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Name: Liz
Trailer: Shopping
Posts: 9
casita, microwave or not

Iím going to be ordering my casita soon and Iíve settled on most all the options or have been able to read up here on the ones Iím still deciding on. The one I havenít seen much on is the microwave.

Iím undecided. I rarely use the one we have at home and Iím used to backpacking so no microwave there. We actually went several years without a microwave before renting a house that happened to have one built in. That said, thereís no oven which changes things.

Iím also wondering about running the microwave with the battery. I can see it being convenient at rest stops while on road trips but would it even run in this situation?

Can a toaster oven go in the space where the microwave would go? Would there be an outlet there? Would it be a fire hazard?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita 17 ft DLX SD & 21 ft SOB
NW Wisconsin
Posts: 3,516
We have a 2013 Casita and have a microwave
We either grill or microwave , and seldom use our propane cooktop

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Name: Dave
Trailer: Casita SD17 2006
Posts: 3,682
Originally Posted by truenorth View Post
I’m also wondering about running the microwave with the battery. I can see it being convenient at rest stops while on road trips but would it even run in this situation? Can a toaster oven go in the space where the microwave would go? Would there be an outlet there? Would it be a fire hazard?
Welcome to FGRV Liz. The micro will need 120V power so unless you're plugged in to shore power or have a generator.....nope. Same thing with the toaster oven, it will fit but don't think it would be a good idea to use that in the micro cabinet for the excess heat generated unlike a micro. There is an outlet inside the cabinet for it though. After you've figured out how you're camping, boondocking or campgrounds, you can always pick one up from Wallyworld etc if you decide you need one. FWIW, in well over 30 years I've never used the micro or anything else needing 120ac at a rest stop. Come to think of it, in all the RVs I've had with ovens, they were only used 3 times and one of those was to finish cooking a meatloaf when the house power went out . So I agree with Steve, we micro or BBQ,
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Name: Jon
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 13 S1
Posts: 7,647
casita, microwave or not

Actually you could run a microwave off a battery, but youíd need to install an inverter (device that changes 12VDC battery power to 120VAC power). To run a microwave itíd need to be at least 1000W, and youíd draw down your battery pretty fast for anything more than a quick 30 sec. heat-up.

After you pay for the microwave, the inverter, and maybe a bigger battery set-up, it could well be the worldís most expensive hot pocket!

Seriously, I would only have a microwave if my travel style included electric hookups most nights. If so, then itís handy for quick meals after a long day of driving or outdoor activity. My mother traveled for years in small motorhomes, always with electric power, and thatís all she used for cooking. We rarely have hookups, so for us itíd be dead weight.

I agree with Dave- a cheap one from Walmart is good enough for most people. As far as I know the plug is there whether you order the microwave option or not.
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Name: Bob Ruggles
Trailer: 2015 Escape
Posts: 1,437
My Escape is 4 years old and Iíve never used the propane cooktop. Everything cooked inside is done in the microwave and outside itís the grill.
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Name: JD
Trailer: Scamp 16 Modified (BIGLY)
Posts: 1,535
If you use a microwave get one.
Personally we have set up our much modified 16' Scamp all electric with a tankless hotwater heater on the tongue.
We do not have a stove or cooktop, but we have a convection microwave over the fridge and a instant pot and various electric skillets.
Connie was the driving force as she did not want propane inside the cabin.
But... different strokes for different folks.
Before we get the blast from the boondockers, we don't boondock, but rather use the Scamp as a mobile motel room for fairly long trips.
A second, but important purpose for the Scamp is a really bog bug-out-box in case of hurricanes here on the Florida coast and an emergency response unit for the aftermath.
The Scamp is also setup with 300 watts of solar power and a complete ham radio response system.
Get what you want for YOUR Scamp is the right answer.
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Name: Liz
Trailer: Shopping
Posts: 9
Thanks for all the replies. Weíre estimating we will have an electric hookup perhaps 50% of the time. Weíre getting the solar setup. Not sure yet if we will tote along our generator. Itís mid sized but our tow vehicle is a Ford Expedition so I donít really want it in the back the way you would put it in a truck bed and Iím not sure where else it would go.

