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The cg in Acadia, Me I went to this summer had 5 identical 25' Airstreams available to rent. I went inside one when it was be prepped for a customer, the cg owner said "these are junk, the outlets are all crooked, the floor is wallpaper on press wood and they are unbearably hot in the summer and cold in the winter due to their metal skin"

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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
... put the shower where the toilet is and move the toilet...
That's what Fiber Stream did. The shower and sink are in "the corner" and the toilet is against the closet wall. They had to have the shower pan custom made for the curve instead of being able to use a square one..
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Really I always thought our bathroom designs allowed us to take care of more than one job at a time

Who wouldn't love that lol
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A separate shower would be nice, but not if it is too small to use. If I were to add a closet-sized space to our Boler bathroom, I would rather use it to make a comfortably large wet bath.
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Name: RogerDat
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I know a lot of people seldom use the shower in the camper, nice to have as an alternative when boondocking but not worth the cleanup and hassle if the campground showers are decent.

At 6'1" tall I appreciate a place to sit and wash my hair. I never found wiping down the toilet all that much extra trouble.
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Name: Karen
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Originally Posted by Robert Partee View Post
The main draw back in my mind is losing the storage space of the closet
We do both with the separate shower space in our Bigfoot. Mostly we use it for toiletry storage (stacking plastic containers) and a collapsible laundry hamper because we don't use the shower that much. There is a rod across the top of the shower so I have on occassion put hanging clothes in there too. When we use the shower, I just move the items out temporarily. I always wipe down the shower after use so that would be a wash in terms of time saved.

I never used the shower in my previous Scamp wet bath. There is something more appealing (to me anyway) about the shower being separate. I'll be the first to admit that is likely just what I'm used to.
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Name: Robert
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Thanks Frederick for clarifying "dry bath". You were spot on. I am heading out to the production line to look at the shower curtain idea. That is simple, inexpensive and might work well for those that request it. I really appreciate all your responses and input as you make my job so much easier with all the great ideas and experience to drive the R&D of the trailer to what the customers want, as opposed to just doing something for the sake of change. If the boss finds out how easy it is for me to reach these things he might just dock my pay...lol...
Thanks again!
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Personally I don't see the issue! It is a 17/18/19/20/22 ft travel trailer bathroom after all! If people need or want more they should be looking to buy a bigger travel trailer/rv. Though I think the shower curtain suggestion Frederick posted is a great idea. If it meant losing storage space it wouldn't be a option I would choose!

Robert, I too appreciate a manufacture that cares enough to ask the opinions of potential customers and hope you find a solution that will work to meet some potential owners wants. But some "want's" may exceed reality in our lil glass trailers, just a fact!
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Smile My Two Cents

We have a Scamp 16' Front Bath. Not sure if it designed as a dry bath or a wet bath. Maybe a wet bath.

However, we added another shower curtain & curtain rod to keep the toilet & the area behind & the sides of it dry when we use the shower. But later we found it worked better to use one full sized curtain so it wraps from one rod to the other without a gap.

The Scamp has a very deep recessed shower 'pan' or floor where the drain is located. Very easy to keep all the wet in that area with the second curtain.

We still like to wipe the fiberglass down after a shower, walls & floor. As well as the curtain. But much less to wipe down & easier to do than having to wipe down the toilet & behind.

I consider it a dry bath.

That's my Story & I'm stickin' to it.
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Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo View Post
The problem with having a dry bath is that you still have to wipe down the walls and clean the toilet. With a wet bath, that just gets done after a shower.

I use a squeegee and a sponge.
Uh... why do you "still have to wipe down the walls and clean the toilet" after showering in a dry bath? I don't do all that in my dry bath. Mine even has luan walls but they air dry quickly enough and I note no damage whatsoever to them after 3 summers of camping and showering.

Most egg owners are necessarily accustomed to a wet bath simply because that's all they can get and they accept it as normal. Sort of like folks 100 years ago, they all accepted outhouses, but if offered the chance to try indoor plumbing, guess what they eventually wanted?

My stick built unit has a dry bath, even though it is just 16 feet long overall. I do prefer having the dry bath over a wet bath. And guess what, I can store a couple jugs of water or some other stuff in the tub (temporary storage!) whenever I'm not showering.... which is 98% of the time.

I think that as long as you are going bigger with the new Oliver 22', it makes sense to offer a dry bath. This will open up the field of potential customers by adding in all those who would reject any trailer that does not offer a dry bath. In other words, some more folks might migrate from stick trailers to an Oliver. At the price point this 22' unit will be at, I think the lack of a dry bath option could be off-putting to some of your potential clientele; at that price level they are accustomed to the nicer things in life, including a more spacious and convenient 'powder room'.
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I was trying to say that wet or dry, you still have to clean the bathroom (s ), so having a wet-bath just ensures you do it more often.
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"Have to clean"? You haven't met my wife.....

Robert, one more thought. Instead of replacing the closet, consider moving the stool in front of the door (more or less where the sink is drawn in on the schematic) and having the shower in the corner where the stool was. It may be possible to have a shallow sink above and to the rear of the stool, but it could be left out entirely in my opinion; the kitchen faucet is only a couple of steps away.
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Name: Nat
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Did these dry bath units ever materialize?
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Nope. Only dry baths in all-molded fiberglass I'm aware of are larger Bigfoot trailers: 21' and 25'.

Most molded fiberglass trailers are narrower than similar length stickies, Bigfoot being one exception. That may play into the decision to go with a wet bath. The mold-making process also limits the number of choices that can be offered. I'm thinking the front bath section is identical on the smaller and larger Olivers.

I agree that takes it off the table for many buyers. But as the molded fiberglass market constitutes less than 1% of total RV sales, they are not marketing to the masses. Their buyers generally have a less-is-more philosophy.

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