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Name: Philip
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British Columbia
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Bad Sam

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your post. It has generated a lot of useful discussion and information. I'm still debating whether to get GS roadside assistance or go with BCAA (AAA for you Americans reading this). I'm leaning toward BCAA now!

It's not the size.....
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Name: Mark
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I'm with bbuehler and Phil, I'd like to hear more feed back about service experiences.
My folks have a big rig and are with GS. They had a negative experience when calling for road side assistance. Given the third degree. When help finally arrived it was very good though. As a long time BCAA (AAA) member I've always had an exceptional customer experience. It's always been within the city though. I've also heard nothing but glowing reviews for BCAA. To me "what I get" is more important than what is "offered".

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Name: Rick & Rei
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Good Sam/Camping World

We signed up this summer with Good Sam. We were to get the presidential discounts at Camping World. The cashier said we would get tons of discounts and free stuff and camping. So far we haven`t gotten anything. The discounts at Camping World are small and if I can find it at Walmart-it is cheaper than the CW presidential amount.
I got the free insurance quote from Good was just $20 cheaper a month than what I have now..not worth the hassle of switching. I am still waiting for my free atlas-which they said would be here in 6 weeks.
I must say the CW has many hard to find items but most items are for the big rigs.

Another thought-has anyone painted their wheels or rims and what type of paint did you use? Want to change mine from white to red.
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Name: theresa
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New Brunswick
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rich---although you say $20/month savings "isn't worth the hassle of switching"...that mere $20 monthly adds up to $240 annually. to me, that IS worth switching for!

i also have been a roadside assistance customer of good sam for 2 years. i originally purchased their membership for 2 reasons: they cover dependents up to age 25 (some conditions apply) and with 3 boys at home or at school, this was a great savings. secondly, their coverage includes the trailer. previously, we had coverage with CAA (the canadian equivalent of AAA). they do not cover the trailer. what good is it for them to tow my tow vehicle somewhere yet leave my trailer somewhere else? i want them both to go together. we have called them for tows 3 times( on a variety of cars in the family) and each time, service was excellent----quick, efficient and very, very good customer service....each time, they called me back every 15 minutes until the tow truck arrived! i have never had service like that. plus, the concierge service is very helpful when travelling.
all in all, i will continue to be a member/customer of roadside but i do not hold a membership to the good sam camping club. we did, the first year, and did not use it enough to even pay back my membership dues, so we did not renew.
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Name: Kevin
Trailer: 28' Bigfoot Silver Cloud
Oak Park, IL
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We have had the Good Sam membership for about 4 years and have used it several times each summer to get a discount at campgrounds. The discounts have easily paid for the membership (in just a couple trips) and we find that Good Sam CG tend to be cleaner and have nice facilities. I enjoy the magazine, even if just to see what other RV folks are experiencing. I don't use their insurance or shop much at Camping World, but it's a fun place to visit.
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Name: bob
Trailer: 1984 u-haul ct13; 1996 Casita 17 Spirit Deluxe; 1946 Modernistic teardrop
New York
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Like I said previously, Good Sam seems to be geared more towards the motorhome & other big rig people. I get ads in the mail constantly to sign up for their roadside assistance program, and talking about breakdowns that only relate to those big rigs, one of which I certainly don't have. I do have the AAA Premier plan, and added RV on to it for an extra $20. For us that only have small campers, I don't know if Good Sam's policy would even apply to our tow vehicles. Liability coverage comes under my auto policy. Bob
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Name: Sharon
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Originally Posted by bbuehler View Post
Well, I had just about decided to let my 'AAA' roadside assistance lapse, when it expires in mid-March. I was ready to jump on the Good Sam Club's roadside assistance, which includes not only my trailer but my tow rig as well. Now, after reading this thread, it sounds like some folks were not happy with their calls to Good Sam for HELP, while they had roadside assistance needs.

