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Name: Renee
Trailer: Current Starcraft
North Carolina
Posts: 5
Former Pop up owners

We have not toured an egg in person and have concerns about the size. We currently have a pop up with a 12' box and "king" bed on one end and "queen" on the other. We were really excited about getting a Casita or Scamp until I discovered that 17' includes the hitch and the actual egg is only 13'6". When you include the bed in that 13'6" that sounds a lot more cramped than our pop up.

Previous pop up owners please give me your opinions.

BTW :It is dh and me and our 50 lb Brittany.

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Name: Rick & Rei
Trailer: 1970 Campster
Posts: 404
Good Bye Popup

We are former popup owners-when you have a fiberglass egg you have no more cranking up or down the top, no more pulling out or sliding back in the beds and putting down or putting up the door. when it rains, you have to do all this in the rain. Not to mention when the cable breaks or comes off its rail-that is quite a challenge to repair, especially if you are at a campsite and have no tools with you that you need to repair the cable.

When you arrive at the campsite you still have to put jacks under the camper, hook up the electric and water.
Now you can enjoy the rest of the day.

All we are missing in our 13 ft egg is all the work of a popup. Maybe our bed isn`t as big but we would never go back to a popup.

Hope this helps you.

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Name: Dave (and/or John)
Trailer: Scamp 16 SD std layout 6
Posts: 796
We just sold our pop-up last week. We loved it, but it wasn't conducive to spur of the moment travel, and the camper never really "popped" up. It was more like grab the crank handle, unlatch everything, hope it isn't raining, crank the top up after all is leveled, pull the beds out, secure the support rods and then set up the door. Then you can go inside and flip the stove over (on our model at least), set the bed awning supports, then load everything that you had to carry in your tow vehicle because you couldn't throw it in the pop-up at home without popping it up first.
Having said all that, we really enjoyed the openness of our pop-up, the ease of moving it into position by hand, and the ease of towing. The pop-up part was the only thing we didn't like any more.
Our kids are grown, so it was just the two of us, and we just used one bed in the pop-up to sleep on, and threw our suitcases on top of the other bed, which was difficult to get to unless we moved the dinette table outside. Our pop-up bed was a little wider, but not as tall as our Scamp's bed.
Our Scamp has less floor room, but the room is more usable to us. We have storage that goes all the way to the ceiling and does not need to be folded before we travel. We have a side dinette that fits us fine and use the rear dinette as a full time bed. We no longer have to leave our suitcases on the bed, as we have a large area under the rear dinette for storing clothes.
We've made more trips in our Scamp this year than in our pop-up over the last 5 years, and I attribute that to the convenience of just getting away for the weekend so easily.
If you need a larger bed, check out the EggCamper, it's a huge bed compared to the other fiberglass campers and the trailer is wider than Scamps and Casitas.
We loved our pop-up but we don't plan on ever going back.

John and Marilyn
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Name: Ray
Trailer: 21' Escape - former owner of 17' "other brand."
Posts: 699
A pop-up is great for a large family. Now, with just the two of us, our egg has all the room we need, plus we enjoy the easy set-up, being able to pull off the road and take a nap or use the bathroom with no fuss, and towing is no more of a problem than our pop-up was.

BTW, John, it was great meeting you and Marian this past weekend! (Oh, and that's another thing about eggs, the owners all seem to just naturally get along together.)
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Name: Renee
Trailer: Current Starcraft
North Carolina
Posts: 5
Thanks for your insight! We are tired of the whole pop up procedure. We got a referral from Casita to look at a camper in our area. I think seeing it in person will help.
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Name: Jesse
Trailer: 1984 Scamp 13'
Posts: 815
I used to own a 1970s Starcraft pop-up. I bought it when it was about 15 years old and got a lot of use out of it. It had a lot mor floor space than my 13' Scamp, and had room to sleep six adults. I have since owned a class C and a class A motorhome. There are nice things about having more floor space and more cabinets, but the Scamp makes it so easy to hitch up and go. I had problems with the lit cables in the pop-up, but I never really minded the setup procedure. The biggest problem for me was closing it up after it had rained, then having to air it out at home.

My Scamp doesn't have a bathroom, but neither did my pop-up. Other than that, they have similar amenities. Of course, that could be a lot different with the model you have. I looked at pop-ups before I got the Scamp, but almost all of them are too heavy for my car to tow... And the ones that it can tow don't have anything inside but a table and beds.

