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Name: Daniel
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Faith, I love your philosophy. Luckily, I don't think we've reached the point where we're obsessive about it yet. Keep in mind we were actually at square one, being our first trip with our egg, and we're basically trying to figure out ways to have more fun and work less for it. I understand that the work should be part of the fun, but we're not quite there yet. Moreover, I guess I just love learning from other people's experience. Key is getting the initial frustration out of the way, and figuring out a semi-logical system so it becomes second nature to us and we can get started with our relaxation. But as you're pointing out, our answer will come as a selection from all the practical tips and tidbits from the community which we will adapt to our needs.

Driving on parkways and parking in driveways.
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Name: Byron
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Light weight camping is more of an attitude than absolutes. Camping in a light weight trailer, at least in my humbole opinion, is light weight camping. There's more than one way to solve a problem.
Some possible suggestions to the cooking problem.
First think about what you're cooking, is it going to create a lot of odor and moisture? If so you may want to do something else.
Do you camp to eat, or do eat to camp?
Is cooking outside, creating spicy foods with lots odors, going to do less to attract unwanted guests?

If you want to want to camp light weight I strongly suggest you read a backpack how to book. You'll find tons of good ideas that will help reduce the need for a lot of stuff. Also I would suggest looking at backpacking cooking and cook books for the same reason. This isn't to say this how you should do things, but only as resource for some space saving ideas.

No matter what you settle on as a camping style, enjoy that's what it's all about.


Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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It does raise an interesting question, though. Why the heck do we not just cook inside? We did try cooking spaghetti in there once, and it took hours before all the steam and sauce smell would go away, and we were concerned about attracting unwanted furry critters (such as bears, or, God forbid... monkeys) if we started doing this in the long term, not to mention the possible long term kitchen smell in such a small egg.


Just a thought for you on cooking in the trailer. I don't like to spend my time cooking when we camp so I do a lot of food prep at home. My kitchen at home is so easy, bigger, and more convenient than trying to make, for instance spaghetti sauce, in the trailer. I make the sauce at home, and warm it up in the trailer. If you will be using the pasta within a couple of days, you can even boil the pasta at home, drain it and put it in a plastic bag. Then just heat. Our trailer is 6 years old and still no "kitchen smells" that worry you..

I make dinners ahead for most of our camping. If you will have electric when camping,, a crock pot is fantastic. I have two that I can take - a medium and a large .. both fit in the refrigerator. So easy. I make Taco Soup, pot roast, BBQ beef, etc. at home and plug in the crock pot about 1:00 or 2:00 and let it heat the dinner. Set the table and enjoy a good dinner with no prep.

Enjoy camping ... it's not meant to be perfect. If it can be done ahead, you will enjoy more time with less effort while enjoying more of the outdoors.
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Name: Greg
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One of my very first purchases after we bought the Scamp was a WeberQ BBQ Grill. It is setup immediately on arrival and the coleman stove next to it. We only use a frying pan, a large pot, a BBQ fork, spatula and whatever we cook, so moving stuff in or out hasn't been an issue.
All is done outside, but there is a microwave in the Scamp if anything needs to be thawed or kids mac n cheese are done in there. Never have turned the inside stove on yet. We bought a "first up" 10 x10 awning from Wally and we refer to it as our "slide out" so even if the weather is bad nothing will change as far as cooking.
What we did when we re-built the Scamp was set it up as an exact mirror to the way we cook at home. We grill everything on the BBQ, use the micro for thawing and odds n ends. The stove is hardly ever turned on in the house. Makes things seem very familiar and no different when camping then when at home. Everyone is different in their approach, (our neighbors think we're nuts for grilling out all the time) but this has worked for us really well.
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Name: Gina D.
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I am camping next to Carol on the next rally
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Hi Gina

I told you, you should have come to Lake Casitas. Taco Soup was enjoyed by Chris and Clete, Ted and Priscilla, Maggi and Wes, Chuck, Bonnie and Tao, and Lou and Lora. We missed you.
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Name: Faith
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Hi All,

Each of us approach our camping experience in our own way. Save the steps, carry it all out in a dish pan or bucket. We have removed the stove in the redo since we always cook outside. Yes we do have a microwave and an electric hot plate in case of really bad weather, but so far we have never needed them.

The dirty clothes are in pillow cases which breathe and don't hold moisture. They are moved into the tow vehicle so we don't have to smell stinkey socks.
About leaving your stuff outside at night, consider the wildlife. The most curious racoon will help you reorganize in his own special way, not to mention other big and little critters. So, we clean it all up by dark. Some back in the trailer some in the tow.

Check out all the mods. Every one has a different approach to the way they want organized. There are no camping police to tell you that you are doing it wrong.

