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Name: jim
Trailer: 2016 2ndGen Escape19 Prairie Schooner pulled by 2014 Dodge Ram Hemi Sport
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Any pictures of that wood heat in your Scamp?
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Name: Pam
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I always camp where there is electric, and the only propane I have is the stove. It heats water much faster than electric (and I have an emergency source if heat if needed). I don't have a bathroom, so my electrical/propane needs are small. Electric cube heater for staying warm, and I use the space from the furnace for storage area. I'd suggest sending a pm to some of the Egg owners, since those trailers are all electric.

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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
Different strokes for different folks group.

The question to ask yourself is what's important to YOU.

It's unfortunate there will always be contrarians and can only see their own point of view....
Donna, when the shop boss gives us our instructions for that days work, the most asked question by the new employees afterward is: "Is that guy "normal"?

Normal people have crazy ideas.
Crazy people have crazy ideas.
Normal people know a little quicker when their crazy ideas are crazy.
Crazy people are convinced that their crazy ideas are normal.
"Friday's Laws"

So, Dan if you want an all electric camper, its OK by me.
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Name: Mike
Trailer: 2010 trillium outback
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Our trailer is all electric with the exception of the propane fired electric furnace is solar powered with dual 6volt batteries and we wouldn't have it any other way ! We had the trailer ( only has 1/2 inch of insulation )out for 9 nights during hunting season 3 days overcast , 4 days of 50-80km winds and -15c every night parked at the edge of a hay field in a 1/2 foot of snow about 50lbs of propane a couple bottles of scotch and can tell you we couldn't be happier , noise makin generator nope not interested , cheers mike
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Name: Eric
Trailer: R Pod
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All Electric

We nearly always camp where there is electric hook-ups, and rarely use the propane. Primarily it is for the stove, but we also have an electric frying pan and a microwave, plus a grill. We have used the hot water heater a few times for washing dishes, but have only used the shower a couple times. Most campgrounds have roomier facilities than our small camper anyway.

What is making us consider going to all electric is the silly alarms. Our camper has a CO2 alarm and a VOC alarm. They are a pain to shut off and very annoying. The VOC alarm has gone off when deodorant was applied. Stick deodorant!! Now I have to go to the far end or step outside to roll it on. If I forget, I have to crouch down to the panel to shut it off, and if the alarm condition is still active, I have to disable the electric power to it. We have an expensive three way power refrigerator that I have barely had on gas long enough to verify that it works, when an electric refrigerator is quite cheap, whether AC or DC or both. For all we use the gas, it might as well not be there. If we do go somewhere that doesn't have power and plan to stay there for long, we can take our emergency generator, but it hasn't been needed so far. When traveling and we stop, we have been happy with battery power. The only time we had any slight problem was stopping once when it was warm and the fans barely managed to keep us cool.

We are talking about going all electric with a couple extra batteries, a PV panel on the roof and a small generator for those times when the batteries can't keep up with the load. The stove can be replaced by our trusty electric pan and a hot plate. For hot water, we can use a pan. And we may add a small tent/shower stall outside if needed. We have used a small electric heater that was much quieter than the gas furnace.

So we see no need for gas, and can skip the gas lines, some of the plumbing and most importantly the false alarms.
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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
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Originally Posted by merlyx View Post
... The VOC alarm has gone off when deodorant was applied. Stick deodorant!! ....
Deodorant while camping.. now there is something I never would have thought of.
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Name: Eric
Trailer: R Pod
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April in Florida! For Michiganders, 85 degrees and humid is warmer than some of our summers.
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Name: Mitzi
Trailer: LilSnoozy 12/01/16, Tug 2012 Dodge Citadel
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Not bad for a 4 year old threD
That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: JD
Trailer: Scamp 16 Modified (BIGLY)
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If I don't turn on the vent fan in my Travel Supreme 5th wheel the lp alarm will go off when using the spray Right Guard.
I think it is much too sensitive.
If cooking on the grill outside if the wing is blowing towards the door the fire alarm goes off too.
At least the work!

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Name: Bobbie
Trailer: 2011 Escape 15A
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Originally Posted by Perry J View Post
If you decide after awhile your new trailer is to small or just doesn't fit your needs you will be limiting your your resale value and number of potential buyers.
What happens if you find a beautiful spot where you want to spend a few days and no hookups are available?
Enjoy your new Scamp,
I did just fine with a lantern for light and a portable propane heater for heat (never used it, though). But I think in part it depends on the type of camping you do and the climate. I only use the electric most of the time to charge devices, put the light on for a few minutes a day, and make coffee. But if I were running an AC it would be hard to substitute for electricity.
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Name: Jill
Trailer: Eggcamper
Minnesota AND Florida
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We have had our Eggcamper for 4 years. We have solar on the roof and a generator, but our camping style is usually state parks with water and electric and facilities. We love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.
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Name: kevin
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Originally Posted by gordon2 View Post
Deodorant while camping.. now there is something I never would have thought of.

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"Always look on the Lite side of life" - Eric Idle
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Name: Stephen
Trailer: NotYet
Posts: 38
Hmmmm, wood heat in a Scamp.
In the marine world there are plenty of small boats with a wood burning stove in them.
I am surprised a resourceful egger hasn't done it already.
Or, more likely just hasn't posted it.
I may just have to do a google search, because my 'that's a crazy idea alarms' are a ringing saying, ah yeah, been there, done that, and don't want the t-shirt.
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Name: Lyle
Trailer: Scamp 13
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Originally Posted by Sharon G View Post
Back in the 90's I lived in an all-electric house when a winter storm hit that knocked out power for 5 days. We were in a rural area, so the pump didn't work. There was no fresh water, which meant we couldn't flush the toilet. The electric stove, heater and lights didn't work. I couldn't fix a cup of hot soup or coffee or hot chocolate. All I could do was lie in bed under piles of covers to keep from freezing.

After that I vowed I would never live in a home that didn't have, at least, a propane stove so I could use it for emergency heat (they are properly vented in a home) and I could cook and heat water for other uses.

I stuck to that vow, and have been through several winter storms that knocked out power. I stayed warm and well fed.

I carry that reasoning over into my Casita, which is a mini home on wheels to me. No matter if a storm or natural disaster knocks the park's power out, I will have lights, can cook and stay warm.

And I can do it without hauling around gasoline for the generator which scares the fool out of me!

Well, for home or in an all-electric trailer, a simple solution is a small backpack cook kit, gas lantern and a Mr. Buddy. Simple, efficient, cheap, compact, light weight. This would give you most of the comforts without the cost and space utilization that propane appliances require.

For myself, I have no problem with a propane system in a trailer, but there are work-arounds for emergency/occasional use to supplement an all-electric.

Another possibility for at home, one that I use, is kerosene heaters and oil lamps. The paraffin based oil for the lamps reduces the odor significantly.

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