The tng to watch out for is that most trailer companies don't give you accurate numbers as far as weight. Often times, the 16 footers come in around 3,000 pounds within little cargo in them. The people at Scamp told me that my trailer would weight about 1,100 pounds, but it would have weighed more like 1,400 the way I had it configured. I found a used one with fewer options than I really wanted, and it weighs 1,200 pounds empty.
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Name: Vivian
Trailer: 1999 Scamp 16 ft ('The Pod')
Posts: 293
Besides the inconvenience of folding the trailer in the rain, was the fact that the birds liked to use the vinyl covered bed ends for target practice and it was necessary to clean them very well before sliding the beds in. The roominess was nice, but the convenience of a fiberglass trailer cannot be matched IMHO.
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Donna D.'s Avatar
Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,540
I've never owned a pop-up, but tent camped a lot and certainly have camped lots in my Scamp in the rain... like last month at the Fall NOG. It's nice to not worry about the weather either coming or going. In fact, rain is actually soothing while inside the trailer and especially at sleep time!

There are molded trailers with bigger beds. The Hunter group, which includes all the cousins, the EggCamper, Fiberstream and one of the models of Casita has a king size bed or two twins... your choice.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Karalyn's Avatar
Name: Karalyn
Trailer: Eggless for now but looking. currently own Amerilite 21 ft
Posts: 844
I used to own a pop up too. I think a lot of us have been there, done that and now are fiberglass owners. There is definately lots more room in a pop up. It is putting it up and down that I did not like. It took me an hour or more to pack or unpack everything and then put it up or down. The rear bed is just to crowded for both hubby and I to sleep in. I can make do because I just walk in and relax. No set up. You should get good gas mileage in an egg, but not in a bigger sticky.
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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
Posts: 9,016
Donna is mocking me!!!! I had a tent at NOG and altho the tent I purchased actually probably had more floor space and room in it than most of the trailers... They went home and popped the top off a cool one and relaxed while I went home and reset up my tent under cover to dry it out and did laundry to dry out all the stuff I had outside. And I then promptly came down with one of the worst colds I have ever had.. I bet everyone else stayed healthy.

I have owned two pop ups, both specialty ones with soft tops that you did not crank to erect. You pulled on one end and the rest "fanned" out. I enjoyed both when I had them, especially my Coleman Colorado single slide with KING bed, but I do not miss everything else mentioned here.

I have had a 13 footer and a 17 footer, both Burros. For long term and weekend camping, I thought they were wonderful.. perfect as a matter of fact, and I never once said "I wish I had my pop up right now".
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Trailer: 1972 Compact Jr
Posts: 229
I'll add similar comments. I started researching for a light weight , solid trailer after a week camping in the rain in between two commitments a long way from home. The damp canvas just doesn't dry out and it gets into your bones and those with arthritis suffer. I still have a pop-up , Compact junior has a small pop-up component to raise the roof about 18 inches. Just the two of us and we have option of two twins or a king size, 70x72 in bed. Still have lightweight canvas pop-up trailer but items store away a lot better in the CJ and is ready to go, once I get those repairs done.
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Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
Posts: 8,152
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Unhappy Unintended Consequences of any fold-up dwelling

Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
I've never owned a pop-up, but tent camped a lot...
We have traveled across country several times using a tent to stay overnight in KOA's instead of staying in a Motel. One early morning enroute on a trip back east, I woke up to go to the camp restrooms. It was very early, and I was bleary-eyed looking forward to another hour under the covers. However when I returned, my partner Robert had packed everything up and was in the car ready to depart.

I decided then and there that he couldn't do that if we had a trailer.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Cyndi
Trailer: 2010 Scamp 5th Wheel/2007 Toyota Tundra/2015 Tundra
Posts: 1,102
Once the slaves grew up and camping with mom and dad creeped them out our 13' Scamp was small but nice. No biffy but I had my "porno potty" as the kids called it though no one ever volunteered to empty it.
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Name: james
Trailer: Boler 1984
Posts: 2,938
We had a venture by starcraft way back in the 70's. Towed it with a Geand Torino hard top and had to have air bags to keep the back end of the car off the road. Now there's no more cranking, no more pulling the bunks out and no more fitting the door. We don't have to worry about setting up in the rain or airing it out after each trip. Now you pull into a site Level the trailer and chock it, and open the door and open your favorite cooler. Now sit back and watch the next door neighbours cranking their pop up. Kool!

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