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Very nice find. Sure beats the drive to Alabama...
Enjoy camping!

Scamp Owners International
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Wow! You really wanted that Casita!!!

Congratulations. The photos are nice...you got a very good trailer!

And, yes, you could resell it, no problem.

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I'll be [b]54 on Sunday. Handing over the cash is easy. Driving 1000 miles in 19 hours and still going to work afterward is the difficult part!
AMEN, Frederick. And hey Adam, male sure the cat gets to go along too. Our pair come with us and we really enjoy them. The cats too, I think.
p.s. at 54, yer still a pup, Frederick!
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I'll be [b]54 on Sunday. Handing over the cash is easy. Driving 1000 miles in 19 hours and still going to work afterward is the difficult part!
LOL Frederick, I am with you! Happy Birthday!

Adam, You did great! Congrat's and Enjoy! Now get camping! Thanks for posting the pics! Robin
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Congratulations on your find, and what a story on the adventure to get it!! I am sure you will have many years of fun with it. A special welcome to the world of little 13í FGRVís. Most folks go for the ďbigĒ trailers, not too many of us have the smallest.

I feel like we havenít really addressed your questions about the battery. As previously mentioned you need a deep cycle RV/Marine type battery. Casita provides as original equipment a group 27 battery, typically rated at 100-110 amp-hours. The type of battery is a trade off, an AGM battery is an excellent choice for inside the trailer, especially if it is in an awkward place for maintenance. The down side is expense, $300+ last time I looked, assuming you can find someone who stocks them and donít have to have it shipped (more $$$). For <$100 you can get a conventional flooded battery (still need a deep cycle). I got mine at Costco. Conventional batteries require maintenance (keep the water level up) and must be vented to the outside. The important part, regardless of type and size, is that it be deep cycle.

This brings me to the picture you posted of the missing battery. I am not entirely sure where that is, but, it looks like the back left corner of the trailer. That is where the battery is in my 2002 deluxe (you would think very similar to a 2001). Of course, I also have the water pump and water heater under that same bench making it much more crowded. What puzzles me is that I donít see any mounting for the battery despite what sure look like battery connections coming from the wiring harness. Casita would never build a trailer with the battery just floating around loose on the floor, very dangerous. This makes me wonder if the Patriot standard came with a battery that year (as I read Casita's web site, they currently do), or, was it added to the trailer later. In any case, the following two pictures show how the battery is mounted in my Patriot. The plastic battery box holds the battery. The box is secured to the floor and has vents in the top and bottom of the box. The bottom vent leads through a hole in the floor to a louvered port on the bottom of the trailer. The upper vent has a black plastic hose that leads to a second louvered port in the side of the trailer at the back corner. This arrangement keeps the battery from moving, vents it to the outside, and provides a drain path through the bottom vent in case of leakage. Even if someone had removed the box for some reason, the hole in the floor should still be there and I donít see it in your photo. Another missing item is the circuit breaker. Casita provides a circuit breaker in the positive (black) lead right next to the battery. It is mounted on the floor right in front of the box, you can see it in my first picture.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Battery_box.jpg
Views:	51
Size:	65.5 KB
ID:	20786

Connections for the battery are quite simple. Black attaches to the positive terminal, white and green to the negative terminal (house wiring color convention, not automotive). It is important that the connectors be sound and tight and that the wire be of heavy gauge (10ga or better). I only bring this up since I am suspicious that possibly your battery doesnít belong in that location and the wiring might be on the light side (can't tell one way of the other from a photo). This picture shows the battery box in my trailer with the top removed to access the battery and itsí connections. You can also see more clearly the vent hose leading to the side port.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Battery_open.jpg
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Size:	44.0 KB
ID:	20785

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Thanks for all the well-wishes, tips, and et cetera! We took the Casita on her maiden voyage this weekend. Camping and fishing at Ridgway State Park in SW Colorado (about an hour from our house). Camping is a totally different experience when I'm not waking up at 5am with a sore back!

It was a weekend of high winds and rain, which was great for testing out the trailer. No leaks, no real issues. I filled up the water tank on arrival and then drained 90% of it out upon departure. So I learned that I only need an itty bitty amount of water to last two days.

I also learned not to travel with a new block of ice in the ice box. One of our hundred and eighty degree switch backs caused the ice block to thrust open the ice box. No big deal, just resulted in an odd clunk.

The prodigy brake controller has been received and will get installed this weekend. That should make pulling a little easier.

Keeping the RPMs under 3k, I managed over 20mpg in the Subaru (forester).

We're still trying to figure out what to put where inside the Casita. Mostly the cabinets were empty and our clothes strewn all over!

Regarding the battery, I called Casita and the Standard 2001 13' did not include a battery. So that explains the lack of venting. I guess the next owner ran some wires but didn't take the extra step of using a battery box or venting.
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Some follow up on how Casita installs the battery box in the Patriot. Two pictures of the top and bottom battery box vent louvers.

Top vent:

Click image for larger version

Name:	Top_battery_vent.JPG
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Size:	33.9 KB
ID:	21216

Bottom vent:

Click image for larger version

Name:	Bottom_battery_vent.JPG
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Size:	37.3 KB
ID:	21217

If you look carefully at this photo you can see two ground wires exiting the floor of the trailer and attaching to the frame. This provides grounding of the electrical systems to the trailer frame.

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congrats and welcome to the family

Phil & Denise Underwood
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