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Name: Brandy
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I love my 13 foot trailer but every now and again when I go to a meet I step inside the next size up and boy does that seem spacious. I could see how one would want to creep up to the next size but like that expanding foam your going to fill every little corner with what- more stuff. You have to consider how much time your really "in" the trailer. For me its just a place to sleep and keep everything dry. I want to be out by the fire outside thats why I go camping. The add a room is brilliant yet I don't own one,yet. So yes I can see why someone would want a larger trailer just like I might want a mansion, but bigger also means more cleaning, more packing , just plain more . So in my opinion bigger is not always better *winks*

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Name: Cindy
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Replacing the 13' Burro with the 16' UHaul has meant that we rarely take the bed down, so I guess that the space issue does not exist. Having the privacy room for the porta-potty, though, is great. No more tripping over it when I get up to make coffee in the AM.


1988 Bigfoot Silver Cloud, "The Egg Carton"
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Everybody is different. Not being quite 59 yet I can't totally answer this question but...I've lived in a VW bus, alone & with a hubby, I've lived in a cabover camper, we've owned a 17ft older boxy TT for camping (when living a normal lifestyle) and now have a 17ft Casita. I would NOT want something I can't stand up in again. The VW got old that way. So, we went bigger from vw to cabover to TT. This last move was actually downsizing. Both were 17ft but the boxy one had MUCH more space (no bathroom also). Must say we are VERY happy with the Casita. So I can say that getting older doesn't always mean wanting more and more space.

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Name: Karalyn
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to me the add a room would be like hauling and putting up a tent. I got the 16 ft to get away from tent life.
A 13 ft is crowded for two in my opinion. Hubby and I like having our seperate beds, and love a real potty in the middle of the night.
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Name: Glenn ( second 'n' is silent )
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to me the add a room would be like hauling and putting up a tent. I got the 16 ft to get away from tent life.
A 13 ft is crowded for two in my opinion. Hubby and I like having our seperate beds, and love a real potty in the middle of the night.
I have to agree totally. Last year we had a tent-trailer, no potty and I carried tarps, ropes and tarp poles. I spent hours trying to pack everything we needed into the tent trailer and still have it fold up. This year, with the Escape 17, I've learned how much easier it is to ready the Toad for a weekend and how comfortable you can be.

The first discovery was that we had no need for packs for our clothes, which ended up at the foot of the bed because there was no place else to put them. Now the clothes go in the cupboards over our bed. One for the Old Bag and one for me ( Bags ) and another for midnight snacks. I had two of those rolling plastic drawers to store kitchen gear. Never could get them to fit under the table. Those went to the dump. I left the rusty Coleman stove, space heater and an old lamp in the tent trailer when I sold it. Today, I noticed the tarp poles in the carport. Not sure what to do with them, or the tarps. I just open the awning, or cuddle up in the Toad.

My point here, is that if you compromise ( and we're the same age ) on a really small trailer, you're going to lose a lot of the conveniences that we enjoy. It will still be better than the tent, but you'll still be trying to do more with less. Packing too much into too little.

But, you have to draw your own line. I'm not interested in a 40' motorhome with a 42 inch plasma TV and leather sofas. I'd hate to have a trailer bigger and better equipped than my house.

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Name: Michael
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We have a 15 foot Trillium that has been comfy and wonderful for a 5 month road trip. No bathroom or shower but we managed fine and stayed happy.
Then an offer too good to pass up of a 17 foot Bigfoot came along and we "moved up" but we still kept the Trillium "just in case"
So far we have travelled only 4 days in the Bigfoot and are in awe of the size difference. All the bells and whistles..things we didn't even want......we call her "Swanky"
However, the gas usage is considerably more ,and for all the luxury and space, it is also a little more cumbersome for impromto turns , stops and tiny lanes. The "cute" factor is somewhat less as well!! Does pull very well though.
So, we are still deciding if bigger IS better for us. Our needs seem to be fairly simple but the dog likes the extra space a lot!
If we go to Mexico as we have planned for years, maybe the extra size will be important.
Sure is super comfy but also feels almost too big. Time will tell.......and these rigs are soooo easy to sell if one has made a mistake re size. But then again, some of us have a hard time selling as proven by the members who own more than one fiberglass trailer.
After all, we have more than one now!

I'd be curious to know what your fuel economy is with each of these trailers.
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Name: Michael
Trailer: Li'l Hauley
Posts: 5,389
Dear Forum Friends,

You have all been so helpful to us. This is a dream come true. We have lived in a tent for so long and loved it. Now we are about to own our first RV, a 13 foot Trillium, as we both approach the age of 59. A question for all over 59......will we eventually want a larger Egg as we age? Is it possible to be happy with 13 feet and a porta potti? I would like to think so but I defer to those of you have been in our shoes.

Your input is invaluable....

Lloyd & Barbara Cicetti
Everyone's different. Sure it's possible for some people to be happy with a 13 and a portapotti. For others it may not be.

Personally, I've been inside a 13 and it just felt too closed in and small. And DW and I appreciate a full time bed and a bathroom and sitting area, hard to get all that in a 13. Other folks love that size and think it's fine.

Get what you think you want and don't worry! If you change your mind later you can switch, it's not that hard! We are going from a 23' box with slide to a (less expensive) 17' Burro.
How to prepare Tofu
Step 1: throw tofu in the trash
Step 2: grill some meat
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Name: Donna D
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Then too, what kind of camper are you? An only-on-sunny days/warm nights where the entire outdoors can be your livingroom? Or any-weather-will-do and you may have to be inside 24/7?

I originally looked for a used 13 footer. I was moving up from backpacking and tenting. A 13 footer would have been palatial in comparison. But, I couldn't find a used trailer that was reasonably priced and in reasonable condition. Suddenly a 16 footer (with bathroom) cropped up. I hadn't considered that size before. NIRVANA! No more 2am walks in the rain to the bathroom. My (then) elementary school age daughter gets up EVERY night... must be the water before bed? No way, I'd allow her to go by herself. Now I don't have to! I'm very grateful I bought the 16 footer and wouldn't want to go smaller (but at this point no bigger either). That extra three feet makes a huge difference in creature comforts.

Bathrooms, A/C, furnaces, 3-way frig. etc. are personal needs (and wants) issues. There is no one-size-fits-all.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Name: Roger
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I can speak to this subject as I am 66 and retired since 23 Aug 2002.

I find myself wanting LESS! Yes we are buying a Trillium 13', but we sold a 20' sailboat. I find that I have less time to deal with complexity. This is one reason we are buying an egg and not an A type folding trailer. We have tent camped for, oh, 40 years and decided the ease of just pulling into a campsite and having a simple and short set up was the way to go.

Also, this type of camping is more conducive to touring.

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