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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 16
We have had a 1968 17' TT for the last 10 years. Time to upgrade to something at least a little newer!! (things are starting to come apart and we aren't into restoring) We looked at the 13' Scamp (could tow with our car) but even though some folks think they have a lot of storage space to us it was not nearly enough. The upper cupboards were very small. Our old TT has cupboards that plates can sit in. And we have a nice closet with all sorts of room. We were wondering if the 16' Scamps are just like the 13' only longer or possibly the depth of closets and cubboards might be more also. (I guess they are shallow because of the curve in the roof) We have not seen a Casita yet. We would be interested in the 17' (so Mr. can stand up) Does anyone know how they compare? These little trailers sure appeal to us but maybe we need more space than they offer. Doesn't make sense though as our current 17' has more space than we use. Thanks folks for any advice!!!

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Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
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...even though some folks think they have a lot of storage space to us it was not nearly enough. The upper cupboards were very small. [b]Our old TT has cupboards that plates can sit in. And we have a nice closet with all sorts of room. We were wondering if the 16' Scamps are just like the 13' only longer...

Does anyone know how they compare? These little trailers sure appeal to us [b]but maybe we need more space than they offer.
I would validate your the thoughts that you have expressed as I have edited down the quote above. The aerodynamic shape of these trailers does subtract storage capacity. To find something more comparable with what you are used to with your present trailer, I would suggest either of the 25B17 models by Bigfoot; 1st two floorplans here.

Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Name: Mary
Trailer: Escape 21; (formerly Casita LD 17 & 16)
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I cannot compare a 17 ft. Casita to a Scamp, but I can tell you the 17 ft. Casita does have a bit more storage than the 16 ft. Casita. Yes, the curve of the roof limits the space in the upper cabinets, but I can put plates in the cupboard above the galley sink; also the compartment above the microwave is big enough for plates (and then some).

Random thoughts:
  • that curved roof makes the trailer more aerodynamic... I don't know if it helps with gas mileage, but I sure feel more comfortable in a "blow" than when in a trailer without curves.
  • Scamp also makes a 19 ft. 5th wheel; I expect there's quite a bit more storage in those...
  • You can contact Scamp and/or Casita and they'll give you contact information for owners in your area who would be willing to show you their trailers. (If you end up buying new, the persons whose trailers you view will be awarded a small commission.)
  • Another way to see the insides of these guys is to attend a rally... There's usually quite a bit of show & tell (open house) that goes on at the rallies... or, so I am led to believe!

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Trailer: Scamp
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Don't overlook the optional storage cabinets that Scamp has for the 13/16 models that mount across the front and back overhead (space not normally used).

Also, a general rule, consider changing your camping style. For example, plates are heavy, take up space and need to be washed. OTOH, paper plates aren't heavy, require no fresh water and generate no gray water needing to be dumped.
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Old 07-25-2008, 08:52 AM   #5
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 16 ft
Posts: 45
Hi Cindy, We recently went from a small motor home (with tons of storage space) to a 16' regrets! I am learning to be very creative about storage, and to really pare down on what I take camping (I leave all that stuff that I used to bring and not use at home)! So far, I haven't found that any of the stuff I left home was needed! We love our little Scamp! Good luck with your decision!
Oh, and yes...plates do fit in the overhead cabinets. Above the sink we have plates, bowls, glasses, cups. The silverware drawer is an option...I would recommend it!
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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
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There's an interesting "Rule of Stuff". Stuff will and does expand to fill in the available space. A number of years ago my wife and I started backpacking. A rather small pack did the trick. Soon, however, it wasn't large enough and bigger pack was purchased. It didn't take very many years before that one was too small, then a much larger pack was acquired. Then that one filled up and instead of hiking 5 to 10 miles with a 40 lb pack all I could manage was about 2 miles with a 65 lb pack. After close examination of all the stuff, removing the stuff I never used, getting a smaller lighter pack, what a relief to be back down in 40 to 45lb range.

Now we have the 13' Scamp and by using the same techniques as used with the 40 to 45lb pack we're quite comfortable. We aren't burdened with a lot of stuff we don't use or need. Dishes were mentioned so how many dishes do you need? There's two of us so we carry 2 plates, 2 bowls, and two coffee cups. (When backpacking we carried two Sierra Cups that served as plates, bowls and coffee cups).

As Pete said you might want to consider changing a bit of how you camp and eliminate stuff you don't use. Also try to carry stuff that does double duty. I actually have found it quite fun to work on ways to reduce the stuff and make life more simple.

Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Linda and Dale and Dallas the cat
Trailer: 1984 Fiber Stream
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Before we bought our 17 foot Casita we had a 19 foot TT with normal stuff. We still take the same stuff and have room for it. We do have a plastic storage box under the bed for things like sweatshirts, extra toilet paper, laundry soap and such since we are gone three to four weeks at a time. For the two of us a 13 would be too small for the amount we use it but that is because our tow is full of our work so all living stuff must go into the TT.

And as Byron said, every couple months we thin down the things that seem to crawl in there and never get used. Canned goods seem to be one of our weak areas.