As Iíve said, weíre used to backpacking so stepping outside to use a little jetboil stove to heat something up will still mean the casita feels like living in grand luxury.

My hangup is that weíre getting it fairly Ďdecked outí, if you will, and the microwave seems like a very common option to leave out. Does anyone know if it can be added later and, if so, if thatís a big fuss?
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Randy P.'s Avatar
Name: Randy
Trailer: Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 131
Liz, skip the microwave. It doesn't sound like you would miss it and it can easily be added latter if you do. The additional storage space is a nice bonus as well.

Enjoy your new camper!
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Name: Elizabeth
Trailer: 2015 Casita SD
North Carolina
Posts: 7
I would not get the Casita without the built in microwave for 3 reasons-

a) It's easier and cheaper to replace a store bought standard microwave with another one and not a built in one

b) If you put your own in (from Target or somewhere else), you can take it out when you are not going to use electric and use the space for something else.

c) Without the built in microwave, the Casita comes with a door for the cabinet. When the door is open, it can be used as a surface for prep etc when you are using the kitchen or anything else for that matter. Personally, I use it alot. If you have the built in - there is no door, thus no shelf.

I use the microwave when we have electric and have been known to take it out and use the cabinet for storage when we are dry camping for a week or more.

This way you have the best of both worlds
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Name: Shirley
Trailer: Escape 21, formerly Casita SD
Posts: 33
Microwave or not?

Only you can determine whether you need one or not, based on your lifestyle. We had a 2004 Casita SD for 5 years. It came with a microwave which we removed and stored most of the time because I liked having that space for a pantry. We cook outside most of the time. On rainy days it would have been convenient when we had shore power, but those times were rare. Unless you want a built in look, you could get it without and add a small one later. There is an electric outlet in that space. Either way, enjoy your Casita! They are awesome.
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Name: Stephen
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 122
Question The Big Question

Thinking about your intended use Is paramount to making a good microwave decision. Il glamping, boondocking or 4 season operation is on your list, then major upgrades to a factory unit are needed.

For glamping, a combination microwave, convection and air fryer can't be beat for capability and flexibility. It will get a frozen meal on the table in 10 minutes after a hard day adventuring and will produce haute cuisine in style.

Boondocking requires functionality off-grid that propane provides. But it's lousy in warm or cold conditions for a host of reasons. All electric cooking solves a lot of problems.
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Name: Lee
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 344
I have a 2014 FD that did not come with a microwave so I put a small one in that I bought at Walmart and if I want I can remove it and use the space for something else. I like that option so I'm glad it didn't have the microwave option.
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trainman's Avatar
Name: John
Trailer: 2019 Oliver Elite II
Posts: 271
We did not order a microwave with our 2018 Casita as we were undecided on a microwave, or a toaster oven, we did end up with the toaster oven. This decision is up to you, but I can tell you one thing, everyone sells microwaves that will fit into that spot in the trailer at a much cheaper price then Casita sells there microwave for. The 120v receptacle and air vents are installed in every Casita in the cabinet, so no need to worry where to plug one in, or venting. Yes we found a toaster oven at Costco for $39.00 that fits perfect with room to spare. I personally would not want a built in microwave, but portable would give you options where built in would not.

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Name: Henry
Trailer: BigFoot
Posts: 674
Buy it prepped for a microwave; this is important because it will come with a 120v outlet and a hole cut out for air circulation. Then buy a smallish one for about $100 or so. We put our on a small raised platform I built, so we can put stuff under it. When you go to see the trailer most people would like to have the option of having a microwave. Also, using a microwave minimizes the heat build up when cooking inside the trailer.

Like Steve Dunham, we have a 2013 Casita and have a microwave.
We either grill or microwave , and only use our propane cooktop to heat water for coffee and tea.

We will always have a microwave, but not built in. Having said that, earlier this year we bought a Big Foot 25RQ that has a propane oven and a convection/microwave oven. So we will be changing how we have been cooking. I do the cooking, wife does the dishes.

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casita, microwave

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