I am egg less for now. I gave up my dream of a Casita - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Karalyn
Trailer: Eggless for now but looking. currently own Amerilite 21 ft
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I am egg less for now. I gave up my dream of a Casita

I hate to even say it on this forum, but I went eggless and got a sticky this past weekend - only because I got so fustrated with looking for a Casita for so many months and not finding what I want. Most (not all) of the Casita's I've seen lately seemed to be overpriced compared to last year. I found Scam after Scam, and nothing decent in the upper midwest. I did not want to make a trip to Florida, Texas. or Arizona (where most of the Casita's are) all by myself to just check out something I saw online in case it would not be what I wanted once I got there. I even thought about buying new, so I checked with the Casita factory and they sent me prices. Some of those used units were priced more than what I could have gotten new from the Casita factory. That really fustrated me. However I could not afford new.
I also talked with Scamp and no way would they accomodate me to do a side window exit window or lower the toilet like the Casita toilet. So this weekend I showed hubby a local camper I thought he might like.
Hubby likes more room than a Scamp/Casita. I showed him a Starcraft AR-ONE 15RB and he liked it. Weight, size, etc were close in comparing the two.
In the Casita/ Scamp SD we had both tables used as beds. I still will have either the couch or the dinette made as a bed at night. But we will have a couch to sit on. It has a queen size bed/table as well as a couch to sleep on. When having company there is a queen size expandable to sleep a couple more adults or three kids. I will be able to get 4 or 5 people in comfortably. I am worried about it not being fiberglass and worried about possdible leaks, but the cost was less than 1/2 the price of a newer Casita. Who knows, I may be on the hunt for a Casita again come next spring (especially if I am not happy with the gas mileage hauling this unit).
We had new pups born last week (my only income), and the thought of not being able to leave those pups at home to treck across the country to "look" for my dream Casita sealed my fait. I will not be going far without the puppies for the next three months, so until they are sold I am not venturing out for a long car trip to look at campers. This one was selling below cost as a close out, so I grabbed it.
This is the best forum and the best people around. I hope and pray I will still be able to hang out here with you all as long as I do not mention my "sticky". (please can I still be your friend even if I am eggless?) I have had tents, pop ups, an Amerilite, 2 Scamps and a Casita. It seems like I don't keep them long (maybe a yr or two) so for now I am trying something new again.
My hubby says I will find my Casita now that I gave up. I am thinking so too, but getting a camper that retailed for over $13,000 for under $9000 seemed good. We shall see?!

Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

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Name: Frederick
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Originally Posted by Karalyn View Post
This is the best forum and the best people around. I hope and pray I will still be able to hang out here with you all ...
Even though the focus may be molded fiberglass, you will always be welcome here! Yes, it is frustrating to have an ideal trailer out-of-reach. But don't feel you have to hide your stickiness. There is no shame in that.

Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Gina D.
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I too have ventured into the sticky side. It was good at the time, as your rig will be for you.

When the right trailer comes along (If you are still looking) it will happen.

