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A Dog Survey:

What kind of food do you feed your dog?
Special Diet:
Table Scraps:

How many times a year do you take your Dog to the Vet?

Do you have their teeth cleaned by the Vet, or do you do it?

How much do you spend on your Dog, every year, NOT counting food?

Is your dog?
"Little Orphan Annie" - A stranger? (Someone who just showed up one day.)
"All in the Family" - Your baby? ( You'd be lost without them.)
"Old Yeller" - Reliable Trusted Friend? (Around for so long, they're now, part of you.)
"Other" Fill in the Blank -

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My dog is a 3 year old field-bred English springer bitch, named Kerry.

Click image for larger version

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She is fed dry food only (as have all of my previous dogs); enriched high performance kibble during the bird hunting season, lower calory maintenance kibble the remainder of the year. She gets occasional dry treats, but never table scraps. I monitor her weight carefully, because allowing dogs to get overweight is animal cruelty and always the owner's fault.

Her teeth stay pretty clean with dry kibble, but I will have the vet remove some tartar buildup. She goes to the vet twice a year for shots and checkups.

How much do I spend on Kerry per year? She says, "not enough," my wife says "too much," so I guess it's about right (but I really don't want to know).

Kerry is the clown of the family, terribly affectionate, not very bright (dumbest springer I'vre ever had), always cheerful and convinced that something wonderful is about to happen at every moment. She loves camping, and is a good quiet companion in the tug. She is also a decent gun dog, so I can pretend there's a good reason to have her.

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What kind of food do you feed your dog?

Dry. Iams adult Mini Chunks. What they say about the "exhaust" reduction is absolutely true! They also get white rice that I make, with a tad bit of chicken broth. I make a big pot once a week or so and mix it in with thier kibble.

Table scraps? Yes.. they get Pizza Bones (Crust) and popcorn.

How many times a year do you take your Dog to the Vet?

whenever they sneeze

OK, I am a worry wart. They go every couple of weeks for baording anyway. As one of them is aging rapidly, she goes to see the doctor more often. She gets warty thingies and I always have them biopsied, and she has bone problems, so I worry when she seem uncomfortable. Other than that, as needed. Twice a year for routine maintanence. Heartguard etc.

Do you have their teeth cleaned by the Vet, or do you do it?

I have a rubber finger brush with meaty flavoured paste I use on them, they get those minty bones, but for the real cleaning, the vet does it. My old one can't have it done anymore as she is not well suited to go under a general, but the male is about to get his done in a couple weeks. PU!

I don't even want to think about the money. It's not important anyway, its part of the gig.

Is your dog?

All of the answers.
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My dogs get Kirkland lamb or chicken with rice twice a day, with the addition of a little canned food and hot water at night - to hide the fish oil capsules and glucosamine tablets. They get cookies once in a while, and a rawhide chew now and again. And RARELY - pizza crust. Only if they're going to be outside for a couple of days!

Family members for sure! If they can't go somewhere, I usually don't go, either.

And Springers aren't dumb - they just think differently than we do. And they are undoubtedly the happiest dogs I've ever met! They're puppies until just about the day before they die of old age.
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Oh, I forgot - they are on a 3 year vaccination schedule, except for Bordatella, which they get when they are boarded.

And they go to the vet if something is amiss. Other than Toby's allergies they've been pretty healthy.
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Meka is a 13 year old Chow mix who strayed to our home when she was 3 months old. She had mange and calcium deficiency. With much TLC she grew to be a wonderful companion. She has been on dry Science Diet dog foods from day 1 and now takes medication to deal with hip displacia. While dog treats are a daily part of her diet, she has never been fed scraps because we didn't want a table beggar.

She gets her shots once a year and goes to the vet when needed. She just got her teeth cleaned for the first time. We're currently waiting on a biopsy report for a growth recently removed from her bottom jaw. I can't tell you how much we spend each year but I will say our vets know us well!

