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Name: Larry
Trailer: 1983 13 ft Scamp
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Thank Goodness.... I guess that MS "Always Right" and I are not abnormal afterall. We have been known to spend the night in the Scamp in the driveway "just because". And if it rains, we run for the Scamp 'cause it just sounds better-- can't hear the patter of rain thru the house roof. Larry

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Trailer: 1987 13 ft Casita
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Yep. I've only had it a couple of months but I've had plenty of "just sit in it" moments!

I was talking to my Dad a couple of weeks ago and he asked me where I was (cell phones cause this kind of questioning).
I said, "in my camper!".
He asked, "where?".
"In my driveway", I replied.
He just chuckled.

I LOVE my Dad for getting me this wonderful camper!


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Old 09-24-2007, 12:22 PM   #17
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Name: Byron
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I've been following this topic and I've come to the conclusion that you guys are nuts.
No Anne and myself on the other hand have an a good excuse. You see Kerby lives in the trailer full time. Even though Kerby has a pet kitty, he still needs some company every once in while. So one us will go sit the trailer to keep Kerby company. Kerby's the guy in my avatar.
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Old 09-24-2007, 01:19 PM   #18
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Trailer: 2004 Trillium Outback
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Any way we can make more use of our great little trailers is a good way to go.

As for me, my hobby is astrophotography and I keep my telescope set up next to my trailer and when I'm doing mega hour photography sessions I run all the cables into my trailer and sit in there to monitor the progress. Can watch tv, turn on the furnace (especially when it's -20C outside), and have a snooze if I want. A lot cheaper than building a dedicated observatory and I can take it with me when I travel

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Old 09-24-2007, 11:16 PM   #19
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When we first got our camper last summer I went out almost everyday to sit and drink my coffee in the morning after the kids went to school. The camper was in the driveway only two steps from our back door, as it still is. I would get out all the brochures and info that came with it and read every word about my new toy. Sometimes I would take my laptop out there and work . It was warm then and I would open all the windows and let the breeze blow through, thinking about where we were going to go. Now the bed is made up and usually stays that way so I don't sit there to drink my coffee anymore but I still go out and lay down, looking at what I could do to make it better than it already is. If I ever had one, my camper could truly be considered my "nest egg".
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Old 09-24-2007, 11:46 PM   #20
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Trailer: Boler 17 ft
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We have a three-person, two-bedroom one-bathroom house, so yes, I do go "sit" there sometimes! (Or usually shout at someone else to go there!)

It's the Sleepover room from April to October, or when kid has friends over to play and they're too noisy and it's too cold to play outside:"Go play in the Boler! Bring Lego or Comics, but just go!"
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Old 09-25-2007, 12:23 AM   #21
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Name: Greg
Trailer: 2015 Escape 19
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Just got back in from sittin in mine....

Started out earlier this evening removing the old AC to replace with a new unit that I got for a song since it is no longer AC season. Ended up sitting a bit wondering how it is possible for someone to have put that much caulk around a 25 year old AC unit.

Maybe when I sit in it tomorrow nite I'll get a little further along on removing that caulk so I can figure out how he put the the thing in to begin with. Then again, I may just sit and look at it some more...
Scamp Owners International
2015 Escape 19 & 1997 Scamp 19
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Old 09-25-2007, 12:38 AM   #22
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Name: Larry
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Sitting in one's trailer---- how silly--- mentioned it to Carrie--- we discussed it---- said "NAW"-- then promptly went outside and took a nap in ours--- just got back in the house---time for bed.
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Name: Shawn
Trailer: Scamp
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We just spent 3 solid weeks in our Scamp to New Brunswick, over to PEI and then on to Nova Scotia before heading back. Getting ready for one last trip in the other direction before she is cleaned out for some more renos, plan on doing some sitting and pondering over the winter as I rewire the kitchenette again (improvements and upgrade to a 30amp park power system), wire and complete the closet and microwave shelf and remove and rebuild the front bench supports.
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Old 09-25-2007, 11:34 PM   #24
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Name: james
Trailer: Boler 1984
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All this sitting and contemplating in the trailer. I just might have to paint a half moon on the door and add an old Sears catalogue.
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Old 09-26-2007, 12:07 PM   #25
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Trailer: 1983 Scamp 13 ft Standard
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I'm sitting in my Scamp right now, typing this message. It's in the backyard serving as my computer room and ham radio shack. Everything wireless... radio, wifi internet, TV, & telephone. Last weekend I served as net control for a big bicycle run held here to raise funds to fight MS, I worked out of my Scamp in the backyard. 1500 bicyclists, over 200 miles of courses, and almost $1.8 million raised for a good cause. I live in my house but I LIVE in my Scamp.

Name:   HOY_photoreduced.jpg
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ConwayBob (& Buddy) / KI4HEE in the Scampshack
Check out my Scamp restoration video on Youtube, & my Ham Radio Blog. Or take the 50 cent tour...
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Name: Roger
Trailer: Y2K6 Born Free 32RQ on the Kodiak chassis, 1995 Coachmen 19' B-van and 1996 Precision 21' Sailboat
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All this sitting and contemplating in the trailer. I just might have to paint a half moon on the door and add an old Sears catalogue.

James, you forgot to mention whether you have a hole on just one side of the dinette, or it's a two-holer...

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Trailer: Eggless at the moment
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All of you inspired me to spend some time with the Play Pac tonight. I cleaned out everything and then began working on the arrangement of the floor plan I've settled on. By the time I was done, I could sit on something other than a wheel well and it looked homey.

I've really enjoyed this thread.

Plotting my next adventures...
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Old 09-27-2007, 02:34 AM   #28
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Name: Peter
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Lynne, I have something I should tell you?

Yes dear?

I . . . I'm sorry . . . I've been . . . I've been lusting after a cute little thirty year old!

<coldly> I should have known something was up.

<not noticing> I've even tried sleeping with her. It's soooo nice to just curl up and . . .

A thirty year old woman. All those nights you came home late . . .

Woman? No, Lynne, not a woman! a 13-1/2 foot Bigfoot!


Of course!!!

Well, in that case, you should bring her home so we can both sleep in her bed!

Oh, sweetie, I knew you'd understand!

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