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I am sure that this will cause a bit of controversy, but I do need a lot of help. I have owned and used (older) conventional travel trailers and motorhomes. I am presently a fishing guide in working in Everglades National Park. We have been ravaged by hurricanes that last few years, so this next year, the spousal unit, the cat and I will be on the evacuation road for about six - eight weeks in Aug/Sep (probably headed to the Ozark areas to teach the folks there how to fish ... LOL)

I do not have the time or area for modifications or big repairs, so the unit (used) needs to be in practically ready to go conditions. Maintenance and repair time must be saved for the boats! The fiberglass RV seem just the ticket ... easy maintenance, minimal penetrations for leakage ... light-weight (the wife WILL NOT trade in here little SUV ... not good, but the reality)

I am new to fiberglass rv and can afford only to "get it right the first time" ...

Sooo ... the open ended question ... Which to do you prefer? Which is better? Why?

I really would apprecite ANY input ... thanks

Charles ...

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Name: Steven
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Hi Charles. Just noticed you inquiry. We are new to fiberglass trailers, having bought a used 2002 16' Scamp last spring. We really like our Scamp, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the Scamp and Casita, or Burro as far as satisfaction is concerned. We bought the Scamp because I found it nearby. We had ordered a new one before finding the used one, and again ordering it from Scamp was because of convenience. It wouldn't have been a long trip to go get it. We did visit their factory prior to our purchase and were impressed with the construction and the people there. Even after we canceled our order and bought a used one they still treated us very well when we had some questions. So, I would recommend the Scamp based on our experience. However, others have had good experiences with Casita too. So, I don't think you could go wrong either way.

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Welcome to FiberglassRV Charles..we're glad you're here.

Your question about fiberglass trailer brands won't cause controversy here..we all love the one we're with.

Scamp and Casita are both still in production. The Burro is not If you're looking to purchase new, check out both manufacturers websites for info: Helpful-Links Trailer Brands Also call both manufacturers and see if there are owners of those brands in your area...each manufacturer has a referral program in place and owners are willing to let you view their trailers.

If you're looking to purchase used, just get the biggest bang for your buck, don't worry so much about the brand. Scamp and Casita are more alike than different.

You may also want to read this topic regarding the difference between the 13 and 16 footers: 13 or 16?, Making the choice between the 13 or the 16 foot scamp

Others will probably jump in
Donna D.
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Name: John
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You're right, Mr. Wright, a Scamp/Burro/Casita will be a trusty companion for your journeys and evacuations, if you can accomodate to the limited space inside. My 16' Scamp is big to me, because I'm a tent camper at heart. I could easily imagine a wider bed for two than the standard 48", however.

And Mrs. Wright is right, too. IMHO the best combination of performance, utility, economy and safety is found at the smaller end of the SUV range. Watch your posted weight limits and know your trailer's actual weight on a scale. But don't always assume bigger is that much better. I read here about plenty of folks' full-sized SUVs and trucks that struggle to maintain highway speeds. Last fall I hauled the Scamp over Colorado's Berthoud Pass, 11,600' feet above sea level, with my stock Subaru Forester. I experienced zero overheating, had little trouble reaching the speed limit anywhere uphill and no worries on the descent, either. I'm not saying I could forget the trailer was back there, but that's never a good idea to forget, is it? Over 5,000 miles this summer, I can;t recall a white-knuckled moment. Eighteen miles per gallon is a nice mark, when towing bed and board. Maybe the best part is seeing how much roomier the car is now that all the bulky clothes and bedding are stashed back in the Scamp.

I was sitting on the fence about one of these trailers until I found myself facing a family vacation in Kentucky and Tennessee in the heat of August. I was sick of motels, and a tent was out of the question. The little window air conditioner I cobbled into the Scamp was the best $25 I ever spent.

There's a freedom to traveling with these. Hungry? Stop and eat. Sleepy? Stop and sleep, with a minmum of setup (just pick up everything that shook off onto the floor and fluff up those pillows). Linger over breakfast while watching that pop-up owner in the next camp struggle to stow his flaps and slide-outs. Stay prepared for curious questions and admiration. Oddly, these trailers are familiar and exotic at the same time. Everybody's seen one, but not lately, not often.

I can't imagine owning any other type of trailer, but this one hits the sweet spot. It's convenient, sheltering, easily towable, durable, attractive and, at 20 years old, depreciation-proof. So I think you're on the right track, Wright.
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Name: Dave
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The thing I'm always thinking about in my Little Bigfoot is ceiling height. I'm 6'2", the ceiling is 6'1" . Larger Bigfoots have plenty of headroom for me. Someday......

I don't know about Burros, but between Scamps and Casitas, only the 17' Casita is tall enough inside for me. Just barely, but that's enough. The Scamp 5'er has a nice spot for stretching right inside the door, but it doesn't sound like that's an option for you.

So, if you're a tall guy, hope this helps.
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Old 01-02-2006, 07:37 AM   #6
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I appreciate the input. I am concerned about the size of the beds ... two of us and one bad shoulder...The larger size of the Burro is attractive...Anyone have one in Florida that I can take a look at?
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Have one of the seasoned forum members check out any used trailer you are thinking of buying. The cost of proper repairs and the time involved can often add up to much more than buying a newer trailer. The floor, the frame, the axel, etc. can be in need of serious repairs. Beware.............
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Hi Charles,

Speaking of beds, we like the versatility of our Casita LD as it is like one of those kids toys that turns into all kinds of different things. We can use our bed as large double, two twins or as a king. We are currently sleeping in a strange king-twin for us. I am 6'2" and can stand in our 17 with no problems. But, with a 17 you have to have a bigger tow vehicle...lots of trade offs. If I was rich I would have our Casita, a Burro, a Scamp with the extended bed above and a big ol' Big Foot for trips to the Northern Hinterlands...sure are a lot of great trailers out there to choose from. Enjoy!

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Old 01-07-2006, 05:36 PM   #9
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going to look at 2000 Burro Monday ... from the pix ... looks in good shape ... anything in particular to look out for ... owner says the floor is in good shape...
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Old 01-07-2006, 05:51 PM   #10
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Name: Frederick
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Send a message via AIM to Frederick L. Simson

...anything in particular to look out for...
Print out the Buyer's Check List and take it with you when you look at the Burro.
Frederick - The Scaleman
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i will do so ...
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Pay some good attention to where the VIN number is located. For some reason we have more Burro owners who are having a hard time finding it.....maybe because some are made from kits and the VIN wasn't stamped on the frame in it's usual spot At anyrate, you'll need that info to register the trailer and if it needs to go through some sort of inspection the inspector will need to see it also.


Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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burro, casita, scamp

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