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Trailer: 2010 19 ft Scamp 5th Wheel
Posts: 54
It will feel like there's a big white van tailgating you.

Another bit of advice, break up the trip. It's a bit more stressful & tiring when towing. We think nothing of driving 600+ miles a day sans Casita, but try to keep it under 450 when towing. Don't want to get fatigued. Plus, it's so pleasant to pull into a campground mid afternoon & just relax & enjoy your comfy home on wheels.

You are wise to plan ahead, but don't sweat it. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Happy motoring, & towing.

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Trailer: 2008 13 ft Scamp
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I just drove 500+ miles each way to pick up my scamp last week. I really found it tiring driving back and of course it took longer since I was towing. I also found that lots of people wanted to ask about and look in the Scamp whenever I was stopped. I stayed overnight on the way back and was asleep by 9pm! Also- Make sure that you unplug the TT from the TV when you stay overnight and everything is off in the TT- esp the 12 volt stuff. I had a dead battery the first morning due to the refrigerator being on 12v. I checked the tires and safety chains every time I stopped. I also bought a hitch pin lock so that no one could unhitch the the scamp when unattended. Have a great trip-and look forward to great times in the TT.

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Trailer: 2007 Casita
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I also found that lots of people wanted to ask about and look in the Scamp whenever I was stopped.

Ooooop's us oldies forgot to warn Joy about that! (I guess winter dull drums wiped it out of our minds) LOL... It took a newbie to bring up , one of biggest time deterrents a egg owner is faced with. Even owning a newer one, (I can't imagine owning a cute older or customized egg) cause my 2007 has been chased, stalked, fondled in many a public place . I had a Casita stalker at midnight on a freeway for miles and miles. At a rest stop I was walking the dog and was approached by a nice couple that admitted to stalking me for the last 30/40 miles................ Alrighty Then! I had actually had seen them pass me, then another egg I was following then we passed them (they slowed down just so we would have go around them) then they would pull up beside me, then fall back in behind, finally we got into a construction zone and I kinda forgot about the car behind me that wasn't just going on around and get outta my way. They admitted their crime! Then I invited them in for a tour. So Joy yet another reason not to push yourself on your drive home. Take it easy, take it slow, and you will have a fun, safe adventure.

I so agree with Raya, don't fill the water tanks, just take along a jug for water or wag bags.......... Or both! But most of all enjoy every mile!
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Name: Yvon
Trailer: Bigfoot 17 ft 1992
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If you decide to stop for the night , bring a small electric heater
if you trailer dont have one for heating in the night (if you have a power source when you stop ) it is much easy than propane heating for the first time
Yvon Chayer
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Name: Yvon
Trailer: Bigfoot 17 ft 1992
Posts: 142
If it is possible ask the serial number and contact your insurer with this to have insurance for the return a home , it is more safe!!!

Yvon Chayer
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Name: John
Trailer: 2000 16 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe
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... I would just say please do not get in the habit of swinging out wide to make corners (it drives me crazy how many people just in cars think they have to do that, but I digress!).
I don't think I've ever "swung out" in normal street driving, although there have been times I have chosen to use a different entrance to a gas station or etc. in order to avoid it. Now granted, there are times when you have to swing out, but I find them to be extremely rare, and generally only when getting into a narrow site (not on a public street) or parking in the woods or something.

My second nit isn't really a nit at all, but just to say that I wouldn't fill my tanks before the first trip home, because, if it's just you on a road trip, why carry the extra weight and invoke more systems. I would go with gallon jug(s) only.

I have that very same "nit to pick" about those 'swing-out turns'. It is simply amazing how many cars feel they must swing out into the opposing lane of traffic just to make simple turn. Even with the 13'-17'trailer behind you it is not necessary...just go slightly past the turn like you mentioned.

Neither would I fill up the water tank either, before I returned home and had ample time to experiment with all the new skills you will need to effectively use water pump, shower, commode, etc.

As for braking, if you have electric brakes on your trailer, and the controller is adjusted correctly, your towing vehicle and trailer should stop the same or even better than it would were it not behind you.

Keep the speed down, stay towards the outside lane and don't 'drive slow in the fast lane', my other "nit to pick". These things track so well that you just might forget it is back there and, after a spell when you relax your grip on the steering wheel and the blood begins again to flow towards your knuckles, you will likely find your speed creep up to match the traffic flow. Mine did. Finally I just started forcing myself to use cruise control to keep it below 70 MPH.

Take a sleeping bag! On the return leg of an 800 plus mile round trip to pick up my 'new-to-me' 16' Casita SD in Alabama, I found myself driving on I-10 towards Jacksonville, Florida, it was apast 9:00 P.M., I could go no further and stopped at a rest area around Tallahassee and decided to spend the night. Like an idiot I had NOTconsidered that possibility and my expensive down sleeping bag was still in the closet at home. And it was COLD that Halloween night of 2008, for a Floridian, anyway. I rummaged around and found some sheets and towels forgotten by the previous owner in a closet and shivered under that till daybreak! So, I repeat, take a sleeping bag!

