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Name: Glenn
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South Carolina
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We are always conscience of our dogs well being when we travel... Especially when the temperature is high .We own a conversion van, with window coverings. We leave the windows open, look for shady spots, run a 12v fan near a window for the pooches and leave a bowl of water for them to readily access.
While in Hubbard N.S. and Halifax and Lunenburg, we encountered strong laws in effect outlawing leaving your pet in the car . Even got a threatening note on my windshield mentioning animal abuse and the wish for a brick to break my window ( open, fan running, dusk very cool. We were visiting the Halifax Maritime Museum ( a MUST SEE ). Happened a lot because a Sheepdog had recently died.
We totally understand the issue.
The problem is you typically can't leave the pooches in your air conditioned trailer in the campground ( like we all do at home ) because of rules. Can't take them into shops, restaurants or museums . And we WON'T have family, friend, sitters or kennels watch them for our two month trip. IF you can find local vet/ boarding the cost for two dogs is over the top.
I want to start a dialogue about this. Going into shops and museums one at a time seems a little extreme.
What are y'all doing about this?
Or am I in a minority view
Happy Trails ...hopefully with our pups

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Name: Jared
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I didn't get a dog, for that reason. The only thing I could see would be finding a local place to board it for the day.

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Name: Jack
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Some tough Bluenose towns there and not everyone loves tourists. There's a bit of this "feeling" in Maine also. I'm betting your Nosey Parker threat note came not from an animal rights activist but from someone with a yen to make a bit of aggro for the outlanders by a little mischief play on animal rights activism. Board the dogs.

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Name: Kathy
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I'm not sure that there is a solution to this problem. We too used to travel with our two pooches and it was often a real hassle. There are hardly any places that one can take them in the National Parks and I have to say I agree with that policy. In campgrounds and parking lots, etc. we always tried to find spots where our RV would be in the shade and when we had a big motorhome we often opted for full hook-up sites so that we could leave the air conditioner going and leave them in the rig. The best solutions we found were to board our dogs for the shorter trips and to try to do our traveling during the spring and fall before and after the temperatures got too high. After our last dog passed away we made the decision to not get another dog. One of the reasons was that we wanted to be able to do more extensive travels and not be constantly worried about how the dogs were faring when left behind. Some places now have doggy day care facilities. Maybe that would be a solution sometimes?
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Name: Kathy
Trailer: 2017 Escape 19
Posts: 600
I forgot to say that when we left our dogs in the rig it was usually in a private enterprise campground or RV park. They generally will be more tolerant of your leaving your pet in your rig, unless it's a big barker.
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Name: Steve
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NW Wisconsin
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My wife has a dog,a chocolate lab to be exact . I like the dog but that being said I do not believe dogs should be allowed in restaurants , shopping malls or other public places . My wife believes her dog is well behaved and would never bite anyone but others are not of the same belief. I talked to 2 resort owner this weekend who are considering a no pet policy at their facilities mostly because a lot of pet owners do not clean up after their pet , control their dog's barking and figure the leash rules do not apply to them.
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Name: deryk
Trailer: 2012 Parkliner 2010 V6 Nissan Frontier 4x4
New Jersey
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Its another reason why I'm holding out on getting adog. I also went camping a few weeks back and near a heavy use footbridge a tent was set up and when the owners weren't there every time someone passed the dog barked like crazy...I don't want to be that guy. During the day I don't mind the company... but at night when I go wandering I don't want to leave the dog to possibly be a nuasance. Also some festivals I go to don't allow dogs and I can't afford kennel fees and all that. So no dog for now

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Name: Hillary
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We're the kind of dog owner that's insane about them and tailors vacations to things we can do with ours (why would I want to leave them at home?!). We go places that have hiking and water and open fields for them to run in, which also happen to be the kinds of vacations we like most.
I'd think for a more touristy trip, if you can't leave them in the trailer because they're barkers or it's against rules and people actually care (versus it's against rules for insurance reasons but not enforced), you could do research online and set up doggy day care for a day or two. It'll make traveling more expensive, but would still be cheaper than boarding and you'd get to have them with you when you wanted to do more dog friendly things!
Hillary & Jeff
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Name: Jared
Trailer: 1984 19' scamp
Posts: 1,610
I'm not going to be mr. popularity here, but 90% of the people that take their dogs around ARE bothering somebody.

The last time I went camping, there were 4 dogs (all separate camps) that I wanted to lure off into the of them got its tail ran over by my bike when it darted out in front of me. If I had crashed, that owner and I would have had some problems. The jerks were all worried about their dog, never sad a damn word to me about it. They were told by the rangers that if it was off leash again, they were out.

One dog ran up and licked my beer, knocking it over. The lady looked like I was a jerk when I asked her for $4 to replace my beer (yes, I drink expensive beer), and walked off. The park requires a 5' leash, she had about 20' on hers. She carried a different tune when the park rangers dealt with her.

I was sitting in front of the camper, and 5' away, a lady let her dog piss on my campsite (also right by the hydrant for the whole loop). I just about walked over and peed on her tent.

Between them barking, crapping, and running around loose...

Don't get me wrong, a few dogs there were angels. Not a peep, not off leash (or at least didn't run around if they were), and the owners picked up after them.

I can see why places don't want them around though, after 6 days I was tired of dealing with it.
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Name: Brian
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We have a dog - and have had dogs for decades - and I fully appreciate Jared's comments, and the concerns which have kept others from getting dogs.

The daily boarding or "doggie daycare" idea makes a lot of sense; however, it could be really difficult to set up at short notice or for a single visit. I sometimes put my dog in a local daycare, and to be able to take him there I had to apply, provide proof of vaccinations, and take the dog in for a behaviour assessment.
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Name: Glenn ( second 'n' is silent )
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British Columbia
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I'm looking forward to traveling without our beagle. I'm tired of sitting in the car with the dog while others tour the museum. And I'm tired of eating at drive-through restaurants.
I like the dog, but I'm not going to miss it when we travel.
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Name: bob
Trailer: 1984 u-haul ct13; 1996 Casita 17 Spirit Deluxe; 1946 Modernistic teardrop
New York
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You're popular with me Jared. We didn't replace our last dog when it died because we didn't want the restrictiveness of trying to travel with a dog. The campground we winter at has lots of dogs, some nice, some annoying. Can't understand why anyone wants those yippy little dogs that bark all the time, do the owners enjoy that. The calmest, quietest dogs we have encountered are the greyhounds.
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Name: Jared
Trailer: 1984 19' scamp
Posts: 1,610
All 4 of the aforementioned dogs were little ones. I don't even blame the dogs really, most of the camp wanted to strangle their kids, too. It was an adult problem.

The little dog thing has been my experience, also. I've only had one big dog bite me, I've had quite a few mop dogs bite me. I'm more scared of yorkies and shitzus than I am pitbulls,rottweilers, or german shepherds.
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Name: Pam
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I sometimes travel with my dog if I'm going to be somewhere that I can walk him regularly (being careful to always pick up the poo) and generally spend time with him while relaxing. If I'm going camping when I want total freedom, he stays home at my daughters, or a good local kennel. And he's always on a 6ft lead. I had a small dog (more than once) run out into the road to us because he was sitting in someone's lap, not leashed. My guy just about made a meal out of him! I say STOP and think, dog owners! You may love your dog, but others don't have to

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