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Was that with a plumbed shower/toilet?

Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. A Scamp 13fter is a 10ft cabin and the rest tongue. Scamp's 16ft model has a 13ft cabin plus 3 feet more tip of tongue to bumper length. This 13fter has 3ft more cabin than the 13ft industry standard, or the same size cabin as a Scamp 16fter and a longer generator-friendly tongue. The three foot cost differential between Scamp's 13ft model and 16ft model is how much?

There is an industry standard for describing the size of travel trailers. I think the measurement is bumper to tip of tongue which makes this is a 17ft trailer. This guy will probably have to change how this is measured if he begins selling them as RVs. Horse trailers and commercial trailers are measured differently, I think. Only the size of the cabin is taken into consideration. So, he is not describing an RV when he says its a 13fter.

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Depending on where you are the length of the trailer determines what you are licensed to produce. I vaguely remember Reace at Escape being willing to modify his trailer for bike racks and storage compartments until he found out the extra length would cause him regulatory problems. Apparently, he applied to produce a 17ft trailer or a trailer no longer than 17ft and he would be in trouble if he produced something that fudged that length limitation.

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Or it might look good to reverse the drop...

This visually anchors the bigger window AND the taillights:

Attachment 2289

Low in the front, high in the back also suggests in auto design. I guess that's why I don't like the rear-dropping stripe - it makes it look slow.

I like the 'round-the-top seam...on the Casita any striping is pretty much limited to the belly band.


i agree, better look with the lowered part in front. I too missed the back window, it wouldnt have to open either if the side ones did. Thing i don't like is the seam verticle. what i like about the scamp/casita's is their ability not to leak on the top. so many of the tin trailers have leak marks inside (see ebay) and I don't remember any of the 'eggs' with bad damage. As field offices this would be terrific. the insides are beautiful and comfortin. but unless they tote a port-a-potty customers are not going to be happy, and neither are sales folks. get stuck with no potty for 8 hours. aint nice. anyway. hope this works out. would like to see any changes yo make too. thanks for letting us take a gander.
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"thanks for letting us take a gander"

trailer already looks like it has had a "goose"
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Old 07-14-2006, 06:29 AM   #61
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Red face

Dale has connected with Jim, and since the "factory" is so close by (about 7 miles away and less than a mile from our daughter) we are going to go see him and tour the place on Saturday!

If he will allow, we will take lots of pictures & get some of the other questions answered.
Hmm....wonder if he needs test drivers......

Gramma Pat
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Old 07-14-2006, 09:58 AM   #62
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Thing i don't like is the seam verticle.
Of course the ever popular Burro and U-haul have their seams vertical. I'm with you, I like the "belly band" but that's possibly just because I have a Casita and that's what I know... Any of you Burro and/or U-haul owners have an opinion on the vertical seam?
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All we can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! We arrived at 9:30AM today and Jim Palmer- owner & prime force behind the Eggcamper- gave us a full tour of his "factory" starting with a brief history of the many different businesses he has started and sold as well as the ones he still runs. Jim's an eclectic entrepreneur with a wide range of experience. A lot of the ideas for this project have drawn on his experience with the marine, aircraft, and auto repair industries. Add to that the fact that Jim is 6'4" tall and designed this baby to fit himself in comfort, it is well-built and roomy inside (Inside height is 6'7").

The shop is a first-class operation built for his primary businesses, with plenty of space for molding and assembling the prototypes. There are three prototypes in various stages of completion, and it was interesting to see how the design is evolving. While Jim was more than willing to answer any & all questions about the eggs, we decided that rather than take and post pictures ourselves, we should refer folks to HIS website

where he will be posting pictures of his 2nd, 3rd and subsequent prototypes as time allows. He is hand-building each prototype in the back of his auto business, making modifications in design as he goes, so there is not anything set up yet for mass production. Jim has designed the Eggcamper to satisfy his own needs; he'll work out floor plans and options after he's satisfied with the integrity of the design.

