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Well, my input is this: every time we have tried to overnight in a Wally World parking lot, the management said, "Sorry, the city doesn't allow it." This even happened with some that are listed as accepting overnighters.

That said, I think the fact that a municipality (for whatever reason---say pressure from rv parks or any other special interest group) exerts pressure on Walmart to not allow overnighting is unconscionable. If there is a problem with folks abusing the privilege, then that can be dealt with. Shutting it down for everyone is kinda' like the old thing in grammar school where the teacher penalizes the entire class for what one or a few students are doing. Wally World could post regulations for the use of their parking lots, saying, for instance, no popouts extended, now awnings deployed, etc. Then if an overnighter doesn't comply, the authorities could tell them to move along.

One thing that has kept me from wanting to overnight at Wally's is that we use an external grey water tank. But I figure that if we use their parking lot, we just won't use the sink.


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Well as some said and I can agree that in a pinch it WAS a great thing to come up to a parking lot and pull in but on the other hand I thought it tacky and though to myself "What a shame people are so Cheap with a rig like that, that they plan the trip around free parking lots".
This may or may not be true, I do not know but I do know this, The people will not see it as an act of the town but an action taken by Wal*Mart.
People have forgoten to rationalize or even read and will only see the bold print on the posted notes on doors "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING" and not read the following lines that it is due to the Town Ordinance.
Away they will go grumbling about Wally World and they may or maynot leave town but Wal*Mart will suffer from the loss of thier business.
I always told the wife I just wanted stay one night there to say we did...guess I will have to go to a town where no ordinance has been passed "YET"
Gerry the Canoebuilder

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We have a very nice little municipal campground, with 16 serviced (power/water) sites, and a fairly large tenting area that is unmarked so you can set up where you like, or even boondock with a small camper. We have washroom facilities, showers, a playground, and a beach. Fees run from 8 to 25 bux a night depending on amperage of service. I always thought they were a little high, but I don't have any say. I can easily count on one hand the number of times I saw it full while working there this summer.

People still park at Walmart.

Not some beat up little canned ham mind you, but some really nice rigs worth more than my house.

The only difference I could see was direction of travel. If you came across the border, and were headed east the campground was easiest. West meant Walmart. Even with signs posted, people still stayed there. I have no problem with this whatsoever. If people would prefer to stay in a wide open parking lot rather than drive the extra 5 minutes to stay in a cheap campground, they should be allowed. People should be free to make their own determination of comfort level in that regard.

I can see no detrimental effect from allowing campers to overnight in a parking lot.
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Will have to think about NH motto: Live FREE or Die
With the money I now have to pay to get a sticker on my cars just so I can park and eat a PBJ sandwich along the side of the road, in the White Mt. National Forest to the fee I gotta pay to go into the woods to cut and drag out my own X-mas tree. I will have my own motto: Live Poor-Die Poorer but have fun Camping - if you can afford it!
Gerry the Canoebuilder

For better or worse, NH relies on tourists' $$$. North Conway is a very good example of that - the town lives on tourism, and in my opinion it targets upper-class tourism, if you know what I mean. If the town can help to upgrade the clientele by barring free overnight parking, they see that as a positive thing. Besides, they figure those RVs just look tacky in a town that promotes upper-crust image.

The access sticker to use the forest is a Federal thing, not a State thing, correct? If so, can't blame NH for that one. Same thing with the access pass on Mt. Desert Island so you can use the scenic roads around Cadillac Mountain - it's not Maine but the Feds.
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I to have always wanted to stay at a Walmart just to say I did. We have tried when we have been out traveling but the signs were up saying no RVs. I have stayed at a Flying J. Ear plugs are a good thing. Ear plugs are good at music festivals also.

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