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Name: Steve
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 1,581
Your numbers are way off in my scamp world. Scamping and other activities we enjoy while not working are the only thing that makes financial sense. You cant take the money with you and what are you working for, you cant take it with you. Stop being the sheep in the herd pushing forward with the others. Make a left turn and buck the system and take back some of the life you were born to and not what society has laid out for you. When was the last time you stayed at a hotel and hung out with the neighbors and shared a bonfire? And laughed at the poor suckers still at work while your sucking down a cool one watching the sun go down.

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Name: Richard
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 86
In terms of cost, our trailer (16' Casita) and tow vehicle (Toyota 4Runner) cost 8000.00 together, so the cost was not prohibitive.

I think that trying to justify something in terms of cost effectiveness or ROI is, for me , misplaced. My hobbies are ham radio and cycling. Both cost money that could be allocated elsewhere. But they bring me pleasure, so I allocate money to them.

I like RV'ing. I like bringing my home with me when I travel. I would rather sleep in the Casita than in a hotel. And I can sleep in the Casita close to some of the most beautiful places in the Americas.

So, at least in my case, it is definitely worth it. I have recently sold my house and begun fulltiming and am very happy, so far. Jessica will be joining me shortly and we are looking to get a bigger FG egg.

Rick and Jessica

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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,586
Someone sent this to me. I think it sums up "why" very nicely. The only thing missing is the tug needs to have an all molded towable behind it!
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Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Name: Greg
Trailer: 1987 Lil Bigfoot
Posts: 9
Just thinking about 2 very similar trips we have done recently. Last year we did a one week trip from Alberta to Utah in April, hitting the Moab area staying in motels and eating out. This year we did a two week trip to Utah and towed the Lil Bigfoot, exploring our way from Zion to Moab, camping in BLM and NP campgrounds, eating mostly in camp. Adding up costs both trips ended up being very close.
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Name: Dave
Trailer: Bigfoot
Newfoundland & Labrador
Posts: 396
Is it worth it???

If it cost a nickel to go 'round the world, I couldn't get out of sight.

A few years back we lost almost everything. We never fully recovered but we always managed to have some kind of RV. We were always able to 'get away' to our favourite places or explore new ones. We just did. We made it happen.
In 2011 my life changed so drastically that I did not know if I would ever adjust to the 'new normal' that they talked about. I am still working on it but again, I have managed to have an RV {Westy/Truck camper/Trillium in that order} and this year I hope to be away for 172 days. It is bittersweet, therapeutic, lonely, wonderful and still exciting for me. It is always a drive down memory lane.
How much does it cost me? I have no idea. I don't worry about it.
What is it worth to me? I have no idea. I can't count that high.

It may not be for everyone but for me, it is just a normal part of my life.
Embark upon this journey........

Embark upon this journey with enthusiasm and eagerness.
If we were expected to remain in one place we would have been created with roots
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Fire-N-Ice's Avatar
Name: Anne
Trailer: 1973 Hunter Compact II
Posts: 35
When I chose my last replacement vehicle, I paid a little more for a 6 cyl Rav4 with tow package so I could have an economical daily vehicle that could also tow a light trailer. It was paid for a couple years ago and I get 32 mpg hwy or 20+ mpg towing. I decided on a Compact because it is light enough and inexpensive enough to buy without depleting my emergency funds.
So why not stick with a tent or the (improved) camping experience of sleeping in the back of my car? I camp for a little different reason, perhaps. In order to live close to my son' family in SoCal I rent a room in a shared house with 3 other women. We get along great, but my dog does not deal well with kids, confusion and strangers. Well, OK, neither do I. So about once a month I and dog leave for a few days to a week just to give all 5 of us a break. I have the same issues with hotels as has been mentioned in previous posts. I like NFS campgrounds for low cost and large sites.
My close friends and family are scattered across the country. No one questions why I would rather stay in my own trailer in their yard than in their spare room/couch. They DID question me sleeping in a tent or car when I visited!
As to the cost, which is low for me, I am viewing my trailer as the replacement for the home that I don't expect to ever be able to buy again (I have sold 5 homes since 2005...long story). I can decorate, personalize and be alone in the way I used to do with my house(s). Considering that entry level fixer homes go for $400K and up in my chosen community, getting my own moveable home for less than $4K seems like a deal!
Everything in life involves some kind of trade off. As long as I stay true to my priorities I don't feel compelled to justify my purchases.
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Ms. Gayle's Avatar
Name: Gayle
Trailer: 2010 EggCamper #85
Posts: 88

I stole your quote and added it to a couple of my photos.

Utah, October 2012
Outer Banks, Frisco, NC , March 2013

Click image for larger version

Name:	You can always make money.jpg
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ID:	74128

Click image for larger version

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ID:	74129
Ms. Gayle 2010 EggCamper (Purchased April 2012)
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Name: Jack
Trailer: '98 BURRO 17WB
Posts: 2,548
Half price on electric hookup sites in MD. St pks on lifetime senior pass around 13$ a nite. I do not always drink beer but when I do I don't require egg in it but rather surrounding it. Our initial costs used egg, fix up and repair very comparable to N&J's. I bobtail it to the beer store in the TV so can't put full cost of that in the camping receipts folder altho I like a bit of actual leather and mahogany in a lightly used slightly abused UTE (the PO's daughter applied nail polish while driving apparently) w/ a nice old school v8 with enuf low end to get a ton and a 1/2 away from a stop light in the same day as everyone else. No one need feel compelled to trailer camp including myself. I'm too old to worry about amortization tables on every spoon and teacup and prefer a trailer in the driveway to a storage bldg full of vinyl trash that is worth less than the cost of storage.

