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full timed in an extended Maxi Van that I named "incognito" which had great stealth value because it looked like a work van
Bingo. I ordered the Casita without the RV decal stripes and I think most people, if they see it at all, register it as a cargo trailer.
That's why I said it attracts attention "from people who know what they're looking at".
The Casita is invisible to most people, because most people do not understand scale.
Most people cannot understand that a full-feature RV can be so small, and they literally do not see it.
I think it's called Perception Blindness, a cognitive state that contributes greatly to motorcycle accidents, for one ("I didn't even see it coming before I pulled out in front of it").
It is easy to spend two nights a week in a city if you have 6 or 8 "regular" places to park. It looks like you're passing through every couple of weeks.

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It is easy to spend two nights a week in a city if you have 6 or 8 "regular" places to park. It looks like you're passing through every couple of weeks.
Thanks Palmer, I'm intrigued by that perception blindness philosophy. I'm sure a vw van gets much more attention then a camper on city streets from the police because of that.

So what are some of your favorite places to park when trying to be stealthy?



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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe / 1996 Dakota 4x4 V6
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ways to make money on the road. Ideally, I would like to find something I could do anywhere.
I am working on a line of products that will be sold via website, manufactured in a small office. Meanwhile I am still working as a seasonal employee at the company I worked for for several years.
The "bricks and mortar" employment is drawing to a close for me.
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Laurie, I could still work where I have worked for 22 years, with no alteration to my role or schedule. I have to maintain traditional employment for the medical insurance.. a fact of life for many these days.

When I work is located in a semi rural area (If you can imagine that in So. Cal!) and there are several choices for county, state and forest service campgrounds, not to mention 2 very nice private ones, all well within commuting distance of my office. All, actually, are located closer to work than my cabin actually is!

As for the gubmit run ones, you stay two weeks and move to the next, stay two weeks, move to the next etc. There is no accumulative time limit per year in these parks.

The private ones, which are more expensive, but still UNDER what my monthly mortgage payments are, you are allowed to stay 9 months, move for 30 days, then return.

I can live quite easily in forest service campgrounds, as long as there is fresh water and a place to dispose of my grey and black water. Any toilet will do..

The two people I mentioned do this, and work in a permanent location. Their incomes and roles are similar to mine. They are NOT transients, they pay taxes, and have all the responsibilities and obligations most of us do, sans the mortgage/landlord, the permanent utilities and maintenance woes that us'ns that own houses do. Both are single, however, with no ties or real reason to have the trappings.. as am I.

Of course there is upkeep on their trailers and cars, but they would have those anyway.
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I am following this thread with a growing excitement. I am coming into a stage in my life where I could sorta fulltime. What I mean is stay close to the job site during the week and then be 'at home' on the weekends. The savings in commute time and gas alone could justify the cost of even a private campground.

My critters would hold me back I think, as Gina said, I don't think I could leave them in the trailer all day.

There must be something about these eggs that cause people to start yearning for a simplified existence.

Plotting my next adventures...
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I've been full-timing for a year in a 16' Tab Clamshell.

I posted a huge update (with pictures) of my past year on the road here:

And now there are two of us - I have a partner Cherie traveling with me now, and we are working our way back west towards California.

We are considering moving up to something a tiny bit bigger than the Tab. Now that there are two of us - we'd really like a separate desk space from sleeping space. And having a shower onboard is also a plus.

We hope to visit the Casita factory this week.

Cheers all!

- chris // www.radven.net
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Hey Laurie,

I think we met you at the Lake San Antonio rally? I was there with my husband and two toddlers in the 13' (junky/needing-much-rennovation) Scamp (haha) at the campsite that was kind of far off the second loop. For some reason, I don't think I caught that you guys are from Santa Cruz? We're from San Jose so pretty close to you guys. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi," and it was really nice meeting you guys! Hopefully we'll catch you again at another nearby rally.

We dream of full-timing for a year or so after retirement, too, so I'm interested in the replies you receive on that. My grandparents full-timed in a small trailer (a 14' Shasta or something?) for a year sometime in the 60's and loved it.



I recently returned from my first egg rally and it was great! I was hoping to meet some people who full-time in their eggs yet I didn't run across anyone.

So while I have fulltimed in a 30 footer for several years and lived in a 22 sailboat for 8 years while exploring the Kiwi colored waters of the Florida keys, I have a sense of what it would be like to live in an egg for an extended period of time.

Yet, I would really like to hear from people who are on the road full-timing and have them share what they really love about it full-timing in an egg, what is a compromise and what might they sacrifice?

We are thinking about doing some extensive exploring in America, British Columbia and Mexico when Tish retires and have been debating whether we would be comfortable in our Burro or if we would need a larger trailer.

So it would be insightful to hear from others who have explored the frontier of full-timing in their egg.

Until then...celebrate life!



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fulltiming, eggcamper

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