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Trailer: Scamp 16 ft
Posts: 35
Started in an old VW bus that I had to push start every time I wanted to move it. Fixed up a Chevy cargo van and that worked well for many years. Found an old 13 foot Scamp and that was great until I found my 16 foot. I wouldn't want anything bigger. Recently got the 13 foot back, so now I have two Scamps. Hope to get the 13 foot fixed up to do a little winter camping and ice fishing.

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Trailer: 2000 19 ft (formerly 17 ft) Casita Freedom Deluxe ('Nuestra Casita') / 2000 4WD V8 Tundra
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I had to stop and think about this. I started in the Boy Scouts, tent (or without-just a sleeping bag) camping in the Cascade Mtns in Washington State. Then as a counselor at a YMCA location called Camp Fox on Catalina Island in So. Calif. Back packed in So. Calif. as Asst. Scoutmaster and eventually purchased an 8' cab-over camper to use on our '56 Chev pickup. Enjoyed many trips all over the western U.S., Canada and Mexico. One trip was for 4 weeks with our 3 kids, 2 dogs, Ann and myself. Eventually replaced the '56 Chev with a '65 3/4 ton Chev with 65 gallon fuel capacity still using the same camper. In 1976 we took the kids out of school the last week of April and took a U.S. bi-centennial trip. Hiked around many of the civil war battlefields, visited many civil war museums, Spent a long day in Boston walking the Freedom Trails. Visited the "Old North Church" where I recalled going up the bell tower in 1946 to see the same view as Paul Revere. My father had just been discharged from the Navy and knew someone who attended the church or we'd not been allowed in the bell tower. Deterioration was preventing access for the public to the tower.
We climbed the Statue of Liberty, spent a day in Washington D.C., and even visited Niagara Falls.
Purchased a 13' outboard powered fiberglass runabout boat with my brother-in-law and spent week-end after week-end during summer months tent camping or sleeping in his tow vehicle at Lakes Mojave and Mead. My '59 Volvo was too uncomfortable to get a decent night's rest, but it sure was a great tug otherwise. We did this for several years.
Then back to tent camping for a family reunion on my wife's side.
We started a business and were simply too busy with that and getting our kids through high school and into college and/or the military to even think about camping, although we had purchased a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains. We had moved and the cabin was only 20 minutes from home. Eventually I got tired of not knowing which location dinner was going to be served at, and when it was at the cabin 1/2 the time we decided to move full-time up the mountain. Why fight the inevitable?
Fast forward to 2000 when Ann and I began thinking it was time for us to expand our horizons. I started looking at R.V.'s of all types, and since we had sold the boat many years before we were no longer hampered by towing it. We'd had a great experience with the fiberglass boat and also seen a few stick-built campers and motor homes which had become kindling on the side of the road. A FGRV was the obvious answer, but it took over a year to find a used one. One appeared in a parking lot next to our bank, but I thought I had no intention of paying $10,000 for one. It slipped through our fingers, and several months evaporated.
Another appeared for sale in our town! O.K. Lord, this is the second time you've sent the rescue boat, I'm recognizing the signs and paying attention now. This one is even better than the first, because it's been raised 6" so it will go up our steep road! Wrote the check and the 2000 Freedom Deluxe Casita was ours Problem was, we had no tug. We did have a partially restored '68 Toyota Land Cruiser but it wasn't the optimum tow vehicle. After about another month's searching, the opportunity appeared to purchase a white 2000 V8 4WD Toyota Tundra. Hey, we've now got a matched pair
And the rest is now history
Kurt & Ann K.

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Name: Steve
Trailer: 2003 Casita 16' SD
Posts: 1,710
Digest version:

Camping with the family from almost as early as I can remember. Canvas slab sided tent. We set up camp with almost drill team precision. That lasted me up through early college.

Then some camping, Uncle Sam style. Half a tent. Find a buddy and connect the halves for a complete tent. A little Camp Dix, a little Fort Sill and a lot of Germany.

Back home and back packing for a number of years, mostly in nearby Vermont. Left Massachusetts and came to Michigan.

Too far to drive for decent backpacking trails. In Michigan it was camping out of the trunk. More stuff, bigger tent, more amenities.

Early October, 2002, camping with my sister and nieces in the Nigara Falls area. Woke up to hoar frost everywhere, quickly wet feet and a struggle getting the Coleman going in the cold. I decided I still loved camping but this aspect wasn't as much fun. By the end of that month (October 30th) I took delivery of the Casita (bought a cancelled order trailer).
Quando omni flunkus, moritati
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Name: Ches
Trailer: 1992 Kustom Koach 17 FT
British Columbia
Posts: 4,897
***Then some camping, Uncle Sam style. Half a tent. Find a buddy and connect the halves for a complete tent. A little Camp Dix, a little Fort Sill and a lot of Germany.***

Two ponchos.We did that too in Cdn Army in Germany--1963 to1966
Retired Underground Coal Miner.
Served in Canadian Army (1PPCLI)
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Nick H
Posts: n/a
33 Years of Tent Camping - Backpack Equipment, almost every state in the lower 48 and most of Canada
The ground just getting too hard! Moving up to a Casita.