While my husband is mainly a cat lover (we have 4), he cares for Meka. She is my companion when he goes hiking, as well as my baby. We truly treasure the time she is a part of our lives.

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Our dog (goofy) is a rescue Austrailian Shepard.
We are the 5th owners by the time Goofy was 11months old.
We feed Nutro lamb and rice dof food ( she gets sick from anything else except eggs and potato chips.
We take her to the vet every other year for her rabies and once for eating a 2x4 peice. Vet gave her Vasoline and it worked.
We buy her 2 good dog toys every Christmas and they last a year.
We try to walk her 2 miles every day weather permitting she lives for that.
She is our second Austrialian Shepard rescue dog.
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Lily is a small silver (in transition) minature Poodle just a year old. She has been fed Eukanuba dry food from the day she was weened. I added Science Diet Nature's Best when she was about 6 mos. old. I mixed the two 50/50. We are just about out of Puppy food so Lily will now go up to Adult mix.

The only treats Lily gets are training treats and Eukanuba/Science Diet bisquets. Oh yeah, I did buy some Mother Hubbard Bitz and Newman's Own Organic treats.

Lily has a schedule for Vet visits and shots. Plus, she is on Hearworm pills so I've been weighing her monthly. It appears she has just gain enough that her next pill will be the next size up. That'll do for the rest of her life because she'll never get to the maximum weight on it. I spend money on Lily. Of course, I gave her a pretty rhinestone collar for her 1st birthday. I've made several jackets, the cutest is a tie dye. I made her a toy box with all four sides the shape of a bone. And, naturally the toy box is overflowing.

She's not really spoiled, just has lots of toys, but loves my slippers the best. I've not given her people food other than I gave her a little coffee ice cream last night. I couldn't decide if it was the flavor or the cold, but she really didn't like it.
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Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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A Dog Survey:

What kind of food do you feed your dog?
We are using the controversial raw diet for the most part, with some home cooked meat and rice and some dry kibbles --- only top quality ones, for the spoiled little ones.

How many times a year do you take your Dog to the Vet?
When ever they sneeze or look just look funny. Actually, other than regular shots, frontline and heartguard, they have been really healthy---until Tommy decided to have an ear infection that finally had to be cultured.

Do you have their teeth cleaned by the Vet, or do you do it?
We brush their teeth, and we have to be especially careful with little Maggie. With her underbite, her teeth could have used braces. Thus, we also have a scrapper that John uses---as a college student in the dark ages, he worked as an assistant for a vet. Easier and better than having her put under.

How much do you spend on your Dog, every year, NOT counting food?
Are you including extra motel and or RV park fees? Please, we just can't talk about the toy fee. OK, our adult children have joined ACODAP (adult children of dog addicted parents)--- they are sure we spend more time and money on these dogs.

Is your dog?
Well Tommy is a Welsh Springer Spaniel---our slightly stubborn, lover of the world baby who has never known adversity and thinks everyone exists just to love him. He is our special boy.
Maggie is our little rescue who loves and protects us----she knows what life on the streets is like, and she doesn't want to go back. She is our special girl.

Diane and John
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A Dog Survey:

What kind of food do you feed your dog?
My dogs are all on the Royal Canin puppy 33 for small breed puppies. The pups when being weaned get Purina canned food also.

How many times a year do you take your Dog to the Vet?
Mine are there often being as I work for a vet.

Do you have their teeth cleaned by the Vet, or do you do it?
Luckily I clean teeth at the clinic all the time, so I do it myself. My 9 yr old 3 lb stud goes in for professional teeth cleanings at least 4 times a year, using the ultra sound machine.

How much do you spend on your Dog, every year, NOT counting food?
Gosh, all I can say is a LOT. It seems like I get things for them out of most of my pay checks. It is a good thing I don't work at Wal-mart because they would most likely keep my full check. I never come home from the clinic with my full pay. But they are definately worth every cent I spend on them. They give back so much more to me than I could ever give to them just in love and companionship.

Is your dog? Maltese

Name:   000_xmas_12.gif
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Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

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