All in all, I enjoyed the experience of traveling to get my little Casita, even the "white-knuckled" part when I first put the vehicle in gear, turned onto the highway they first time, praying that everything would fall into place behind me. It did. 9,000 plus miles later it still works well. But the knuckles are no longer white then I turn the ignition key on.
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Old 01-24-2010, 06:50 AM   #21
Trailer: 2007 Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 55
Wow, thanks everybody for the advice!
Okay, so I'll take 2 days to drive home if I need to. Will take a sleeping bag.
Can't I just park in a Walmart parking lot for the night and not have to unhook anything?
Also, what about my mirrors? They don't extend on my Xterra. That okay?
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Trailer: 2008 13 ft Scamp
Posts: 23
You can buy mirrors that strap on/off your Xterra at wal mart for about $28. Did anyone mention toilet paper,wet ones, hand sanitizer? I also got the VIN number and added it to my insurance before I picked it up. I also had an IN TRANSIT sign in the rear window since the previous owner kept his plates. I was nervous about the start,stop,turn things--just be careful not to turn to sharp or short and hit/bang the curb with your egg. I am so happy every day to see that baby in the driveway!! I am planning to go to Hillapalooza in TX. next month and do a lot of hands on learning from experts. Is there a rally anywhere near you soon? Check the forum.
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: 1974 Boler 13 ft (Neonex/Winnipeg)
Posts: 3,012
Speaking of plates, you might want to check your home state DMV's web site. Some states now have a "trip permit" that you can purchase online and then print out. It gives you a certain number of days to travel with an unlicensed vehicle (you print out a tag and tape it in the back window).

If TN has one, it may be called something else, not to be confused with a permit for an oversized load.

If TN does have one, then you're golden. If not, well that's often the case. I think then most people either try to keep the PO's plate, or tape a sign in the window, or etc. But nice to be legal if you can do so.

Edited to add: Okay, I think this is the form you would use in Tennessee. When you start out reading it, it makes it sound like it is only for trailer dealers, but as you go down the page (just above the fee chart) there is a line that says Individuals: Use this form to purchase an individual trailer permit

I found it by searching "trailer" on the Tennessee DOS website (after clicking through a few places looking in vain).

Not bad for $9 and you're good to go in the plate department. Looks like you get 30 days too.

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Trailer: 2008 Oliver Legacy Elite
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For even very experienced drivers, towing various trailers, over 650 miles in one day is extremely tiring, even on good highways and interstates.
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Name: Jen
Trailer: 1972 Compact Jr
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Good luck! I'm so glad you got it, Joy!

can't get rid of the darned quote, so, please forgive. (New computer setup is weirding out tonight!)

1) have FUN!
2) don't push your luck - they're all right - that's a LOT of miles, PARTICULARLY if you do it two days back to back. Won't be fun if you push it. Can you get the extra half day/day to make it more enjoyable?
3) Don't go through the drive through! You might be tempted on a fast drive like that, but it may not work out well for the fiberglass!

scissor jack
jumper cables (for your tow rig....JUST in case)
spare for your TV
if the Casita doesn't have a spare when you pick it up, head to the local quicky tire shop and pick up a spare - and never leave home without it.

A sense of adventure

your camea

START SLOW! I know you're going to be thinking about those miles and doing mental math to figure out what time you'll be home, but you have to factor in traffic, a reduced speed for towing the trailer SAFELY, and a couple of stops along the way so you can admire your new setup.

Bring a pillow and sleeping bag and sleep in her on the way home.

Have fun!


For even very experienced drivers, towing various trailers, over 650 miles in one day is extremely tiring, even on good highways and interstates.
The Blog - travels and more
The Book - what we do around these parts
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Name: Linda and Dale and Dallas the cat
Trailer: 1984 Fiber Stream
Posts: 700
When you stop at a Wal-Mart or rest area you don't unhook the trailer but the advise to unplug the light/brake cable is a very good one. Until you know your trailer better, it is a good idea to unplug so that both batteries don't run down. Once you get home you can check to make sure that there is a battery separator that will not let your TV be drained but for now just unplug and put a sticky on the steering wheel to remind you to plug it back in.

Also, get in the habbit of walking around (all the way around) your hitched up rig before starting. Is the cord unplugged, did you set a glass on the propane tank earlier and forget it, is there something dragging, did the tires get too warm(if you can put your hands on them their okay) did all the vents get closed, and a whole list of things you might pick up as well as reminding yourself of how close the curb is, where the garbage can is sitting in a gas station and many other things to note.

Please let us know how the trip goes.
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Name: Liz
Trailer: 1979 13 ft Boler, 1987 & 1988 Bigfoot 5th Wheel
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Be sure you get ALL the keys! My folks got home with theirs Thursday and didn't have the key to unlock the coupler lock the PO had helpfully put on for them. It still has the ball mount dangling from the trailer while the key come in the mail.
1979 Boler B1300 | 1987 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | 1988 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | We officially have a collection!
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Name: Sebastian
Trailer: 2001 17 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 71
You got an awful lot of stellar advice from the members here. I just skimmed through the replys but they seemed to pretty much cover everything. Like they said be sure the brake controller is adjusted properly and you have mirrors that extend out so you can see well. It might have been in there and I missed it, but I would highly suggest that you get a couple short orange soccer cones for like $3 each and pull into the first vacant parking lot, church, factory, business, whatever, set up the cones and practice with the trailer for an hour before going out onto the roads. You'll get a feel for backing up, turning radius, etc. Get up some speed and brake hard so you'll know how it feels. All things you will probably feel more comfortable learning in the safety of a parking lot rather than on the open road or if you get into a tough spot while getting gas or something. Yes, the first day is the worst. Then you learn to relax. Be sure you understand all the posted replys and don't blow any off as being unimportant unless you discuss it with others who do this. By the time you get your rig home, you'll be stoked to get back out. I'm one of those who stay out.

Meadow, Mesa, and Sebastian
two felines and one provider
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