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Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo View Post
Those are Anna's Hummingbirds. They have been progressing north from California for more than 30 years and are the least migratory. We have them in my back yard, year round. Have to thaw the feeder from time to time in winter.
Interesting.....did not know that. We had frozen feeders a couple of times as well. Little guys would buzz the feeder and wonder why we were putting out popsicles. My wife did the same thing and would thaw the feeders. Sounds like we will have hummingbirds year round. Maybe I should invent an electric feeder that thaws itself?? Thanks for the info.

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Here we host the Rufous Hummingbird ó so aggressive one chased the Oregon Juncos away, even though the juncos are huge compared to the hummingbird. We live close to the SE Alaska border ó these tiny things summer here and migrate to Mexico in the winter.

This guy sat sentry in our cherry tree:
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Originally Posted by Perry J View Post

This morning there were no birds but there was a Hummer Bug on the pansys next to the feeder.

If anyone knows what it is I would appreciate knowing.

It's slightly larger than any my of Hummers.
Moths/butterflies are a special interest of mine!

The one in your pics is a Whitelined Sphinx moth (Hyleas Lineata).

We see these sometimes, too!

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Well, I haven't seen my "hummer" since he showed up. I remember them being darn right obnoxious at my sister-in-laws place in Washington State. Looks like we could be in for some shroons here in the next couple of days if a glacier doesn't float by.
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We saw this little fellow at the Spring NOG in Nehalem Bay at the end of April last year:

Rufous Hummingbird | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Brian & Maria
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Originally Posted by jerrybob View Post
We have two feeder on our deck...
My wife kept the feeders full...
Robert and I have two giant hummingbird feeders that flank our front door.
We never have to fill them... but we occasionally have to trim dead flowers off them.
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Originally Posted by deryk View Post
I guess Im the the one with the dirty mind lol
Uhh... maybe not!
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OK, now that we're discussing hummingbirds...

Here's my hummingbird "saga" from January:

There were two humming birds here that apparently didn't fly south for the winter. Although I didn't have a feeder for them, they would hover in front of my kitchen window when I was throwing bread crumbs and peanuts out for the multitude of birds that frequent my yard..... (currently running around $60 a month for sunflower hearts...)
So I got a humming bird feeder and made some "home brew" nectar. All was well, other than having to bring it in every night due to temps in the 20's. (naturally some drops of sugar water spilled on the floor and soon the ants launched their assault... but that's another story)

So, one evening just before dark, I went out to retrieve the feeder.... lying there on the ground below the feeder was a tiny humming bird... inert, with it's tiny wings spread.
I gently picked it up and cupping it in my hands, began breathing hot breath on it.... and hurried into the house.
The little thing was quite alive.... but not responding. I fetched a tiny cardboard box and placed the bird inside. Dug out one of my "emergency hand warmers" and placed it in the box as well as a jar lid filled with nectar. Closed the lid...
Now I went back outside to bring in the feeder....... there was another humming bird lying on the ground! So I picked it up and scurried back inside. As I opened my cupped hands to place it into the box..... it took off, like a tiny helicopter..... whirrrrrrr
Not panicked at all, it zipped around (carefully) and off it went down the hall and into one of the bedrooms..... which one, I couldn't see as the hallway was dark.
I looked high and low, to no avail.
Finally, I brought in the feeder and suspended it on the light fixture over the kitchen table.

Next morning....

Before dawn, having my coffee...... whirrrrrr came my little guest.... right to the feeder!
I sat there sipping my coffee and wondered... how am I going to get this thing out of here.....
So as daylight came ever so slowly, I went around and shut all the shades except for the kitchen. Turned off all the lights, opened the kitchen window and waited.... and waited..... whirrrrrrr..... whirrrrr.... but not going out!
So I began to "herd" it.... which of course led to some anxiety for both of us! Finally, as it sought refuge in a space above the kitchen lamp I was able to gently make my snatch..... and sent it out the window into the morning world.

But wait.... what's going on with the one in the box? Well, not about to open it to find out, I carried the box outside to the patio.... slowly opened the flaps....
Staring up, beak at the typical 45 degree angle, was guest number two! Nectar from the jar lid consumed!
Back inside to retrieve the feeder back to its hook and noted that number two had left the box.

In recollection, I do recall seeing those two (the only hummingbirds that I've seen here at Jack and Pedro's (Pedro is my dog) Bird Ranch...) having what appears to be a territorial dispute over the one feeder.... so now I have two feeders out there.... one for each bird.
They still argue. :-)
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I don't think these guys liked each other!

At Dead Horse Point State Park this summer. And one of my favorite Hummingbird photos - a female Ruby Throated Hummingbird.
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Birds of Paradise as hummingbird feeders ,alot less work than making sugar water.
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Originally Posted by Francesca Knowles View Post
Moths/butterflies are a special interest of mine!

The one in your pics is a Whitelined Sphinx moth (Hyleas Lineata).

We see these sometimes, too!


Thanks Francesca.
I never knew moths had a sweet tooth.

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