ARe you Ready for Egg-VACuATION? - Fiberglass RV

View Poll Results: How long would it take to get your Egg ready to roll in the event of disaster?
I'm hitched and ready. Let's roll! 1 3.45%
Under an hour. 21 72.41%
Well there's this wee bit of maintenance... 3 10.34%
Can I get back to you on that? 4 13.79%
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Old 03-12-2011, 01:09 PM   #1
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Name: Matt
Trailer: U-Haul VT16, Escape 19
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ARe you Ready for Egg-VACuATION?

After watching the news this morning concerning the potential meltdown of a Japanese reactor and concerns about a radioactive dust cloud, my wife was somewhat reassured that we have a home on wheels that's pretty self contained, at least for a few days in case there were similar events in the west coast.

What steps have you taken to prepare your family for an egg-VACuATION

Planning our next Escape!
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My trailer is always at the ready. I always have the generator tank and extra gas tank full as well as the propane tank on the trailer. The fresh water tank is usually full as well. There is generally leftover (from prior trips) clean clothes. I have plenty of dry & canned foods along with staples to get by for a week or two.

We are in fire country here although we haven't had a major fire for quite awhile. So my readiness is 2 fold, a camping trip or a quick getaway with a simple gathering up of Lily and my purse. With time permitting I have a list of items prioritized to take along.

Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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Name: james
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Summer or winter?
In the summer I could back up, hitch up and go in just a few minutes.
This time of year, in the winter, I'd have to get it out of the garage and change the storage wheels and then pack, pack, pack. Pack in the bedding, pack in the clothes and pack in some food. Can I get back to you on that?
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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
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I'm in the same quandry as James on this one. End of April through middle of October, I could bug out in about an hour. The rest of the year, I'd need to pack clothing and food. I take all that out for winter storage. But if absolutely necessary... I could stop along the way to purchase what I need. Owning a trailer has provided a peace of mind during times of critical incidents. More importantly, if the economy should truly tank, I'll never be homeless.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Name: Vickie
Trailer: 1988 Perris Pacer ('Bean') / 2015 Ford F-150, 2017 Winnebago UltraLite 27BHSS
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Well, thanks alot Matt. I went to visit Bean today, and had myself all geared up to "YES, I'm gonna pull out that stupid Dometic 3-way not-so cold on AC fridge, and that ugly, dirty furnace that scares the #%^& out of me"-----then I see this post!

And I think---maybe I should play around with those 2 items and see if I can be happy with them "just in case" I'd need them in an emergency. So tonight, I'll be, once again, visiting this decision. But honestly, how many times will I be camping happily with a dorm fridge and space heater compared to living in a propane friendly camper because catastrophe has hit?

Of course, the biggest consideration in my way is when my DH said today "you better not tear this camper all up so we can't go camping this summer.!!" What a killjoy!
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Name: Karalyn
Trailer: Eggless for now but looking. currently own Amerilite 21 ft
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In summer I could easily be ready to go in an hour as all I would need to do is hitch her up and head out.
If I needed to get out now, I would have to snowblow a path to the side of the house, snowblow an area for the gate to swing open and snowblow the Scamp out of a snow bank. That could take a few hours.
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Name: Ed
Trailer: 1982 Fiber Stream and 2002 Casita Freedom Deluxe,The driveway is a Dark & Lonely Place now!
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A few years ago we had the power go out twice for 10 days or more.
Once in the Summer and once in the Winter,both fairly insufferable here in the Midwest without power.

Both times I was able to move 20' down the driveway into an Egg and was cozy despite the trouble.
Using a small Genset I had all I needed regardless of the situation.
Meanwhile the authorities were distributing supplies and Gensets to the infirmed as needed and all the neighbors wondered just how big the Egg was inside?

I am always grateful to have the option.

Oh and it took 5 minutes to get the power back on both times but 10 days to get there and try!
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Old 03-12-2011, 07:13 PM   #8
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Name: Bobbie
Trailer: 2011 Escape 15A
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I'm 1000 miles from my egg so no, not quite ready.
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Frederick L. Simson's Avatar
Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
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Exclamation FEMA's emergency preparedness guide

Are you ready?