Someone was talking about the vertical seams leaking- ain't gonna happen! As well as the 2 halves being permanently glued / sealed together, there are 3 layers of fiberglass over the inside of the seam, and a trim strip on the outside.

The windows ALL open and provide for plenty of ventilation, especially with the full screen door that will be standard from now on, along with the ceiling fan. There is room for a rear window, but Jim has opted not to include one in the prototypes. Instead, the back wall serves as a backrest for the rear bench seat. That's right - the bench wraps around the dining table, providing plenty of storage space underneath.

The shower area is really nice, with the sink molded into a wall recess so that it is actually usable while standing up straight. The stool is also located in the shower, with plenty of room to stand up and even turn around while showering. The solid glass door is easier to clean and does a better job of keeping shower water IN the shower than a curtain, and won't warp like the wooden door we had on our Casita. For the folks who object to the opaque glass being too see-through, he said you just hang your towel over the towel bar on the door..... The second prototype has a second ceiling fan installed near the shower - a nice feature.

There has been a lot of thought put into building an easy care, light weight and durable trailer here, without building in added cost. It is designed to be pulled by one of the smaller SUV's over highways. Although it's very sturdily built, it is aimed at the rental and promotional markets, not for rugged boondocking. Jim showed us how the trailer could be used as a mobile office, i.e. for insurance adjusters working in disaster areas.

If you are interested in one of these we would suggest contacting Jim for your own tour. Next week he'll have one of the rigs at the air show in Oshkosh, WI. He is one really nice guy!

Gramma Pat & Grampa Dale

P.S. It was close to noon before we left!
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Some other things about the Eggcamper operation:

Frames are laid out and welded on a laser-aligned jig, so they are plumb, flat, and square.

Jim is using wiring harnesses with molded-on plugs to connect the running lights - no splices or poor connections for campers to fight with!

Jim is committed to quality: Even though only the first prototype will have a curved door, Jim molded an extra door to keep on hand if replacement is ever needed.

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Old 07-19-2006, 09:43 PM   #65
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Interesting thanks for sharing. Sounds like alot of great ideas are still to come. Do you know if the floor is wood encapsulated with fiberglass? If so do, you happen to know if it's particle board or plywood? Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-21-2007, 05:33 PM   #66
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Well, this is my story. I bought a Dodge Ram Van from a fellow co-worker, who happened to be the original owner. After I had a hitch installed in it, I thought, "wouldn't it be nice to haul a light travel trailer with it". We are empty nesters so I sid,"Why not". One day I went to get a cup of coffee at a Speedway station in Grandville, MI. I parked the van, and there was a beautiful, brand new Egg Camper for sale. It was love at first sight. Little did I know that it was standing in front of the factory that builds them.
The next day, right after work, I stopped in. The owner greeted me, gave me a personal tour of the factory, introduced me to the workers, and showed me the inside of the Egg Camper. Then I brought my best friend to get his opinion. He said it was a great camper. He gave me two thumbs up. Jim sold me a brand new demo from last year, ('06) with all the extras in it for a song.
When I drove it home, my wife wasn't sure about it. But when we went camping for the first time in it, that's when she liked it.
I highly recommend this camper to anyone who appreciates the quality and ingenuity that went into making this camper. Best of all is the price. For what you get, no one comes even close. Send Jim an email, or give him a call. He is a very fair & honest man to do business with. You got my word on it!
David W. Gualtieri
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Welcome to the forum, David! I'm looking forward to your comments on the Eggcamper as you get to use it more. I think we need more competition and innovation from the producers of our eggs, and this look intriguing.
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Welcome to FiberglassRV David, we're glad you found us!

Pictures, we love to look at pictures!
Donna D.
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I'd like more windows. I have a total of 6 in my 13 footer.

Seems pricey to me not having all the options we get.

I'd spend a little more and buy a Bigfoot.
Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
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Here it is 2 years later - we're looking for a used trailer. Do you know any place that posts used Eggcampers? They look amazing!


David and Michele

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