Could more of YOU with Good Sam coverage, please weigh in on this topic?

Or is there another BETTER WAY for me to go?

I'm just starting to plan a HUGE cross-country road-trip for mid-March (almost the exact date my Triple A coverage will run out!).

YOUR FEEDBACK is much appreciated!
We have had Good Sam's Emergency Road Service for 5 years, and are extremely pleased with it.

In 2009 (a record wet year) we came home from Florida with the Aliner and got the trailer and the truck hopelessly stuck in axle deep clay. I called Good Sam's ERS and they were out here in 20 minutes and pulled both the truck and trailer out.

Then last year Ron was on the way home from town in the truck (no trailer) and had a flat tire. He called ERS again, and they were again out within a half hour.

We wouldn't be without them, and highly recommend them.
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Name: Sharon
Trailer: 2005 Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 528
Just want to add that I do not have a Good Sam's Club membership as it doesn't seem to offer much.

BUT we bought their Emergency Road Service separately, and that's what I'm recommending.
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Name: Bob Ruggles
Trailer: 2015 Escape
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Good Sam life members going back quite a few years. Have had their road service for 11 years. Service has been excellent. We've used it in Colorado, New Mexico, Mississippi, Michigan. Did have a long wait in Colorado but the wrecker had to come from 80 miles away through road construction and up Wolf Creek Pass. Towed us to a dealer 80 miles in a different direction and then back to where he came from, another 80 miles or so. We signed and he left. Also took upsto a campground where we unloaded our truck so we could take our camper off, reloaded the truck and took it to the dealer. we're very satisfied.
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Name: Dave
Trailer: Bigfoot 25 RB and Bigfoot 21RB
British Columbia
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GS "club"

I sorta wish that there was some sort of law against organizations like Good Sam being allowed to call themselves a "club". They are not a club - they are the "Good Sam Corp", but their name implies a club. Misleading, to say the least.

I tried to get GS insurance when I picked up my trailer in Texas. (insurance was a tale, in and of itself!) No Texas insurance salesman would sell me insurance unless I had a TEXAS drivers license. So call Good Sam. Oh, yeah, like they are gonna help me! They told me to go home and apply from there! (so, if I could get it insured, I could then get it home so I could apply for insurance....!)

Fortunately, there are I-net based insurance companies, and I do have a US postal address, so.....

On the bright side, yes, the GS card was good for a discount at several campgrounds, but not at some others that had GS logos on their signs!

Camping World? Let's use the one in El Paso as an example. Despite having a series of posts along their fence line with water and power outlets clearly visible on them, they said - "No, we don't allow overnighters. Try the Wal-mart up the road a block or two- they allow it!" I pointed out that the CW national policy was to.... and they replied that "each store is individually owned and operated and there is no such thing as a national policy". (not overly polite about it, either!) Similar treatment at several other CW stores in several states.

At one CW in the Portland area, I was looking at buying a small inverter for powering some small 110V item as we drove along in the truck. I saw one that I liked, and was told that my Pres Club discount does not apply to THAT. I asked about getting an awning installed and was told I'd have to come back tomorrow, just to get a quote on a price. I asked if I could park overnight, and was told 'no'. I left. Bought the identical inverter at Walmart for a lot le$$ than what CW wanted to charge for it.

Yes there are some things that CW carries that might otherwise be avail only off the 'net, but there are a LOT of things that they carry that can also be obtained for a lot less at "Horrible Fright", Wally-World, K-Mart and etc.

Know your prices. Shop around. Comparison shop.

Compare 'net prices INCLUDING S&H with what you can get the identical item for locally.
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We have the Good Sam's road coverage, as well as the Good Sam's membership, and insurance on the trailer through the Good Sam partner. We've only used the road coverage once, (urban area) and service was very helpful and prompt. A friend had a major failure, (rural area) needing both tow vehicle and trailer towed, and he was very happy. So far, so good. I'm sure the level of service is dependent on competency of local affiliates, as it is with all the clubs.