1. Camping is supposed to be fun.
2. If you forget the salt, ask your neighbor and make a friend.
3. After three outings figure out what you don't use and leave it home on the next trip.

After camping for nearly 60 years in tents, popups, 18th century tentage, and now the 77S13, the most important thing is to learn to relax. It all works out.

I liked the idea of stowing the tubs under the trailer at the destination. I think I will use that. It should work unless we are boon docking at Wally, then I will have to transfer to my seat in the tow. When we raised the bed/fromer dinette I was able to put in a stack of 3 drawers. There is space behind and beside. We use a lot of large ZipLocks. The really, really large ones tend to unseal as the Scamp bounces, so we don't use the really huge ones.

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Name: Steve
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I've shown this before but I'll stick it in again. I found some long bins at Joan's Fabric (the superstore version) They have a pair of wheels at the back and the top folds back in half.

Like others, I leave the bed set up. I put a strap that I stretch across the front so that they won't slide forward during braking. I just leave the strap off while I'm camped.

Usually, clothes go in the left one and additional dry foods in the right.

Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN0437a.jpg
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ID:	10865
Quando omni flunkus, moritati.
I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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Name: Bobbie
Trailer: 2011 Escape 15A
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I've shown this before but I'll stick it in again. I found some long bins at Joan's Fabric (the superstore version) They have a pair of wheels at the back and the top folds back in half.

Like others, I leave the bed set up. I put a strap that I stretch across the front so that they won't slide forward during braking. I just leave the strap off while I'm camped.

Usually, clothes go in the left one and additional dry foods in the right.
Wow, those would be perfect for me, esp. since I leave the back of the bed set up. I'm going to look for them.

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Name: Frederick
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I liked the idea of stowing the tubs under the trailer at the destination. I think I will use that.
That's what I do.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Frederick_Simson_2.jpg
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The blue tubs go under the front of the trailer. During this trip, the red & white cooler held bottled water.
Frederick - The Scaleman
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Name: Alfred
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Hi: I've gotcha's all beat for "organizing all your stuff". Not shelves, tubs, drawers, or cabinets. I have all of those... but the best organizer is My Wife After our second season of Trailering She has it down PAT and I love her for IT!!! My job is to hitch up and take off...EH
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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As I am sending some folks over here to FBRV as they are interested in our campers, I thought I'd resurrect this older thread.

One addition I can make is that I made some large, square, attractive pillow covers but stuff the quilts, blankets, sheets and pillows in them during the day and then use them on the front couch. It adds to the comfort. As someone pointed out, use a breathable fabric for this. A couple of large squares ones, a longer one for the center and it works.

We also keep a variety of things in the camper to eliminate a lot of the back and forth. I use my camper when out for a day of painting and want everything there to include:
t-shirts, shorts, a fleece, jeans, under clothing, all the toiletries, sheets, towels, etc.
For the food department: pasta, mixes for muffins or biscuits, drinks, canned salads, canned chicken, spices, potatoes, onions, etc.,

And, I keep a complete set of paints, easels, and supplies. We also have a small tv, dvd player, some dvd's in case of rain, books, in a bin under the front seat.

We also are Dutch Oven believers and keep all this in a box under the front seat.

We also purchased a couple of those plastic adirondack chairs from Menards. These stay inthe camper and slip into and out of the camper easily. We put up the awning, bring out the chairs, set up the easel and we're ready for fun!

When wanting to escape for a day, I simple hook up the camper, fill up the 5 gallon container of water and ice, grab some fruit, cheese, bread, and perhaps a roast if I decide to stay over.

Actually, aside from some extra food and perhaps a few more clothes, I stay with this list for a week + of camping. I do use the mesh bags and keep soiled clothes in the trunk. Inside the camper, we use plastic bins where they fit to help contain items and prevent them from rolling around. We added a magazine rack to the wall by the table. We have a large cutting board to put on top the stove for the TV at night. This stores under the table near the wall during the day.

The only thing I still haven't mastered but fully intend to this month, is the table. It's heavy to move down by myself and have a few ideas I need to implement. When this is done, I'll be one happy camper!

I used to have a lot more in the camper the first few years. Less truly is more. Mostly, have fun!

Anyone else have something to add?

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This is an interesting question because I think it really depends on why and how you use the trailer.
I use mine for a place to sleep and eat and edit video and maybe watch tv. In other words I dont consider myself a camper. My trailer is a tiny motel on wheels that allows me to go and stay at places I cannot get to any other way and be as near as home-like as I can make it.
I don't cook outside unless I want a grilled steak or burger.
As for storing things I have truck with a shell and access from the back or the side so I don't load the trailer with too much.


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