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Dear Boler Lovers Inc...

Now I am confused. Is the upset because Kirsti bought Darrens trailer without first disclosing that they were a dealer, or because it was put up for sale at $8,000, some $2,000 more than it was bought for, but at only a reasonable 12% profit after expenses????

It seems that a lot of the Bolers are selling in the $6,000+ range, and a dealer price of 25% over and above the private party price seems reasonable. On the other site I read one complaint that the writer seemed to think that Bolers should sell in the $3500 range so he could afford one, and that everyone was just pushing up the price to make more money (duh!).

If Darren had lowered his price to accomodate the "story" of the buyer I could see a reason to complain, but he didn't, which should end the discussion. The buyer took a risk, paid the price, had it shipped, and is now hoping to find a buyer to recoup costs and make a small profit. If no one will pay the higher price, then Darren gets the last laugh, if they do, he's not out anything and he probably would not have been able to sell it to that same customer anyway.

It's like the guy down here in CA last year, when real estate prices were totally crazy. He sold his house at a price he couldn't even imagine 3 years ago and went out to buy a new mansion. Big surprise, all he could buy was another house just like the one he sold, and then he gets hit with up to a 400% property tax increase to boot. (That's called the Proposition-13 Screwup down here in CA)

Right now lightweight campers are HOT and gas eating Class "A" motorhomes are a drug on the market. Down here you can buy a low mileage 30' motorhome for about the same price as the Boler is being offered for. It's supply and demand, nothing more, nothing less.

The real reason that bargains (read "stealing from the seller") are harder to find these days is the internet and eBay. Now all it takes is 5 minutes to find the value of almost anything before you put it up for sale. I haven't seen a used car bargain in 10 years, everyone knows market value these days.

In this case I don't think that anyone comitted a crime worth fussing about. I do still warn everyone to know as much as possible about the SELLER before buying that bargain you found in the Shopping Center parking lot, that's still where the real risk is located.

It's 96 in beautiful downtown Riverside today, I think I will go jump in the hot tub with a friend.

Have fun, I will!

Robertr Miller in Riverside, CA

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Is the upset because Kirsti bought Darrens trailer without first disclosing that they were a dealer, or because it was put up for sale at $8,000, some $2,000 more than it was bought for, but at only a reasonable 12% profit after expenses????
It's because the buyer (Kirsti) misrepresented herself as a private buyer who intended to use the trailer with her family for many years. While not illegal, as far as I know, this is unethical.


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Ok, so I looked at all of the posts here and wasn't going to say anything.....but.I gotta----

When I sell something, I sell story as to what the potential buyer is going to do with it sways me regarding price.I don't care what they plan on doing with it....I know what my lowest selling price is and that is that.

Now I understand how many of you have put in lots of hours and work and love into redoing your "baby"....but you are now selling up ownership....and you have to cut the someone said, I don't care if they shred it.....I got what I was asking and if someone thinks they can flip it for more money, then so be it...if they are able to do that, then shame on me for not pricing it correctly.

I suspect that I am in the minority here...but then that happens to me sometimes.

Just my 2 cents......
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Hi: I used to drive once in a while for a guy who bought Corvettes... He told the sellers that he collected them!!! That was correct...untill it was time to export them to the U.S. to be resold at a difference of 40% on the dollar!!! If sellers remorse sets in BUY IT BACK!!!
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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I will also add... (Haven't you had enuff? )

For some unknown reason, there is a faction of buyers who feel they have every right to negotiate a price based on what YOU paid for the item when you got it. They feel they are getting ripped off or something if you ask more than what you paid. Why? I haven't a clue.

What something is worth is what it's worth, regardless of what price was paid for it by the seller. High... or low.
I have known several people like that -- If they knew how much you paid for something, there was no way they would pay much more, regardless of the apparent value -- I finally shut one of them up by asking him if he would pay $15 for a $20 bill if I had just found it...

When I found my Scamp on consignment at a dealer's lot, I was happy to pay book value for it (knowing it was worth more because the book was typically low) and he was happy to get book value (not knowing the book was low). The seller got even less. I will probably sell it for more than I paid for it plus whatever value I've added plus I will have used it in the meantime. And if the buyer turns it around for more than I got, I might feel like I messed up by not asking enough, but I won't resent the buyer for it. Free market.

One of the real problems here seems to be that the buyer misrepresented his intended use of the egg; would the feelings be running as deep if he had said nothing and just went on to resell it?
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OK, OK, For someone who does not own a trailer yet, I have to put my 2 cents in. I am trying to buy a trailer for a reasonable price. My husband and I are empty nesters. We did own a 23ft hybrid which we sold last year. It was 4 years old and loaded and in excellent shape. We ended up selling it for $5000 less that we purchased it for. We wanted to sell it to another family so they would enjoy it as much as we did, sort of like selling your house to another family.

We went back to being tent campers, but are looking to upgrade to a small trailer because our SUV is small. We are trying to decide between older vintage trailers and small fibers. The prices are all over the place! We can purchase an older vintage trailer which is all wood inside and in excellent condtion for $1500, but it takes at least twice as much to buy a fiber that has less amenities and not in decent condition.

It is very hard for a new person to get a decent price on a older trailer. I do not have a problem at all with someone who fixes and resells. I do resent someone who is trying to sell a trailer for an outrageouse price that is lousy condition. My husband and I were looking at buying a Uhaul and found a guy in our city that has 3. He was on Ebay for awhile, but we have not talked to him since his auctions ran out. He buys them cheap and does nothing but maybe recaulks a leaky window. Most of his need alot of work, but still wants to get a price of one in good condition that does not need any work.

We are hoping to get a good deal, but I think the word is out and we will have to save more money to buy a trailer. Everyone wants to sell their fiber for $4000+, no matter the year or condition. So back to the drawing board for us. I guess the tent is not so bad....


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boler, play–pac

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