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In the computer world, I spent my post-DOS days as a trained Microsoft geek. However, after being forced from operating system to operating system (who remembers NT?) with constant retraining and hardware upgrades, I look with envy at friends supporting Linux. I hate rebuilding virus damage after expensive anti-virus/spyware software has failed. The upcoming Microsoft "closure" of XP was the final straw. I am finally realizing that Bill was wrong!
And yet.... I have an opportunity to pick up an Apple laptop at a great price, and I can't get myself to pull the trigger. I know it's just another operating system, yet I panic when nothing works like Bill says it should. So tell me, computer-types out in their fibreglass trailers, is there life after Microsoft? How best to transition? Is it a good idea?

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I've always been Mac... you'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner. as a graphics guy, it was a no-brainer for me but I've seen many Vista users give up and come to the "dark side".
what else can I tell you.... 20+ years without a virus? OSX never needs to be defragged? Startup in less than 30 seconds? speaks english to ya? less programs but better productivity? MS Office for Mac is awesome? better resale value? all the commercials are true!

take the leap!

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just a thought.... the Macbook pro will run both Microsloth and OSX at the same time.
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As they say, "Once you've had Mac you never go back." I switched over to Mac about five years ago and is and has been the best computer-related decision I've made. Plenty of software, too.

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When I got my first Macintosh in college, I brought it home, plugged it all in, ran a network to my housemate's Mac, all before the pizza we ordered arrived. My computer science roommate said "That's not a really computer if you don't have to constantly mess around with it." I think he was just sore because he spent about a week trying to get a sound card working on his Windows machine.

Given, compatibility issues like that don't happen as often anymore, I still think the Mac is much easier to use. I've used Macs for 18 years, and use a Windows machine at work. I feel that I expend less effort making the Mac do what I want it to do. It seems a lot more logical to me.

I also think Macs have a longer lifespan. My 2000 Mac G4 is running OSX with little difficulty. I think there are few eight year old machines that will run the current Microsoft OS with little hassle.

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In our office we have Windows XP PC's, Macs and Linux (Ubuntu) machines. Vista is just awful and I would never recommend it to anyone. There are only two Windows users left in the office, myself and my boss and 1 Mac user doing our graphics work. The other 10 machines (including servers) all run Linux.

I personally do not like Macs as I find they are overpriced for what they really are. Our brand new Imac at the office has had several hardware issues right out of the box. On the other hand, Ubuntu Linux is excellent, runs on anything and is FAST. It combines the security and stability of Macs with the flexability and speed of a Windows machine. There are 2 pieces of software that I use that do not run natively on Ubuntu - once they do that's the direction I will be going.

Just my two cents...
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I started out on a PC many years ago and still have an XP computer that I use with sewing programs. It is totally a no brainer for me. I would use Mac for everything if given the choice. Macs are incredibly user friendly and intuitive. You'll spend much less time taking care of problems. I would encourage to take the plunge. You won't regret it!
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I'm a certified Mac Fan, so I'll save my "Macs are Great!" speech for another time. Addressing the topic directly, however:

The actual switch from Mac to PC is relatively painless these days. OS X and Windows machines can be easily networked in order to transfer files across; conversely, a FAT-formatted external drive can be read and written to by both systems (note: NTFS can be read by OS X, but not written to). So, getting files across is a non-issue these days.

Using the Mac when one is used to Windows is a bit of an adjustment, but I'm willing to bet you'd be alright with it after about an hour or so. Ctrl-C becomes Command-C, there's a 'Dock' instead of a Start Menu, etc, etc. File compatibility is also no longer an issue, with the full MS Office suite available for OS X, and photo/video editing programs included in the OS.

This is a timely topic, as only last week I switched my mother-in-law over to an aluminum iMac from a Dell XP box. After copying over photos/docs using an external drive, I gave her about an hour's worth of training on the 'important' stuff to her (email/photos). Still waiting for the first help call from her...