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Roy in TO's Avatar
Name: Roy
Trailer: 1972 boler American and 1979 Trillium 4500
Posts: 4,967
FWIW, we travel with the dogs. Finding places that will accept pups over 20 lbs that don't charge outrageous extra fees is rare. E.g. $80/night cleaning fee.

It is worth it to us for that alone. There are many other advantages that fit our wants and needs. Need I say more?

There is one more thing, I've met lots of great people through owing a fiberglass trailer. You can't put a price on that.
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Donna D.'s Avatar
Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,586
Originally Posted by ms. Gayle View Post

i stole your quote and added it to a couple of my photos.

Utah, october 2012
outer banks, frisco, nc , march 2013

Attachment 74128

Attachment 74129
Nice Gayle!!
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Timber Wolf's Avatar
Name: Tim
Trailer: '88 Scamp 16, layout 4
North Florida
Posts: 1,472
My dad came to a similar conclusion many years ago after selling his slightly used Class C Motorhome. He said for the money he lost on owning it he could have rented a Lincoln Continental and stayed in Motels/Hotels on the trips he had taken in it. I noted that he did not say the same thing about the truck mounted camper he previously had that was carried in the back of the pickup he had anyway. Also, he stayed many places that rooms would not necessarily have been available (as do most of us). He did enjoy certain features of the Class C that the truck mounted camper did not have though.

In my case we go more and do more since we own the Scamp. Once you have made the initial investment in TV and RV (fixed costs) the variable costs are relatively low. I have about 6K in my Scamp and my old TV has long since been paid for and sits in the driveway regardless. I did put new tires on it that I would not have bought otherwise for the limited amount of everyday use it gets but they were not that big an expense.

I will relate the following. I bought the Scamp so my then 10 year old daughter and I could spend more “quality time” together. My ex-wife left a couple of years ago and I have been doing the best I could to provide a stable life for my daughter given the to-and-fro of her living in a split home. It seems to be working and she is doing well seeming pretty well adjusted (as well as any kid) and grounded. The guy I bought the Scamp from bought it as an investment and never really used it. He related a story that after his divorce his daughter lived with the “ex” and when he finally got her back as a teenager he spent $20,000 to send her to drug rehab and counseling trying to get her straightened out, who knows if any of that really worked. So, would you rather spend money camping and enjoying life with your kid or money later trying to fight demons? The little Scamp may turn out to be the best investment I ever made!
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Name: Sally
Trailer: Currently Shopping
Posts: 26

I would much rather just drive around and stay in hotels. But we have two little dogs that we love like kids. I wouldn't dream of leaving them in a kennel, and hiring someone to stay in my house is about $70 a night - if I could find someone I'm comfortable with.

Some hotels are OK with dogs, but you can't leave them alone for the day and go touring, and a lot of places won't let you bring them in.

So, we go camping for the dogs!
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carlkeigley's Avatar
Name: Carl
Trailer: 2013 Lil Snoozy #161 (SOLD)/2010 Tacoma
NE Oklahoma
Posts: 2,356
Such a long thread in such a short time...............
But so enjoyable. It was like sitting around the kitchen
table with everyone having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

My thinking may be a bit different. The way things have been
the last six years, I can not see "storing" money in a bank. So
I prefer to buy tangible things right now. Money loses value
every day as if you buy the right things it will retain value or

That was one justification of our buying a Snoozy and Tacoma.
For health reasons we let them both go for a time but don't feel
we lost any money. And if we did lose any, the little lost was more
than made up for the extra time we spend together and the memories
we made. Perhaps later, God willing, we will be back out there again.

Right now I enjoy keeping a nice place, so own two zero turn mowers
and a push mower and two weed eaters. This also is one of those "not
for everyone." I enjoy it so it's worth it for me. I just bought a new
John Deere mower and have enjoyed brush hogging.

Now I'm dabbling in the RC flying plane hobby. It can get expensive in a
hurry if you really get hooked.

What's money worth?.....................NOTHING.
What's life worth?..........................Everything.

Donna may have put me in convert mode for a
So if circumstances warrant, maybe a new trailer and new pickup
will be in our future.
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Name: Vanessa
Trailer: UHaul
Posts: 169
Originally Posted by Sid View Post
I have never stayed in a hotel and heard loons calling to each other in the early morning.
I have never witnessed so many shooting stars from a hotel balcony.
I have never stared across the glow of HD 32 inch flat screen and saw my wife the same way she looks in campfire light.
I actually enjoy the setup, taking generic camp space and making it uniquely ours.
I also love that my bedroom is within walking distance from El Captain, Carlsbad Caverns, Olympia, Arcadia, the Boundary Waters, Arches, or anywhere else we wish it to be.
These items and a whole host of others are what makes camping make sense to me.

Oh Sid, you're my kind of people!

-Vanessa matter where you go, there you are!
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