I waited almost 2 years for my "Perfect for me" egg to come along. And oddly, I was looking for a stickie when it did!
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Name: Donna D
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Karalyn sorry about the frustration during the egg hunt. You'll make tons of memories and in the grand scheme of things that's what's important. Hang out and share your camping stories... with pictures of course
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Name: Bob
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Here's how it really works.... You give up looking and suddenly what you wanted falls into your lap.
We spent years looking for a decent Hunter Conpact-II or a Campster. This year we finally gave up on that idea and started looking for a good Scamp.
One day we made a deal to buy a 2004 Scamp in Phoenix and immediately jumped in the car and drove over 340 miles, with cash in hand, to buy it. Not 5 miles from the sellers house he called and tells us that he had sold it.
S.O. sez "Never again, I give up". Two days later an ad appeared for the very Scamp we wanted, at a good price (for 2007 anyway), and it was less than 30 miles away. The seller (a super nice guy BTW) also owned a Hunter Compact-II (and two Airstreams and an Airstream m/h) and told us that he would sell us the Hunter at the end of this summer and even set a price.
We happily started using the Scamp and, not two weeks later, the Hunter of our dreams, at a super low price, suddenly apeared, albeit 450 miles away. Contacted the seller, again a super nice guy, made the deal and now our side yard looks like a RV park with the two trailers and our Toyota Sunrader (molded fiberglass of course) motorhome. Mark your calandar... I'll bet two hubcaps that you come across the Casita you really want(ed) within the next 90 days, that's just the way it works.
BTW: We had two boys the same way (no, not in a trailer), after we quit trying....
Let us know what falls into your lap.....
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Name: jim
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Sometimes a sticky gives one a new perspective on the "+ and -" of the "molded aura". Enjoy what you have and take the puppies camping with you!!
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Name: jen
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I hear you. I've been hunting for a few months and been frustrated, too. Some scams (recently, just last week, an Atlanta scam where the guy never called me, but just sent me pix and an email, and then collected my cellphone # for spam about loans etc, that I am now getting-ARG).

Some of the sellers (I am sure not all) seem difficult. One told me to forget it (after practically begging me to come) after I'd spent the whole morning packing and was on the road. I called to let her know I was on the highway and would be there in three hours (we'd spoken the day before) She wanted me to be there an hour earlier. As hubby says, I'm the one doing the driving, she's sitting there at the campground she was going to be at anyway, what is her problem?

Another is 4 1/2 hours away and overpriced, and that would be a 9 hour roundtrip to see it, whereas in 3 weeks he is going to camp half an hour away. I said, hey, if you don't sell it (he's going to put it on craigslist) please contact me and I'll come see it at the campground. He refused. "I will *not* show my camper on vacation."

Another local fixer upper that honestly should have been under $1000 because it needed a total renovation, was listed for $4000. No pix, which of course is a warning sign. My hubby drove the hour to see it and it was in really bad condition.

It is hard, because these are not at RV places (unless used/traded in and then you don't know the history), and indeed, there seems to be a kind of overheated market in some of them. The good ones do go fast locally.

I'm still looking and will keep looking daily but I decided to also look at popups for the summer, because a good used popup is always easy to sell as well, once you get your "egg".

I too like the eggs because they are not nearly as likely to leak, and the quality materials, also small!
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Name: Nick
Trailer: 2012 Lance 1885
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I flopped back and forth a bit between FG and stickie before settling on the FG. It could just as easily gone either way because like you I was looking for something specific that was available now. Fortunately for me what I was looking for was available; I just needed to look that way again.

Enjoy your new camper.

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Name: Michael
Trailer: Li'l Hauley
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Karalyn, congratulations. Your floorplan is the same as mine, except yours adds the rear bunk tray and mine has a solid rear wall. It is a nice layout, and Starcraft/Jayco units have a good reputation. It should not give you any significant troubles for several years. I would recommend keeping it at least 2 or 3 years just because the depreciation hit on a new stickie is always worst in the first year.

As for you still being welcome here... well, they haven't kicked me out yet!
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Name: Laura
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Hi Karalyn: I too was frustrated because we could not sell our big 5th wheel, and really wanted a molded fiberglass. Finally just ended up trading it off for a new Aframe. It is still fiberglass. I think Donna D gave me the best advise. Just be happy with what you got. I think I will be.
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Name: Greg
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I can see why you couldn't find your perfect Casita, they all look the same. Oh no, did I say that out loud?
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Name: Michael
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Naw, she couldn't find her perfect egg because too many people buy 3 or 4 of 'em.
How to prepare Tofu
Step 1: throw tofu in the trash
Step 2: grill some meat
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Name: Dave
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Well- some folks collect coins, some collect stamps.........
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Name: theresa
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karalyn---you can be our friends for as long as you like! and i can't speak for anyone but myself but i'd like to see some photos!

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