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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Liberty Deluxe
Posts: 34
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Sometimes we wouldn't even put up the tent...
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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
Posts: 9,016
That reminds me..

here is what I did when I first bought the Element. I felt so.. luxurious!
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RJordanX2's Avatar
Name: Randy
Trailer: Fiber Stream 1985
Posts: 38
Good Morning, As a youngster, My folks had a number of camping devices, my Dad even built a tent trailer, Mom soon put the cabash on that. They bought a small 12ft terry, then a 13 ft. terry then .a 14 ft. terrr....... you get the idea. We went all over the darn place. From Mission Bay, Ca. to once again you get the idea. We never went all the way to the East coast.
Anyway the last trailer they bought was the '85 Fiber Stream. I was out on my own by then so I spent very little time in it, they however, took it enerywhere. Coast to coast and across both north and south borders.
I moved away, and had no camping going on except for a short time with a'67 Chevy Van, that I put a bed and cooler in.
After I met my wife, whose parents just happened to have a 31 ft. motor home We decided to give this a try. We found an '84 Pace Arrow in very good shape and started camping around. Mostly Portland, Or.( for the Blues festival), and the Or. coast. It only broke down once, although we had to replace the refer, A.C. and some other stuff...Kinda spendy.
So.. my Mom called me in late '04 and said that she was giving up pulling her trailer (at age 88 or 89?) and said that no one in the family was interested in it! " Fools"...I thought, you bet I'll take her, and in honor of Mom and Dad I will name her "Little Ruthie". Mom even calls her that. And that, my fiberous friends is the story so far.
Sadly Dad passed away in '90, but mom(Ruth) is still going all over the world as she sees fit. Gooo, Mom!!!!
Via Con Dios
Randy and Renee
Bullards or Bust!!
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Name: Kathleen
Trailer: Amerigo FG-16 1973 "Peanut"
Posts: 1,709
Good question!

Paul camped in a tent with a sleeping bag with friends. I camped as a girl with my sister and parents in a tent (with a complete suite of folding metal furniture, no less), and a Shasta trailer--my sister and I were banished to the back of the station wagon so our parents could have a little privacy--but dad didn't unhook the trailer so our every move was transmitted to the trailer, shaking it all night.
I camped at Silver Creek summer camp with a hundred other kids in sleeping bags under the stars.

Paul and I were married in 1973. Since then, we've camped in a tent (I discovered I have a terror of bears), a bare truck canopy with a double mattress on a sheet of plywood laid across the wheel wells, an old Aloha trailer, a brand-new tent trailer, a well-used GM 1-ton conversion van (the Get-Away Van), and finally our 1973 amerigo, Peanut, one shell with two nuts in it.

Peanut is the first camping shelter we've named. It just screamed out for a name.

Seems like we don't ever quite give up on the great outdoors adventures!

We've never worked so hard to get a used rig ready for travel as we have quit being an "interest" and became a "commitment" somewhere between starry-eyed purchase in October and July 4th when we pulled out for our first camping trip in her.

Maybe this time it's love.
Semper ubi sub ubi.
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Rich and Rei's Avatar
Name: Rich
Trailer: 1970 Trails West Campster and 2012 Lil Snoozy
Posts: 57
Camping experience:
Started camping in a tent-loved it---until going thru a thunder storm with 'out of control' lightning!

Thats when we moved up to a pop up camper-loved it---until the cable broke while camping in july heat and no shade.
Took 3 guys and a day of work to fix it.

Started researching trailers-thats when I found fiberglassrv site.
The rest is history-love camping again.
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Old 07-08-2016, 07:46 PM   #25
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Bobbie Mayer's Avatar
Name: Bobbie
Trailer: 2011 Escape 15A
Posts: 3,242
Family camping, old canvas tent, as a kid, but not often as my Dad hated doing it with five kids! Then camping as a Girl Scout, then backpacking. Then a few times camping with my kids. Finally got set up for camping at agility trials and then quickly morphed from there to Fiberglass RV.
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Name: Wendy Lee
Trailer: Scamp 13' Standard
New York
Posts: 1,068
Pop up camper. My cute little Dutchmen Suck 801D. I loved that llittle unit. Shed a few years as new owner drove her away. I started looking for a new trailer and found FGRV site. Rest is new history!

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Name: Wendy Lee
Trailer: Scamp 13' Standard
New York
Posts: 1,068
Oops! Yikes I meant Duck

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Name: K C
Trailer: 1980 18' Sunrader Motorhome and 1971 Trailswest Campster
Posts: 1,509
Tents, vans, canopy tops on trucks, Honda Element, boats, station wagon, motorhome, truck slide-in camper and travel trailer. There was even an old. band wagon hearse at one point in time . I was never too particular as long as I could get out and about. A few rustic, no amenities cabins for camping over the years as well.

We did not go camping when I was a kid. I started as a young adult after I left home. I was 19 and had moved to Alaska when I started camping. I was 58 when I took my first trip to Europe, I took a tent, rented a small car and camped for 21 days in the Normandy region of France. That allowed me to stay that long. I would like to do that same kind of trip again in other countries.

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