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Name: Kevin
Trailer: Parkliner
Posts: 43
Comment about Parkliner

We have had our Parkliner for several months now. We have gone camping numerous times. This web site really helped me narrow down my camper purchase. I was so excited about the Parkliner once I started researching new camper options. I was well aware of the earlier problems that existed with this company. In fact, I decided to step away from this camper based on the poor track record of customer service. I moved forward with other camper options. At the end of the day I decided that I wanted this camper – none seemed to really compare. So now the question is do I trust this company with my money. After a few phone calls and emails I moved forward with an order. I too had problems with delivery and response (two weeks from promised delivery). I contacted Tom Bass based on suggestions from others here on the site who had ordered Parkliners. Everything seemed to change once I contacted Tom. He put my mind back at ease. Chandler was very pleasant when he delivered the camper to me but Tom was the guy that really kept all on track. I think both make a good team. I read how Frank was treated and it was upsetting to me. I do not know Frank but know he appreciates the camper and is very vocal in his support. I had a few questions I posted before I purchase my Parkliner. Everyone jumped right in and answered them. I decided to post my experience with delivery of the Parkliner to help others with research.

This is my second post after a whole summer of owning and camping in the Parkliner. So far this camper has exceeded my expectations. It really is a great design. I hope the company can improve customer service and from Frank’s experience quality.

As an owner I just wanted people to know that I was not trilled with the transaction of the purchase but am trilled with the camper - Kevin

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Name: John
Trailer: Parkliner
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Hi from Kentucky...

I completely agree with your assessment as my purchase experience was identical. Chandler freely admits he isn't a business guy but he knows how to design. Tom is all about the business and the two of them seem to be making it work. I love my Parkliner for the same reasons you like yours. It will be interesting to watch the company over the next year.

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Name: deryk
Trailer: 2012 Parkliner 2010 V6 Nissan Frontier 4x4
New Jersey
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I agree, I love my ParkLiner... my ticket to adventures! The company really needs to step up customer service wise because A LOT of people research things on the net and if you do a good search, all of these forum posts will show up and it could kill a business.

I won't expect much more from them...but they did do me right when I went down for my battery replacement...added the drain for the water tank and the drain on the lowest point on the galley side and the bypass for the water heater. and a few other things. I know I am going to need to go down below and seal the crimped wires because I do off-road with mine frequently and its probably a wise move.

I hope you guys make lots of fond memories with yours...I'm trying to do it with mine

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.... J.R.R. Tolkien
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Name: DJO
Trailer: Parkliner #40 something
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I still prefer the layout of the Parkliner as I look at others. Tom has indeed been a godsend as he got us a battery tray and as he is working on the reimbursement for the work done on our camper. I hope the company succeeds but if they don't we all still have a very nice egg.
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Name: Robert
Trailer: Shopping
North Carolina
Posts: 32
Kevind, Thanks for highlighting the relatively new business relationship between Tom Bass and Chandler Palethorpe. I hesitated to do so in my previous posting and only because I didn't want to ruffle any more feathers (Sorry Frank a). Tom and I discussed the very same topic when I visited the shop and it is refreshing to see Chandler admitting his short comings on the business acumen side of the equation. Tom offered his assistance at a time when Chandler's drive to satisfy all his previous customers when warranty issues arose would have certainly bankrupted the company, put a good group of folks out of work, and left a sour taste in the mouths of many potential buyers. Not to mention condemning a really great design to the scrap heap of ill fated ventures. If you stop and consider the magnitude of the task whereby one has to integrate the products from so many vendors into a design that maintains the original thought and innovation that is a ParkLiner, we all would be a bit more patient. After all, in buying a ParkLiner, you have become a part of RV history in the making! I too demand free flowing communications and tend to be more understanding with someone I feel is really trying such as in this case. Tom and I discussed some small examples of how his particular expertise and experience will allow production to flow and quality to increase as the ParkLiner crew moves through the pain of being the new kid on the block. Just sayin'...
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Name: Thom
Trailer: Chevy AWD Van Conversion
Astoria Oregon
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Thumbs up

Greetings fellow Parkliner owners and lookers

For those of you that have followed Cari's & my Parkliner #35 build thread know, we were early adopters and had some interesting times getting our little gem up to spec.

