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gaffers tape?????????
I've never heard the like. I did a search here, and Roger, you have NEVER mentioned this before. where do you buy it? I just love new things.

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My hat's off to you for doing this!!! BRAVE woman! I admire you for doing it. I guess the hardest time would be the first???

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My Casita takes firm pressure to seat the door. There is a tendency to more or less slam the door but I think that the door actually bounces a little bit before the latch catches and I don't get a good latch.

I close the door, then with my hand on the door by the latch I lean into the door with my upper body. I can then clearly hear the snap as the latch catches. Plus, it's much quieter than a slamming door. My written description sounds more complicated than it is. I don't believe a fully latched door will open except under the most extreme whoop-de-do's.

Similarly, from the inside, I pull with my arm extended so that my body weight is transferred directly into closing the door against the seals. I don't close the door from the inside by the handle shown below, I close the door by the black handle that's just above this one.

It's just a quick pull. No big thing.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Latch2a.jpg
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ID:	2015

Also, while inside, I made sure that the tongue on the door wall fully engaged against the strike plate. I loosened the screws just a teeny tiny bit so that the tongue snapped out fully to engage the strike plate.

I, too, was surprised that the cord pulled out. But as was pointed out, the flap cover for the vehicle side should engage the bump on the cord plug AND it takes a little pushing to get the plug in far enough for the flap to catch it. I usually push while wiggling the plug SLIGHTLY side to side. Plus...if you have a hitch with a significant drop (to keep the trailer level), the cord may have a ways to go reach the socket on the tow vehicle. You could hitch up, without the sway bar, and in a parking lot stop the vehicle in turns of different tightness (both directions) to check slack.

I agree with everyone that it was a big trip while you were feeling a little "punky"
Quando omni flunkus, moritati.
I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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OK Lisa,

You've had another couple of days to "recover". How are you feeling? You haven't kicked the camper yet have you?? I hope you are recovering from your physical ailments and can get your doggie back soon for some good ol' lovin. Here's an idea...why don't you throw a little martini party in the trailer for a few close buds right in your driveway. You need to "make up" with your egg!

Have a great day!

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Name: Roger
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gaffers tape?????????
I've never heard the like. I did a search here, and Roger, you have NEVER mentioned this before. where do you buy it? I just love new things.
Any good photo supply house has it...

Delta gaffer's tape

It's expensive, but worth every penny!

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You can spend a bundle for genuine gaffer's tape. But the genuine gaffers I've worked with in the film industry generally take their cue from Red Green, and use the handyman's friend - duct tape. Don't go for the cheapest, though - get the professional grade stuff, it's still less than half the price of gaffer's tape. It's the most useful item in my FGRV toolbox; don't leave home without it!
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Name: Brian
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In the area of heavy-duty duct tape, Lee Valley is proud of theirs (item 25U05.50). They also have gaffer's tape (item 25U06.01), and they explain the difference between the two types.

I'll admit that I just use regular duct tape, and definitely have one roll in the Boler, although I have not had to use it on a trailer while on the road yet (it's early in my RV life...). I did use it to hold the plastic sheet where the rear window had been in the van before a rock (bounced off a tent trailer) took it out. I was glad I had the tape, and that my wife had packed a translucent plastic tablecloth, but the adhesive residue was really annoying.

Duct tape's fibers mostly run across the tape (with most duct tapes), so it is relatively easy to tear but holds the two sides of a taped seam together well. It is helpful to realize this when using it; it is primarily a seam joiner, rather than a strapping material.

For our race car, our philosophy was that every race car should be painted in a colour which is available in both Tremclad spray paint and duct tape; we chose black. We have clear for the Boler, but its adhesive is particularly nasty, so I hope to never need to use it.

More importantly, I'm glad to hear that the trailer world is looking brighter for you, Lisa. The next trip sounds like it will be a much lower-stress experience. Enjoy!
1979 Boler B1700RGH, pulled by 2004 Toyota Sienna LE 2WD
Information is good. Lack of information is not so good, but misinformation is much worse. Check facts, and apply common sense liberally.
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My experiance is with Gorilla Tape. Yes Tape. Made by the same people that make Gorilla Glue. It is pricey but very good.

Name:   gorill1.jpg
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Size:  17.9 KB

Gorilla Tape
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Name: Con
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British Columbia
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I think us Canadians are going to have to keep telling everyone about "The Handyman's Secret Weapon" Yeah! Red Green Show, let's hear it for Harold!
What has happened to the RedGreen Show. I can't find it in the TV guide anymore?
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Y'all are right, I took on too much too soon. I am so use to driving GA to Cleveland OH (to see my parents in 10-13 hrs) and use to driving long trips in the car that I truly thought towing wouldn't be much different.

I can't laugh about it (yet) but in time... [b]I will be able to laugh about it with another newbie
There you go, girl! When you make it to a FGRV rally, YOU can be the leader of the "Disaster Avoidance for Newbies" seminar.

Can I steal your story for my seminar in Oregon?
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Good old duct tape worked well to keep our fridge door on for over a month during our trip to Mexico. It took the place of the broken hinges---the latch was still OK----

Used the fix flat for a fellow camper when he got two flat tires on a dirt road in Baja

And the WD40, good for lots of things, including cleaning off the grease and road dirt from the wheel wells.

So like others, we are never without those three basics!


P.S. Lisa, next time SLEEP, SLEEP and SLEEP---makes everything easier.
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Thanks for asking... My leg is still very painful and sore... I am surprised how bad shingles are!

I took the camper in to see about the battery issue. It seems the pigtail was so old and corroded the camper battery was never receiving juice from the jeep, so I drained the battery from general use. They changed the end of the plug and its working again. When I was at a rest stop in Alabama, someone offered to change the plug for me, but neither he or I had an extra (that would have saved me 45.00)

My camper and I made up yesterday while waiting at the RV place. My friend who was flying in for the ride home was laid off yesterday, so I made her ride with me. While waiting on the plug, we had a glass of wine and sat in the camper talking. I like your idea better though... A martini party.

I didn't have them look at the door because I want to see how it does on the trip, this weekend, to Savannah. I can't wait to get my Tonka Truck back... I am indeed in need of her lovin'

I am taking my road bike in for a tune up and new tire/inner tube. I am headed to the North GA mountains the following weekend to camp with my cycling group and ride the gaps. We are going up there to watch the Tour de Georgia. Hopefully, the bike will do better on a shorter trip and I will try to secure it to the rack better

Thanks again everyone for the love and support. I had many PM's on top of the many replies. I can't wait to meet ya'll

Lessons learned:
1. Don't have a jar of jelly in the "pantry" it got bumped open and there was jelly everywhere (I bought packets of p-nut butter/jelly from minimus.com)
2. Have extra supplies: fuses, flashlight, batteries, plug, WD40 etc.
3. Get a camper toolbox together
4. Get plenty of rest
......And I am sure my lessons will grow with each trip
p.s. Frederick, You can steal my story
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Lisa, It's trips such as this that turns a person into a true, hardened, no fear, ROAD WARROR. Or it could be the wine. Anyway this trip in time will be a perfect "once upon a time" story. Peggy Lee summed it up best in one of her songs and the words go like this "If thats all there is my friend then lets keep dancing" Good luck on your next voyage.
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also known as gaffer's tape

Used to hold down electrical cords for video and audio equipment so folks in the studio or on location don't trip over them!! . Ah....someone's speaking my language!

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