The Fiber Stream acts as an extension of the house. We often use it as a guest suite when "in storage" in the back yard. I have "Full Hook-ups" available there so I usually have it connected.

After reading about Japan's woes, I went out and filled the fresh water tank, and an additional 5 gallon "Jerry can". I need to read FEMA's list of what to keep available in a disaster supplies kit.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
Posts: 6,861
I figure that we almost always can be on the move in less than 30 minutes at the worst. The record was less than 10 minutes in a driving rain storm. The trailer is always ready to go when parked at home. At the moment we're in New Orleans and will be heading for northern LA in the morning, Stuart Lake. Then on to Hot Springs, AR.
Love the foot lose and go where you want feeling with the Scamp in tow. No deadlines, no agenda. Well, almost no agenda.
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Gina D.
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West Coast USA
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Been there, done that.. many times. Living in the mountains of So. Cal for so long, I was bugged out on many occasions.. reasons ranging from fire to mudslides.

As a fulltimer, my situation is different and an emergency evac would have me leaving many items behind.. none irreplaceable. I have all i need inside and can toss the few items required to boondock in the the trailer in just a few mins.
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Originally Posted by Matt in SV View Post
After watching the news this morning concerning the potential meltdown of a Japanese reactor and concerns about a radioactive dust cloud, my wife was somewhat reassured that we have a home on wheels that's pretty self contained, at least for a few days in case there were similar events in the west coast.

What steps have you taken to prepare your family for an egg-VACuATION
If there was a radioactive dust cloud that came over your house, you might be better off leaving the trailer behind instead of towing the contaminated trailer along with you. If there was a mass evacuation, with all the roads clogged when everyone tries to leave at once, trying to tow a trailer through that mess would be a real disadvantage. It would be better just to sleep in the car. I think of it like a plane crash, just get out of the plane, don't get your luggage from the overhead compartment and carry it with you or you will slow everyone else down.

I do not worry about a one in a billion event like that. It is much more likely that I would be killed crossing the road or driving to a campground than killed by a radioactive disaster. I don't worry about crossing a road or driving either.
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Old 03-13-2011, 02:37 PM   #13
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Name: Peter
Trailer: 2005 19 ft Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 1,544
We don't have a pad or parking space for our trailer at home, so, alas, we keep it at a RV storage yard a couple miles from home. We'd have to drive there, use our key code to open the electric gate, hook up, and go.

Other than that, we always have a few days of basic food goods on board. Dry supplies like rice and pasta, canned spaghetti sauce and some proteins, usually a couple cans of soup. There's almost always propane, and the trailer's solar panels can keep the lights on and the radio and TV running pretty much without limit. There are ususlly a few items of clothing, but we'd probably want to throw in a few pairs of underwear, socks, and some alternate clothing choices, and our laptops and Kindle book readers. What we don't have is water: I drain the fresh water tank each time I park the trailer.

Separate from our trailer we have a shelf in the garage with an easy week's worth of food six gallons of water, and some emergency first aid, shelter, and medical supplies. Before going back to college and having that suck up all my time I was a Red Cross DAT (Disaster Action Team) volunteer, and I practice what I preach.

We bought this house before we go into RVs of any type. We're figuring our next house will have an RV pad on the side, and I'll set it up so the trailer is ready to roll. On the plus side for this home, it's located in a suburb part way up a gentle hill, so it's in a lower risk category than many places: it's not in an area prone to wildfires, it's above the floodplain, and is of modern construction with foundation on solid ground. Our main regional disaster risks are primarily disaster-related loss-of-services and major earthquakes.
Andy's right about evacuation in case of a radioactive disaster. I went to a lecture presented by one of the US atomic scientists who responded to Chernobyl a couple years ago. He had slides of houses in the Chernobyl exclusion area: there were toys left sitting in the yards, canned goods in the kitchen (and rotting in the refrigerator), clothes hanging in the closets. More recently researchers have seen a marked reduction in fitness for the many birds and other animals still living there. Chernobyl is still a disaster in progress. I'm glad the Japanese reactors were built to western, not Russian standards; they are much safer and just physically unable to create a disaster on anywhere near that kind of scale. (Which is not, by the way, the same thing as saying they can't cause a radiologic incident, just that it would be a more contained, localized event.)

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