This marks our second season with our rig as it was delivered to our home on the Oregon coast in April of 2013...driven all the way from the plant! By the time it got to us there were rub marks showing and we quickly got to work after confirming from another PL owner that there was a common issue in our _generation_ of PL's (the 30 series).

Then came some concerns over the battery placement and proper venting. Since i live in a fishing community on the Oregon Coast i had several long discussions at various boat works and each, including some retired USCG mechanics swore that these batteries were safe to place in a boat's bilge/engine room un-vented. So i took their advice and left them inside, BUT...then in my own OCD way vented in/out the battery bay and sealed off the PD power center/converter. I then, at my own expense, after much research and discussion with PD and Optima techs, installed an Optima 1200 Digital Charger to charge and maintain the Optima batteries. I am 100% pleased with this tweak and told Parkliner i would prefer not changing placement of the batteries at this time.

All that said, to say this:

My wife and i are so happy that we took a gamble on this then-new startup called Parkliner. Our little home on wheels is a wonderful fit to our one-week-away every five or so weeks lifestyle. As i type we've just returned from ~500 miles of adventure up in the hills of the Pacific Northwest... about 60 of which was on forestry roads pulling the Parkliner. We pinch ourselves up in the woods having such a cute egg as part of our camp.

A ramble on our set up's consumables for our 6 days out: When we broke camp we had used ~15% of our battery bank (charging all our tech toyz + running the MaxxFan), 4 gallons of filtered fresh drinking water, ~7 gallons of tap/tank water for showers and kitchen clean up, less than 2 canisters of Butane ($1.75ea) in the camp stove for cooking/heating all meals + shower-water for the 6 days out on the trail, and each of our two Engle Deep Blue ice coolers were: 34 degrees in freezer, and 39 in fridge when we arrived back home...with ice remaining in both.

And truth be told? As i type this i'm sitting in our Lazy Boy love seat in our 38 foot Mobile Suite 5th wheel surrounded by solid Hickory luxury parked just off the 6th hole at a golf course on the oregon coast... BUT ...
Where would we both rather be?
Up in the woods with our van and Parkliner!!

Happy Trails,
Blogging from the WET! Coast of Oregon
Bed, Bath, & Beyond...
2010 Chevy Express 1500 AWD Van
Archive: Parkliner #35 build thread
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Name: unsubscribed
Trailer: Shopping
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It's posts like the above that will keep ParkLiner selling. We really need to visit this company.
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Name: Tim
Trailer: '88 Scamp 16, layout 4
North Florida
Posts: 1,462
Glad to hear some good or at least mostly positive reports. As we say in my business ONE you messed up wipes out TEN attaboys.
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Name: unsubscribed
Trailer: Shopping
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Originally Posted by Timber Wolf View Post
Glad to hear some good or at least mostly positive reports. As we say in my business ONE you messed up wipes out TEN attaboys.
my husband used that saying also.
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
Posts: 3,129
That 1 for 10 is based on actual market research. A person with a decent/acceptable customer experience tells an average of 1 person. If they have a bad experience they tell an average of 10 people.

Exceptionally good gets spread around almost the same as any bad experience. Customers consider a negative experience "exceptional" just as they do an above and beyond good experience.

If you think about your own dealings you will probably see the same pattern. The shop that stayed open late or went out of their way to help you gets mentioned, same with the rude or unhelpful employee. Went in, got part or service and left does not seem worth mentioning.
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Name: Carol
Trailer: 22' Airstream Formerly 16' Scamp
British Columbia
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Originally Posted by LindaF View Post
It's posts like the above that will keep ParkLiner selling. We really need to visit this company.
Recommend that you read through Thom's full blog and consider what he personally had to undertake/go through to become such a happy customer
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Name: Ken
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Let us know how that warranty works out for you Linda. The archives show some owners who purchased new only getting a verbal warranty, getting sent home with no terms and conditions in writing.
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Name: Tammie
Trailer: ParkLiner
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Yes, l believe Thom referenced the" interesting times" he had updating his early model ParkLiner, and he and Cari are very pleased with the results.
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Name: Raz
Trailer: Trillium 2010
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Originally Posted by RogerDat View Post
That 1 for 10 is based on actual market research. A person with a decent/acceptable customer experience tells an average of 1 person. If they have a bad experience they tell an average of 10 people.
Pre Internet??? I would think a bad review could reach thousands if it's on line Raz

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