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Name: Kinga DeRode
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How Did You Get Introduced to FG Campers?

The Dealerships thread inspired me to start this thread.

What was your first experience with an egg and what made you decide to buy one?
In the mid 80's I decided that I wanted to camp occasionally, but couldn't see owning and storing a camper. A favorite spot to camp was Algonquin Park in Ontario. A few local places rented campers and one year we had a popup, which was a joy to pull, but a pain to fold up or to access on the road. Another year we rented a small sticky that was nice but heavy to pull. Then we noticed the little UHaul campers at a local rental place and decided to try one. It was love at first sight. How nice to be able to just pull off the road and have lunch inside. My little Ranger pickup hardly knew it was there and I could finesse it in place by hand when my backing skills failed me.

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Name: Kevin K
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My folks had a 16' Scamp in the 90's.

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I used to drive through Los Banos, CA, and see the Burros on a dealer's lot and wish I had one. Much later, when I started thinking about a small RV, I somehow ran across Fiberglass RV (though I don't remember if I was looking for Burros or what.) I lucked out and found my Campster fairly quickly.
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Name: Per
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After years of tents and rented tent trailers I found myself with a Honda Odyssey (for a long list of practical reasons) and soon realized that it had a 3500 lb tow limit and was a viable tow vehicle.

I chanced to see an ad for the Burro in kit form and that set the wheels in motion. We didn't get the kit but a newly minted one at a great price and the rest is.........
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Name: kenny
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back packed my whole life (now 66, still; packing to the lakes to fish and hike) my wife wanted to buy a used Airstream, 23', which we did. My sister bought a Boler. suggested we do Canada and Alaska. felt the Airstream was to big. Found and bought the a 13' Bigfoot . sold the Airstream. All is good. enjoy the smaller trailer. Talked 2 friends into buying scamps. both back packing colleagues.
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Name: Daniel A.
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British Columbia
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I'd been thinking and researching for a few years with my pending retirement.
Bigfoot had always been high on the list, Fiberglass hold there value and don't leak for someone like me with plans of spring and fall camping mostly the last thing I want to worry about is leaks.

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When I was a kid in the late 70's my parents rented a Boler and towed it behind my Dad's MGB...Hmmm two seater with three people in it....How did that work?
Then when my sister came along, they once again rented a Trillium and towed it with my Mum's AMC Hornet....Classy vehicle!
Both time were great fun and I cherish the memories. I wanted to be able to share the fun with my boys, hence we now own a 1975 Trillium 1300 and are creating amazing family memories for everyone!
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I first introduction to molded fiberglass (or the desire to own one) came with a click of my computer mouse. . We had sold our Class A due to Dh's health and regreted it the first camping season.......... We had never been without a rv and the thought of camping without one put me on my journey for something that didn't have a motor. The only reason we didn't keep the Class A was cause it had a motor! Due to Dh's illness, maintence would have fallen on me. I had always driven and could handle everything about the Class A except manintence of the engine. So common sense said, find something towable, something that could/would be fine if I had to store it for a few years when the time came that he couldn't continue to camp........ Well that time did come a couple of years ago, but we got a couple of years with the Casita, keeping him active with his first love (fishing). I had towed everything from ski boats to utility trailers. Backing up was my issue but figured if I kept it small enough I could push the dang thing in a camp site! Anyway, I googled small lightweight travel trailer. Up popped, fiberglassrv and a obsession was born................

Personally I would have preferred purchasing a older retro egg, Willerby comes to mind! But that wasn't to be. So a Casita it is!

So Thanks!
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Name: Marina
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British Columbia
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I was camping with my motorcycle tent trailer and was going to Sask. by myself for a family reunion. I wanted something that I could lock a door and feel safe. I had been driving by Escape trailers for a few years, so I stopped in and a love of fiberglass was born. Marina
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Name: Laura
Trailer: Winnebago
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It was somewhere back in the 70's. My 1966 VW Beetle had been totaled. I was at a VW dealer in Ottumwa IA, looking for a replacement. On the lot was this cute little trailer called a Love Bug, that could be pulled behind a VW. I had to look at it, and fell in love with it, but was not in a camping mode back then. I was more interested in replacing my wheels. I don't remember the price of it. I am sure it was not more than about $3.000.
Latter I looked at a gentleman that built them here in Iowa. Don't remember the name of the trailer. But I know he is no longer in business. Now I look at Scamp, Casitas, and Lil Snoozy's. Still haven't got one.
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Name: Michael
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Another U-Haul renter here. Before that rental I never paid attention to FG eggs. But I kept driving past the U-Haul place and seeing the 13ers parked there, and it struck me that if my Dodge Omni could tow my 4x8 utility trailer, maybe it could tow that little egg also. It could, and it did... about 2000 miles!
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Name: Dick
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My wife and I went to an RV show in 05 and saw a Cabin A trailer. I had never seen a hard side that small, so when we got home I looked up small trailers on the net. Casita was the first one that came up. I ordered one about two months later.

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Name: Carol
Trailer: 22' Airstream Formerly 16' Scamp
British Columbia
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Many years of ocean kayak camping and back country camping. After one very wet 12 day trip kayaking up on the Northern BC Coast I saw a Casita at the ferry terminal while heading home. Told myself that would have been a more comfortable place to have spent 12 wet days :-)) Having borrowed family members Bigfoot's for camping & grown up with boats I liked the idea of a fiberglass trailer. Live in a big city so owning a big truck was out, so the trailer needed to be small. Still love doing kayak camping but not as frequently - enjoying seeing more of North America from the land side rather than the water side.
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Name: Roger
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Smile I know the time and the place.

It was at Fort Worden campsite near Port Townsend, WA, 9 Sep 2008. We were camping in our Laacke & Joys Wildwood Wrangler tent that we had used for all of 40 years. I told my wife that I just couldn't take this sleeping on the ground not to mention the cold nights (25 F at Bryce Canyon in July!) and thought that we were going to have to give up camping altogether because hauling tons of trailer around the country didn't appeal to me at all.

All of a sudden, a gentleman from Tacoma pulled into a site near us with a Casita. I took one look and knew I had to have something like that. I hadn't known such a small, compact trailer existed.

I don't remember when we found FGRV, but I am sure it was shortly thereafter, and I am indebted to all you folks that helped in my FG education.

The 2K tow rating of our Subaru dictated a 13' something and we liked the Trillium as much for the close proximity, (Sacramento, CA), and lack of a big delivery bill. Now we are very glad we have Homelet because she is as good a quality if not better IMHO to anything else. Then, too, I didn't need another project, so buying and fixing up was out.

We contacted Tom and the rest is history. He was very patient answering all our questions and going along with what we wanted, (no refrigerator?)

I was retired for 6 years at the time and my wife was going to retire Jan 2009, so the timing was perfect. We received Homelet 10 Dec 2008 and have loved every minute of owning her.

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