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Name: Norm and Ginny
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Just a thought

There comes a point in life where you have to let go of wrongs and focus on the rights.

I'm certain that wrongs are traumatic and hence become more established in our minds. It's important to focus on the positives of life, to minimize thoughts of past wrongs in our thinking.

There are wonderful models, people who float through our lives who have a 'life way' superior to our own. It's important to observe and learn from others, to gradually become better. When I see these people I attempt to incorporate parts of them in to me.

We can not let our lives become stained by small trauma.

Norm and Ginny

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Name: Rich & Linda
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Good day Norm and Ginny
it's a little like Santa's naughty nice list
We need to let go of the naughty thing in life . life is to short .
live life be happy make all wrong right

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Charlotte Bronte: " Life appears to me too short to be spent nursing animosity and registering wrongs"
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Name: Ken
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"people who float through our lives who have a 'life way' superior to our own."

P. Raz Donna D. and Pete D. (rat) have been very inspiring to me.
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Name: Patrick
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New York
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Nice thought Norm...however the very interesting times we live in require us to be very very vigilant about those around us.
We now live in a war zone thanks to terrorism.

There are no small traumatic moments just ask those who survived the latest terrorist attacks.
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Name: Bat Dude
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Hi Norm & Ginny

Being a science type of guy I am always aware we all are subject to "Confirmation bias" where we embrace opinions that support our belief's w/o critical thought or in some cases facts. E.g Climate change is a hoax, or the world is really flat or Malaria is caused by bad air...

With supported facts many widely held beliefs have been dispensed with, with new knowledge and understanding.

Often right, wrong or indifferent we may not question what is the "right thing" to do in life. In Science we need to think outside of our comfort zone for facts and truths.

However; more and more I am working on embracing the "Zen" of the moment and "It is what it is" then not being judgmental of others as I was as a younger (read inexperienced) person.

With maturity and experience I realize one (at least I can not) can't, if ever, "profile" another at first glance with out knowing them better.
For me this perpetuates a wrong.

Focusing on the rights is a great way to move forward.

Having lived outside of the U.S.A. for more years than within the continental U.S.A. I will add the caveat the my world view is perhaps a bit broader than some.

This is a key reason we bought our Scamp last year to travel around the U.S. of A. and see the country, national parks, meet wonderful people as we have here in Jekyll Island Campground (and actually all campgrounds).

Expanding our horizons.

As one newly acquired acquaintance/friend indicated...to paraphrase...
"I can tell you have written a dissertation at one point by your posts on the FB forum." So I apologize in advance that this may be a bit long...

Guess for me nothing in life is really simple?

Bat Dude
Conservation biologist specializing in bats. Now stepping aside from paid $ bat work and just Scamping, painting and mentoring students
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Name: Glenn ( second 'n' is silent )
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British Columbia
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The 2011 Report on Terrorism from the National Counter Terrorism Center notes that Americans are just as likely to be “crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year” as they are to be killed by terrorists.
What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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Name: Gordon
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North Carolina
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Active shooters are scary, no doubt abut it. But if you really want to protect yourself, consider what your real risks are. For some perspective, here is the number of people who die each year in the US (in thousands):
  • Heart disease: 611
  • Cancer: 585
  • Accidents: 131
  • Stroke: 129
  • Flu: 57
  • Suicide: 41
  • All gun violence: 34
  • Active shooter: 0.4

PS... Lest anyone wonder, Chandler is not a terrorist. ; )
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Name: Bat Dude
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Some of the above can be attributed to the "Silent Killer" diabetes.

No one ever dies of "Diabetes" but heart, kidney, stroke etc. and other issues related to high glucose levels.

However this is not the forum to pursue this further.
Conservation biologist specializing in bats. Now stepping aside from paid $ bat work and just Scamping, painting and mentoring students
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Name: Daniel
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Smile Always a future

You remember when you say hi that a good by is coming. Say hi to school graduation is coming. Say hi to job retirement is coming. There is always something coming its great to look forward with excitement.
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Name: Marky
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Just a thought

We have to learn to forgive others as well as ourselves. If we don't forgive, It will make us bitter and not let us enjoy relationships, family and many other important things in life. We must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. We can't change the past, but we can have a better future.
Some people hide their weakness with anger. When they do something or say something wrong their defense mechanism is anger. This never works, it will only make things worse. Nothing good ever came out of anger, hate and revenge. Couples get divorced, people quit jobs, and we lose friendships.
It takes a strong, and tough person to say they're sorry, and an even stronger person to forgive. You can't be happy and angry at the same time. Some people walk around looking for things to get offended by. This is a life of suffering. Always being angry and hurt. Happiness is a choice.

My wife of 35 years and I, and our three daughters, who are all married live by these words.

"To say I'm sorry doesn't mean you're wrong, it just means your relationship is more important than your ego."

Not a single divorce in the family and we all love each other.
Marky and Norma

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And then we went Scamping, enjoying nature, a hot dog and a burger and life was good!
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Name: Michael
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When I read Norm's thread starter post, I didn't get any indication that he was talking about wrongs done to people we hear about in the news. But rather, wrongs done to us personally (whether real or perceived). And I agree that it is essential to release feelings of hurt and refuse to dwell on them. "To forgive is divine." Anger, bitterness or hatred can eat a person up inside and ruin his/her life. Pushing away the negative thoughts and dwelling on the positive is the healthy and wise course. If I may quote a popular book: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable—if there is any virtue and if there is anything worthy of praise—dwell on these things (Philippians 4:8). A heart at peace leads to a contented life, but a heart at war is self-destructive.

As for current events, I observe, I form opinions, and I make preparations. But such events do not mold my life or steal my joy. The wrongs were not even done to me.
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Step 2: grill some meat
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
Posts: 7,350
The little actions...

Paying attention to the little things is very important, a simple smiled hello, dropping off a few treats for a 'shut in' over the holidays or anytime, ...

I've always tended to be a chameleon, comfortable fitting in, comfortable learning from and copying others, looking for those differences to make me better.

This week I was studying the University of Connecticut Women's Basketball team. It turns out they score a 1/4 point per possession more than the next best competitor, an outstanding figure. What drives the difference? It's attention to detail, doing the little things. An amazing feat responsible for winning 10 of the last 20 national championships.

Life is loaded with the little opportunities, paying attention for them is critical.

I notice in relationships, it's the little acts, the little considerations that make the difference. I'm old, wrinkled and not tremendously attractive but Ginny always makes me feel great. There's magic in how we treat each other and how good we can make others feel.

Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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