Our trailer insurance is very reasonable (more so than our car insurance carrier quote), so we're also happy with that, though no claims to date.

We do receive an inordinate amount of mailings from Good Sam, unfortunately. I don't know how they afford the postage... We've not used the Good Sam club card for camping discounts, as we don't camp in rv parks, as a rule, so no comment there.

I am not a fan of the Woodall's directory, for a number of reasons. Main one, again, we don't enjoy RV parks. Most of the Woodall's listings are for rv parks.

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By the way, our experience in obtaining insurance for the trailer through Good Sam's partner was entirely the opposite of Dave's. A ten minute conversation on the phone and we were insured, at about half the price of our car insurance carrier's quote. That was, however, four years ago. Procedures may have changed.
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Name: Frederick
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Smile I am a satisfied Good Sam (recently upgraded to) Life Member

Originally Posted by bbuehler View Post
Well, I had just about decided to let my 'AAA' roadside assistance lapse, when it expires in mid-March. I was ready to jump on the Good Sam Club's roadside assistance, which includes not only my trailer but my tow rig as well. Now, after reading this thread, it sounds like some folks were not happy with their calls to Good Sam for HELP, while they had roadside assistance needs.

Could more of YOU with Good Sam coverage, please weigh in on this topic?
If you plan to travel with your trailer outside your home state of Oregon, dump "AAA". I have had great results with AAA for my automobiles. They also treated me well with a previous car and travel trailer when I broke down close to home in Southern California.

They refused to honor my "RV" endorsement to my AAA membership in eastern Kansas and in Oregon. That's when I discovered that AAA membership is NOT with the "American Automobile Association." For me, it is with the "Automobile Club of Southern California." Service is great within your home district, but non-existent for the trailer and very limited for the car once I ventured beyond. Having "RV" on my AAA card was just an extra billing opportunity for higher fees. They had also been charging trailer service to the car's limit of 4 per year; which the RV endorsement paperwork said trailer service was separate and would not count against the car's limit.

It was a very rude awakening along the side of a desolate 2 lane country road in Nowhere, Kansas. When "AAA" neglected to tell the bewildered tow truck driver that I was towing a travel trailer, I wound up having to drive my disabled car flashing "Check Engine", dragging the trailer, at a crawl to the repair shop, misfiring all the way MYSELF AND STILL HAD TO PAY FOR THE TOW TRUCK OUT OF POCKET! (The mechanic/tow truck driver was excellent at repairing the car, however) After being screwed by AAA, I joined Good Sam's. I have used their emergency road service on 2 occasions; once when I needed a tow to a dealership (for the car) and campground (for the trailer), and once to locate a welder in a community I was unfamiliar with. Excellent service, well worth the membership. I upgraded the regular Good Sam to their Life Membership, and I renew the ERS for 3 year blocks at a time for substantial savings. Downside? Unrelenting hucksterism. I get more junk mail trying to sell me stuff I don't need from them than I do from Publisher's Clearinghouse.
Frederick - The Scaleman
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Name: Charlie
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I dropped AAA after I called them for a tow... I had broken a tooth in the differential of my Blazer S just as I got home. I sat around for SEVEN HOURS waiting for that tow, and then was told by the driver when he finally got there that they had just called him at home during supper to come get me. I don't think I'll go back with them any time in this lifetime!

I joined GS by accident... I just got into the CW President's Club when I bought my Burro, and knowing that I would be buying a bunch of stuff from one of the two conveniently located CWs that are on my normal line of travel. I have about saved the cost of the membership in discounts, but I am finding that they really don't have that much stuff I can't get elsewhere for the $ame or le$$. The jury is still out on whether to renew. BTW, wasn't the Good Sam Club originally a sort of travel group that folks who owned high end campers belonged to? I always expected to see their logo on high priced Airstreams, etc.


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