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Name: Greg
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All electric would be a good choice if you will spend a high proportion of time camping with facilities.
I think it is much more important to put in a good 12v system with LED/Cold Cathode lighting and solid battery, then it is propane. Then maybe add a solar unit to allow more capability. We were out for seven days last week and used the LED lights at night even though we had facilities. On day five I hooked up the charger and the battery was still at 14.6, so it looks like I could go about 14 days off the grid with my lighting system.
One simply has to add a good cooler, a Coleman stove, portable heater and you're a boondocker with the lil 1 lb propane bottles you can pick up anywhere.
Without a good 12V lighting/electrical system, even in a park with facilities, storms take out their utilities and you would be in a not desirable situation.

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Name: Gina D.
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Greg brings up a good point. When I traveled to Oregon one really wet Christmas, storms had taken out power all along the northern California coast.

That, unfortunately, was my route. I was in my 13 footer and I was turned away from one park that lost power. I was kindly sent to another that was still up, but the power went down periodically. I set up like I was without power and managed fine during outages because I have back ups for boondocking. (Including lanterns and a one burner bbq/stove.)

I ran the fridge on propane and heat as well. The battery stayed up to run the heater and I do cook inside, so all was as it would normally be.

Personally, I would not be without propane as I use all the stuff it was put in for and am far too dependent on a reliable heating source. I go camping in FS campgrounds etc, AND I use the trailer as a motel room for travel, temp housing as well. When I have the hook ups, it's nice to use the 110 options, but I don't want to be restricted.


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When I started this full-timing adventure, I was on shore power almost every night,
and a 2 or 3 day trip off shore power had no apparent effects on the 12V system.
Then I started working 3-4 days at a time off shore power, and quickly killed a couple
of batteries!

The propane is pretty efficient and predictable -
Winter - 1 20lb tank lasts about a week
Summer - 1 20 lb tank lasts about 3 weeks.
Incredibly, the cost of propane hasn't skyrocketed like other fuels. In late '04, I was paying
$11-15 per tank; today I am paying $13 per tank locally.

The things that run off propane - 1 tank of hot water every day, kettle of water for coffee,
refrigerator, and the furnace - use a lot of BTUs, something that the battery power could
only provide for a few hours, really. Generating heat via electricity is, generally speaking,
very inefficient. Heat from electricity is basically a big short circuit through a big wire!

I added a modest 15 watt solar panel and have plenty of power for the lights, water pump,
furnace fan, even hours of 12V television/movies in the evening. Every day by late lunch,
even on the shortest day of winter, the battery is back at full charge. I haven't seen the
charge go below about 50-60% since adding the solar panel, which is good for battery

I wouldn't dream of powering things like hot water, cooking, heat, or refrigeration electrically
using solar power/DC battery(s). Not even if I had 50-80 watts solar, because, electrically
speaking, these utilities use KILOwatts of energy! You would need to deploy about an acre
of solar panels to power these utilities.

I think that any all-electric rig would realistically need to be plugged into shore power at least
every couple of days, and you would want to make sure to be disconnected from your tow vehicle
while using any electricity.

Mike, you don't specify the particular accident that caused your friend's death, but if you are
able to post the details, I and probably others would appreciate it as a safety lesson.

I agree with Bonnie: camp out first, then add what you need.
With a little solar boost, and the energy density of propane, my rig works great all the time
with basically no thought or maintenance required.

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Name: Cathy
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In our case right now we have a lot of tent camping equipment: Buddy Propane Heater, Sierra Cook Stove (burns pinecones or whatever you have), Coleman AC/DC Cooler, Lanterns, etc., one of those Breeze Fantastic Fans that runs on DC and some heavy duty sleeping bags, an inverter and I can't remember what else. So, we have all that hardly used We just bought one of those cool crank-type weather radios. So, I guess we would just need to find places for this stuff. (For emergencies - well, if you sit down and make a list for your needs I think you will be blown away as even in a house the list and figuring out how to get and maintain all the elements is mind boggling.) Cathy
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I appologize if this has already been address, but if not I'd like to point something out. The 12v fridge in the Egg Camper is NOT the same as our two or three way RV refrigerators. These are a compressor refrigerator designed to run on 12V in boats, trucks, rvs, etc. They are much more efficient both in cooling and power usage. One could easily camp "off the grid" with a small solar panel or for a couple of days without one.

I would love to be able to camp off the grid, but with the Texas heat, going without air conditioning isn't comfortable for me.
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Trailer: 1989 Casita Spirit Deluxe
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Even so, I think I would prefer propane for cooking and the water heater.

One of the nice things about the Egg Camper is that you can actually get a 12V refrigerator AND a propane stove if you so desire.

As we always say, decide what you want, then find the camper that suits your needs. If you want all electric, then I think the EC is absolutely a wonderful choice.
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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe / 1996 Dakota 4x4 V6
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I meant to mention that. I've been shopping for a 12V compressor refrigerator to replace the 3-way.
The consumption figures on the ones I've seen look like even my panel could handle it easily.
The T@Da trailer has a fridge like that. I think it's a NorCold.
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The way I camp or travel is not for everyone but it works for me. No propane, no wired electric, no refrigerator, etc. Depending on what I am traveling in my fuel is either mogas, avgas, kerosene or diesel. Lights are liquid fuel lanterns or candles. All food is dry or canned or now foil pouch. if I have access to or am traveling with some one in their rig which has electric or propane I will enjoy it,
but don't need it.

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Gee Howard, don't you use cow pies?

On our trips cross country I think about how comfortable we have it. Roughing it was walking across the plains, hunting for the food, never having a fridg.

Fred and I are happy with ice for the cooler. I love having my propane stove for coffee and wash water. I am really happy I was not a pioneer.

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I once camped next to a lady in a small sticky who had no electric in the trailer except the running lights. She did everything with candles, LP range and ice cooler. I've seen other folks who had some nice oil lamps.

Bottom line is YOUR camping style.

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