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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 16
Thank you people so very much. Please add more if anybody has an additional comment. We looked at the Bigfoot site and I think they are heavier than we'd like (and probably more $) but we'll take a second look if nothing else seems to suite us. The advice about cutting down is good. We can definitely do that to a large degree. However, I'm sure the 13' Scamp would still not be enough for us at this point in our lives. (I'm an ex-hippie that lived in a VW bus for 1 1/2 years (with another person) so I know how to live without much) I loved the backpacking story! I remember when I did not own one electrical appliance. Now there is stuff all over the place. Anyway, I contacted Casita and there are a couple quite nearby that we can see. The closest 16' Scamp is not real nearby but there is one for sale about 3 hours from here that we would now be more interested in seeing after reading Diane's post if it's still for sale. (haven't heard from the guy) Again, we appreciate you all taking the time to comment. We'll let you know the outcome.
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Name: Anne
Trailer: Escape 17 ft 2006 / 2005 Honda Pilot
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You might take a look at the 17' Escape trailer too ( I think the 17' trailers are a bit squarer - providing more cupboard space. I think my top cupboards are about 12" deep (and they go pretty much all the way around the trailer - Like 6 of them). Plus, a lot of cupboards below the sink, stove, dinette and bed areas.
Anne H and Fay Wray, the cat | Portland, OR
en Plein Air (2016 19' Escape; 2016 Honda Pilot )
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Name: Dave
Trailer: 2011 Escape 5.0
Posts: 184
Hi Cindy

You didn't specifically say that you plan to buy new, so I'll mention that older Bigfoots are a little smaller and lighter than their current versions. A 10 year old 17 Bigfoot will save you considerable size and weight over a 2008 17', not to mention a bucket of money. And you'll still have plenty of good storage space and enough room for ballroom dancing.

Disclaimer: Ballroom dancing is inherently dangerous and should only be performed by trained professionals in a 17' rear bath/gaucho model. Center bath models should only be used for line dancing.

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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 16
Thanks Dave & Anne. The Escape does look very nice. I sent them an e-mail about US pricing. That is great information on the older Bigfoot models. I will add that to my Craig's list searches! We'd really rather get something used. We are looking at a Casita tomorrow that is part of the program for people to show theirs.

Dave, without question line dancing would be the better choice for the Bigfoot, or really any of them that we have seen. We used to do line dancing so even that should work out fine, especially if we get rid of some of our junk.

It sure seems like people LOVE these fiberglass guys. The people who have the one we will be looking at tomorrow go sleep in it sometimes at home just because they like it so much.
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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,819
I will add that to my Craig's list searches! We'd really rather get something used.
Cindy, here's a very helpful topic on internet searches for a trailer:
The Official "Search Tips" Thread!, Posted by request

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Trailer: 81 Trillium 5500 (Pearl)
Posts: 145

Folks here will always be touting those trailers that they've owned and loved, so testimonials from people on this site that have experience with them should be accorded lots of credit.
To jump in on another of your criteria, check out used Trillium 4500 or 5500's. The Trilliums had a "hump" built into the mold that ran fore~aft in the overhead that gave strength to the structure and also added height inside. The 4500 also had a rather long bed as I recall. All the windows in Trills open and most all are awning type so can be cracked open even in the rain. We always found that our 4500 had more storage space than many other eggs simply because they chose to put it in and not leave spaces like bare forward and after bulkheads. On the other hand, NOT putting in storage cabinets did result in lighter trailers and also made them cheaper to make as well as allowing for more options for personal "upgrades" by owners.
The Trillium 4500 is 15 feet and will weigh in at about 2k lbs loaded. The much rarer 5500 is 18' and weighs less than 3k full but has a bathroom.

You didn't mention what your tow vehicle is. That will go a long way toward determining what size trailer you can comfortably pull AND whether you'll have storage inside the TV that doesn't need to be packed in the egg.

But in answer to your initial query..."Is an egg for us?"
I don't think anyone here, owners and users of eggs, will suggest that you'll do better with any other type of RV. You'll easily learn to adjust your preconceptions about travel and what you need to be comfortable when you own one of these gems.
IMHO used is best. New usually means a lot more money and the trailer that's been taken care of by it's owner will have all those neat little add-ons that the manufacturers forgot. Remember too that fiberglass virtually does not rot. A thirty year-old molded fiberglass trailer is not like a thirty year old Jayco TT or a Starcraft pop-up or a thirty year old Chevy for that matter.

Be sure to check out the "For Sale" forum just below ↓.

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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 16
Hello again everyone and thanks once more, That link about finding used eggs was great! (Haven't had time to do it yet-that big fire near Yosemite on the news is right here-I've been evacuating my friend) I will use those tips. Today we went and saw a 17' Casita deluxe (not for sale) and got out of the smoke. We liked it!! We would need to cut down on all the junk we don't need but we both feel we can be comfortable in that sized egg. In fact we both liked it a LOT. I sincerely doubt we will spend the bucks for a new one and have no time table on having to get one so we can keep shopping until we find something appropriate. As far as tow vehicles, we looked at the 13' as we have a Subaru Outback and thought it would be neat to use that. We eliminated that idea as I said before. I have horses so will likely always have a full-sized truck and that will be our tow vehicle. We have a Chevy 4x4 with the smallest V-8, which should be more than sufficient for these eggs. I looked at the Trillium site and like the shape of them. If a used one comes along around here somewhere that would likely be a good shot. There was a used Casita not long ago but we weren't ready at that point in knowing what we wanted.

I'm going to be long-winded here but you folks are all so helpful I will explain another question we have. We usually camp where there are no hook-ups. Our old TT plugs into the battery on our truck. We usually drive the truck each day somewhere (leaving the TT). We have a catalytic heater with no fan and an ice box. So, the only drain on the battery is the lights and we've never had a problem with a low battery. Now in looking at these newer trailers, like the one today, the battery is used for a fan on the heater, a pump for water as well as the lights. I think the water heater uses propane. We really don't want a generator. With this extra load on the battery will we be able to leave the trailer sit for several nights without a recharge? If no, any ideas? I'm sure this partly depends on how much the heater is used, but is the fan on a heater much of a draw? I guess we could have a catalytic heater put in but that seems a shame to mess up the standard set-up. Plus there still is the water pump issue. Thanks if you have any ideas. I think we'll be getting more comfort in the next unit but also more complicated.

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