put up 3 sides and put my propane fire pit under the tent and its very warm in poor weather.
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Name: Gilda
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We decided not to get an attached awning on our new 2011 Scamp for several reasons, mostly because the cost doubled in one year. As it turns out we are glad we did not get the awning because 1. We mostly park in a shady campsite, 2. It has rarely rained while camping 3. Most of our camping activity takes place around the picnic table and fire ring 4. We rarely park in an RV campground meant mostly for giant buses parked side by side. 5. We are glad not to have to think "Did we batten down the awning?" before hitting the road.

What we have, instead, is a 6' x6' canopy called "Quik Shade Go" (Quik Shade - Instant Canopies, Shade Awnings and Portable Shade (800) 248-5327) which we purchased at Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) during the summer season for about $70 on sale. The canopy comes in a case that has straps so you can carry it like a backpack. The canopy opens just like the 10' ones but folds compactly and is relatively lightweight. We have only used the canopy 2 times so far; for shade and for light rain protection over our picnic table. While my husband and I put up the canopy together I believe it can easily be put up by one person using the same techniques as others have mentioned. I, too, have great difficulty pressing in those recessed buttons because of a weak thumb. I wish someone would develop a device to help with these.

I have had experience putting up and taking down the larger canopies and have to admit that I broke one in spite of being careful and following the directions. These buggars are easy to break, so be forewarned.

Good luck with your canopy choice.
Happy Camping!
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Name: george
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Several folks have mentioned "EZ-Up" canopies. While it's true they are good ( we have one that we use mostly at horse shows ), just be advised they are rather heavy, and are a somewhat bulky item when folded. About 10" x 12" x 60", and weighs 65 pounds in the carry bag.
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Originally Posted by gmw photos View Post
Several folks have mentioned "EZ-Up" canopies. While it's true they are good ( we have one that we use mostly at horse shows ), just be advised they are rather heavy, and are a somewhat bulky item when folded. About 10" x 12" x 60", and weighs 65 pounds in the carry bag.
I have a 10x 10 EZ-up and it is nowhere near that size or weight. 60 long, maybe, but about 8x8 and weighs maybe 30 lbs max. It's also a pain to put up. I have a cheap knockoff that is 10 x 12 and it weighs less and sets up more easily but the top is much less solid. I would not buy Ez-up again.
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Name: Kevin
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Here is a picture of our FirstUp set up outside our UHaul VT. Since the covers on these will drip and leak in persistent rains, we also will put a large blue tarp over the entire top at times. This has proved to be a great solution in wet weather and has withstood several storms while tied in place (like tent campers do). We will also install both the bug screens and the wind screens (rolled up and fastened along the top edge of the frame) so that we can drop the sides when we need privacy, wind/sun protection, or warmth.
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