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Back in the old days when there were only radio waves as an alternative, the telephone became the "land line" among folks who used both. It's origin is definately in the age of analog and far pre-dates digital!


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Enen an all-digital fiber optic cable is considered a land line.

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...Verizons service IS 1x EVDO in markets provisioned to do EVDO.
Looking back, I see that I wasn't clear, and I have now edited my earlier post. 1X EV-DO is 1X, and I didn't mean to suggest that Verizon's service wasn't the higher speed. I was just saying that Verizon is one of the companies that uses the 1X system, not one of the alternative technologies. Of course, as a Verizon user if you come to my house you will be lucky to get 1X at any speed, and you will not get EV-DO.

Verizon provides a coverage map for basic 1X service (which they call NationalAccess or just Wireless Internet Service) and a list of specific cites for 1X EV-DO (which they call BroadbandAccess). Twenty-one states have no EV-DO service at all, but I'm not criticizing Verizon: they do have a large network (they say the a largest). It's really expensive and time-consuming to install all of the supporting equipment.
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I understand the desire to be mobile but allow me to give you a good reason to at least keep a basic land line in your home. We live 60 miles north of New Orleans and stayed home during Hurricane Katrina. Luckily we had no structural damage but had lots of trees down on the road and yard. We had no cell service for at least 2 weeks and sporadic service for the next month. And our internet provider was also out of service for 3 weeks.
Also, we were without electricity for 1 week, much luckier than a lot of others. We purchased a generator and were able to run it long enough to be able to cool our home for our elderly family members, keep the freezer frozen, and run some lights and a small tv to see what was happening. The hardest thing was driving into Baton Rouge to wait an hour in line to purchase gasoline for the generator and vehicles. There you could use your cell phone if the battery was charged.

Now the one thing that continued to work perfectly was our land line non-cordless telephone. We were able to stay in touch with other family members in the area, and those outside could check on us. Between family, friends, and co-workers who evacuated our phone stayed busy.

I pray none of you ever have to deal with this type of situation but there are weather problems of other sorts everywhere. Just think about this before you get rid of your land line.

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Hi Nita,

You got all my sympathies. Altho not comparable to the devistation of Katrina, I do live in an area that is prone to natural disaters. I have evaced from my home twice since 2003 due to wildfire and flood as a result of damage from wildfire. I do not believe the land will heal in my lifetime.

I (And 4 other members here) live right smack in the middle of the area that burned in So. Cal in october of 2003 where 1000 homes were lost. 1 of them by a member here.

Up here, the infrastructure is SO old, that even on a good day, the electricity is iffy. Who knows what makes it go out, it just does. (It's a standard joke here, and I am coveted by my neighbors who all pile into my trailer in my driveway to watch tv and movies powered by my house battery or gen set ) We do not have widespread underground utilities here, so the hanging wires for electric and phone are often the first things effected when the wind blows.

The cell towers seem to survive tho, so actually, when these horrid things happen, the cell is about the only thing of modern time that functions.

Now my neighbors can check thier email too Maybe I should charge?
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I see that I have failed in my humble attempt to add some humor to this thread. I'm going back to my room now...
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Don't feel bad. You are not alone in this. I still can't program a VCR. When our local cable TV company switched to digital, what ever that is, I opted out. Didn't want another box for every TV and the remotes that go with them. I have learned to hate remotes but "resistance is futile" and I need to get over the phobia, now that everything every imaginable has one. I never would have thought to consider the cost of batteries into my retirement planning. I could have had cable Internet service but didn't want to change my e-mail address, but now I get so much SPAM that I really don't care.
Living in the boonies has some advantages but getting connected and staying that way is not one of them. For years, I got along with just one phone line. Dial-up Internet, cellular, and long distance were provided by my local phone company. I don't know anything about TDMA or GSM. I just know that my cell phone worked in Canada, Alaska, and other remote locations in Utah and Nevada. It wasn't always seamless and I had to call in from time to time to have them turn on the switches but generally, I was satisfied with the service. Eventually, they discovered that I was the only Mid-Missouri Cellular customer to ever go to Alaska and the agreements were terminated. Thanks to an FCC regulation, I already had one phone bill for my wired phone and another bill for long distance service. My local calling area included only 175 phones. Anything beyond four miles was long distance. Even calls for emergency services were long distance. No 911 here. Eventually, my phone company split off the Internet and cellular and was sold to another regional company. I signed up with Cingular for travel but I was in a fringe area. Well, you can get the picture. I had to keep the old cellular phone for service at home and I was dealing with five companies in order to get the service previously provided by only one. I was able to dump the long distance but still had to keep the wired phone for Internet dial-up. During the past year, all but one of the original companies has sold out. The cable TV has been sold twice and I just found out that Mid-Missouri Cellular has been sold to Verizon and I will need a new phone. Do I really need one with a camera and built-in flashlight?
Thanks to Gina, I have a lot to think about. The learning curve will be steep but I am willing to try anything if it will liberate me from my telephone nightmare.
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I was bad last year and Santa brought me a cell phone!

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