13' Scamps bed size - Fiberglass RV

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So all you Scamp owners, do 2 of you fit in that bed?? We went up this past
weekend to take a look at them, still think we should go for the 13' but wonder
if we need to wait for a deluxe because of bed size, we are not tiny people.

Yes, we are the "fluffy" type, what a nice way to say it! After visting this site in the
past couple of weeks, I think part of the draw for a Scamp is what great people you
all are. You have helped enormously, and I hope to meet you all out on the road.
Thks all.

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We have 2006 13'. I think part of how well you'll like the size of the bed is dependent on whether you're used to sleeping in smaller spaces or not. We're NOT small people and are very comfortable sleeping on the Scamp bed. A couple of things improve our sleeping comfort. We use individual sleeping bags. Anne will often add a fleece liner to hers, I sleep too warm to do that in mine. We also don't sleep shoulder to shoulder. Anne is a bit claustrophobic so she sleeps away from back wall, I get stuck against the wall. It works very nicely for us, but it might not work for everybody.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Small or tiny is subjective. Not to be prying but do you mean Tall vs short or fluffy vs skinny. I think tall people would be happier with something that provides more length. Like a Casita 17' that makes into a king size or twin bed option.

The way to test it, is tape out on the floor the dimensions and lay in it. Can you cuddle enough to be comfortable? Since it's a subjective question, how other people sleep may not be comfortable enough for you. I'm 5'7" and when I sleep in a large heavyweight sleeping bag, I sleep at an angle across the bed. That would be difficult with two people.
Donna D.
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Small or tiny is subjective. Not to be prying but do you mean Tall vs short or fluffy vs skinny.
Fluffy?? I guess my wife and I would be in the Fluffy group.
We actually find we sleep really well on the 13 Scamp bed and sometimes we think we sleep better than we do in our Queen at home. Maybe it's the fresh air or the memory foam pad over the cushions? Shorter person(wife) gets the back wall and I've removed all the old table hardware(use RV stanchions now) and spice rack that used to be there that she could hit at nite so the wall is smooth elephant hide only. This gives her the choice now of cuddling with me or the wall. We got 600 count Egyptian Cotton hotel sheets and a down comforter for the winter sleeping and it has made if very warm and cozy. Hmmm, I think I'll head out there now and take a nap....
Scamp Owners International
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Hi Judy! We sleep really well in the bed of our Scamp 13. When we visit family & friends they have a tough time understanding we really do prefer the bed in our 'house' to sleeping in their house. That way, we don't feel like we are making extra work for our hosts.

We have memory foam over the cushions, nice linens and warm covers. I am about 5'7" and D is 5'8 1/2" - we are about average size, tending to "fluffy" after an occcasional dessert binge. I sleep against the wall and love the 'cocooning' feeling; D prefers the outside. The only plus I see for the twin/king configuration of a larger trailer would be not having to disturb a partner during the night.

We know you will love your Scamp and wish you safe journeys and many happy memories! L 'n D
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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We're average size and sleep great in the Scamp. Memory foam (3") was needed for us and we have no trouble shoulder to shoulder. Our regular bed is small however, so we're used to it.
Tony and Darlene
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Old 08-27-2013, 11:08 AM   #7
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Name: Terri
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13' foot scamp bed

Hello Folks,

Have any of you bought a mattress for your 13 foot scamp? What size did you get?
I got a futon mattress and it is way to heavy and to big. (I used it in my van.) Oh but is very comfortable. Guess I'll try to sell it. I've got to really watch the weight of everything I add to my new bare bones scamp. I m towing with a 4 cylinder.

Thanks in advance.
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Name: Eddie
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The older std. Scamp bed is about 43" x 75". A twin mattress is 38" and a full is 54" wide and 75" long. Must people cut up a full size foam mattress or topper to fit.
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Name: Floyd
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The standard 13 Scamp with the front bath/shower now comes with a 54" wide bed, however you can order the 54" wide bed on any new 13ft Scamp Standard as an option. This applies ONLY to the 13 SCamp.

The regular 44" bed is still available on the non bath/shower version.

Of course the 54" wide bed is available on ALL Deluxe model Scamps of all sizes.
The 54" wide bed is not available on the Standard 16 or the 5er.

The official widths are 44" and 54" .
The trailer is 80" wide so the length is that, minus twice the wall thickness .
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Name: Carol
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If you buy a full size memory foam you just cut it down to match the curves of the trailer using an electric knife which cuts it clean like butter. Simple.
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Name: Roamin
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New Hampshire
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what do you lose in the 10" difference between the two bed sizes in the 13' Scamp? Do they cut down the closet and move the kitchen down towards the front? or what?
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Name: Steve
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On our 13 Scamp we are deffinately on the stuffed cushion side. When we sleep together the 44" wide bed is tight but do able if you really want to. At 5'-6' or so we are not cramped in length. It is much better if you sleep head to feet rather than side to side. You get much more shoulder room and if there is a snore'r its not directly in your ear. When you need to get out your able to climb over feet instead of shoulders. We also split up at times where the Mrs. sleeps on the front bunk. We removed the top bunk and made a drop down table that converts to a bed. With the top bunk removed the person sleeping up front has 28 inches instead of 22" shared space so they get more space. ( Ha, Ha) This is a point of jest between us. Its all fun until someone gets a toe in the eye. Just remember in a 13 foot Scamp the people going in have to be best friends for if they are not going in, then they sure as hell wont be when they come out.
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Name: Floyd
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Originally Posted by Doghaus View Post
what do you lose in the 10" difference between the two bed sizes in the 13' Scamp? Do they cut down the closet and move the kitchen down towards the front? or what?
Yes,They reduce the width of the "closet" and the kitchen and install the stove perpendicular to the counter front. Also the new upper cupboard is also shorter and has two doors instead of three.
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Name: RogerDat
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I'm 6'1" tall around 210 lbs. Wife is literally half my weight and maybe 5'5" or 5'6" I fit lengthwise but it's close. Pillow under head makes it so both my head and feet don't touch the wall. I do NOT fit on the inside, wife sleeps on her side so she does fit the curve well. Dog finds a spot by her feet.

Generally no one is getting up in the night without all three of us knowing about it. Generally not a problem, same thing would happen at home in a queen size bed in a bed room. Have to be pretty sound asleep to have someone moving around within a couple of feet of you and not wake up. How long is a 13 foot?

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