There's a myriad of possible benefits for moving to OS X, just like there's hundreds of reasons to go Linux or stay with XP. I'm a Mac fan for now, for my purposes; I boot into XP only when required (particularly for CAD programs; I'm an engineer).

Finally, my most 'favourite-est' part of OS X: all 6 of the Macs spread out around my multi-generational family home are constantly backing themselves up, every hour, wirelessly, without any user interaction. That's peace of mind!

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I use a Macbook. I run XP on the Windows side (My university gave me a Vista laptop that I use when I have to.). It is great. I teach a technology course and just switch between platforms. I keep both sides available when I teach using Parallels, so I can switch back and forth when I need to.

My preferred OS is the Macintosh platform.


PS: I have to say that occasionally I run into situations where networks or websites are not Macintosh friendly, because the network administrator either does not care or does not know how to turn on the Macintosh capability. Then I use the Windows capability on my Mac. Same with software. When camping, I have software that lets my Internet-capable Treo cell phone interface with my laptop when there is no wi-fi (but there is a cell phone signal), allowing me to access the Internet on my laptop. The software is Windows-only. No problem with my Macbook; I just boot into Windows.
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Keep in mind that the reason the Macs have been less virus-prone than the MS Dos-based machines is the numbers -- There are just so many more of Bill's OSs out there to infect. When enough folks switch to other OSs, like Mac-Unix or Ubuntu-Linux, the targeting may change.
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Spent 30 years installing computers of all types (even before the IBM PC and it's clones).
After the IBM PC world, and MS DOS (then followed by Windows) came to be, I installed and worked on every brand imaginable. As you can guess, I spent years deeply embedded in the MS operating systems.

Spent the last eight years of my career as a Communications Network Engineer and Installation Project Manager. We used MS based computers to work our network of Cisco routers.

After retirement I thought I'd give Mac a try, ................. WOW!, .......... why didn't I do this sooner?

I still have a Windows XP desktop in my personal office, .... but compared to my MacBook,'s a rock, ....I hardly ever turn it on.

I'm a full fledged Apple convert, and won't even consider going back.

That's my story.................................
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It appears that everybody that runs a current Mac with Intel processors also runs Windows on their Mac. They also seem to run MS Office under the Mac OS. I recently needed to go to Apple's help desk concerning an iPod. In MHO MS's online support is much easier to get around in.

However, those that have spent the extra $$ on Mac swear by them. (I suppose I would too I spent the extra.)

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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I agree with Byron - you get what you pay for, in this case. With Mac you pay a little more but the payoff is miles ahead.
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I made the "Switch" several years ago with the first Powerbook I got.
I was worried from what I had heard that I would not be able to do what I needed to or use the data I already had if I went to the Mac.

What a delight to learn that was not true.

I support both P.C.'s and Mac computers now and I have to use P.C.'s to program serial devices for my work.

There is an amazing Trauma as far as I have experienced with switching,Switching back!!!!
I have Windows(XP) running well on several machines and also use 98 all the time.
Windows is just a pain in the butt.

I am truly never excited when I can pick up the Mac again at the end of the day.

I will agree that Apple is a little full of themselves and the whole "Cult" thing and as Byron alluded to it can make certain self-help harder than it needs to be.
The attitude of superiority can be annoying when you need help and Apple acts like you are crazy for it.

What I Know now though is that the Mac community takes care of itself for the most part.
Since there is really only one set of hardware,it is rarely about the hardware.
I have several resources I use now when needed and rarely does it take more than 5 minutes to get a complete and proven response.

I use my MacBook Pro to run Windows XP and Mac OSX interchangebly and except for one major stupid oversight with a device driver,The hardware works great.
I can not use most serial devices designed for the P.C. on a Powerbook despite what Apple will claim.

I think it says something strange that the fastest computer yet to run Vista is a Mac?
Truth is stranger than fiction.


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