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Never seen a scamp motor home, but I have seen a pic of a scamp house boat!

Pretty good lookin boat!
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Name: Frederick
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Originally Posted by Lisa J View Post
I wondered if anyone here ever considered buying one of the molded fiberglass motorhomes when researching RVs?

I'm interested in opinions.
Before I bought the Fiber Stream,I came "this close" (voice of Maxwell Smart, played by Don Adams) to buying a Travco.
This site is dedicated to the preservation of a great American Motor Home.
I had found several in Southern California in various states of disrepair. I decided (finally) that I was not an engine and transmission tinkerer like close friends of mine, who never add a mile to their odometer without packing a full tool kit and several spare parts. A 32 year old trailer has enough problems to keep on top of without my worrying about being stranded by it.

Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Here's four pics I've kept
Attached Thumbnails
2-ScampMotorHome.jpg   2-ScampMotorHome-Int.jpg  

3-ScampMotorHome.jpg   3-ScampMotorHome-Int.jpg  

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Thanks Donna!
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Name: Kurt
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looks very simmilar to a Toyota Sunraider
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wow...i want one.
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My lovely bride and I have been talking for more than a year about this very question. With (hopefully) retirement looming on the horizon in less than 4 years, we want to be able to travel to warmer climes in the winter and visit our kids and relatives who are scattered throughout Canada. I have read many of the previous forum topics relating to this over the past couple of years, and they all make good points.

The big advantage of a motorhome for us (we are really thinking of a smallish camperized van, as we want to keep it small), is that it is self contained, so that we can actually park in downtown Vancouver where two of our kids live. With the Boler, we are usually unable to find parking within several miles of the incredibly crowded west end of the city. We once had to park in North Vancouver and take the ferry over to Vancouver to visit. That was quite fun, except that we were worried about whether the parking lot operator would object to us taking up two spaces and whether we would get back in time to avoid a ticket. With the camperized van, we can also camp almost anywhere overnight while travelling. We have owned camperized vans in the past and quite enjoyed them.

We like to tow the trailer with a van because of the extra enclosed space in the van as opposed to a pickup truck. Lately (since 1997) we have been using a Ford Aerostar AWD minivan, however none of the newer domestic minivans have rear wheel drive so they can’t tow much. We always buy domestic vehicles because we want to keep the profits in North America. When the Aerostar dies within the next year or so, I may try for a 2005 Chevy Astrovan, which appears to be the only other domestic minivan with rear/all wheel drive. Our gas mileage with our current setup is about 17 mpg at 65 mph on the highway, which is acceptable and which seems to be about the same as our friends who have camperized vans. We love the Boler, except for the 48 inch wide bed (even after I widened it as much as practical). I am looking for a older 14 foot fibreglass trailer, or else I may do a massive mod next year to widen the bed.

The big disadvantage of a motorhome or camperized van is what was already said in this and other forums. If we set up our campsite and have to go into town for eggs, we have to take most of the campsite with us and leave the rest without any secure storage. We really like being able to leave the camp set up when we toodle around the neighbourhood to the tourist venues. There are issues around auto repairs as well, but we are not worried about that so much.

So, at the moment it seems to come down to the type of travelling we expect to be doing. If we go from place to place a lot and not stay long in one place, or if we have places to stay with relatives or friends most places we go, then a camperized van has advantages in mobility. On the other hand, if we are likely to go somewhere and stay there a few days or weeks at a time to explore the surroundings, then a trailer has advantages.

Since we expect to do both types of travelling at different times, the discussion continues, probably until we actually retire and have experience to go on.

Rick G
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If I go for a motorhome one of these old GMC Motorhomes would be high on my list even if I had to drop in a new crate engine, I still want the fiberglass like these and these just look cool.

There is one in town for 12k in looks in good shape.


Customed out they look really cool!

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm more educated now on the differences in construction. On reading some of the motorhomes' websites, some did sound like molded fiberglass, but the superstructure question hadn't occurred to me.
I've let this idea go for afew reasons. We don't have the money for a new or slightly used motorhome, only a 15+ year old one. The engine seems like it would be iffy at that age, even if the RV body might be intact. Also, we aren't going to be touring around or visiting relatives, but probably full-timing in one campground for 6 months and another for 6 months. A trailer does seem more logical for that sort of use. After retirement in 10 years, we might travel a little. But not a lot.
The other reason I was tempted by the motorhomes was the choice of floorplans, even after eliminating those with slides and regular construction (we want a minimum of leaks and problems). Even just looking at Born Free, Coach House and Chinook, there were a lot of floorplans to choose from.
Now we are back to eggs. For two people, the only one that would really be comfortable for long-term living would be the 25' Bigfoot, which someone here pointed out to me a few months ago. And since they are out of business, we'd have to find a used one. Most of those are in Canada. So limited choices in floorplans. I wish Trillium made larger units since we live in CA. I like their construction. I also like Eggcampers. We do have enough money for a new egg (though the Escapes might be a stretch cuz of the bad exchange rate). I've noticed some couples have tried full-timing in smaller eggs, but I don't know if it's only been for a year or smaller amounts of time. Maybe we don't need the 4-season thing, since CA doesn't get below freezing for long at a time.
I'll keep meditating on it and reading the forums.
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Name: David
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We have had an all electric Eggcamper for about 3 years. It has been all over the US including a 5 week trip. It is wonderful. Not having been a camper prior to buying this, I was very nervous. My husband had done lots of camping, but I was a hotel, colored TV kinda girl. I have enjoyed this more than I can imagine. The fact that we do not have to worry about the propane and tunnels which ban the tanks, has been very nice. You can still boondock, but not TV. Isn't that what boondocking is about though?
We did nto like the Scamp or Casita because of the all of the carpeting inside. Holds smells and not easy to clean. Ours is easy to clean and smells good all the time.
Get an Eggcamper.
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Originally Posted by Lisa J View Post
Thanks everyone for your replies.
Now we are back to eggs. For two people, the only one that would really be comfortable for long-term living would be the 25' Bigfoot, which someone here pointed out to me a few months ago. And since they are out of business, we'd have to find a used one.
Looks like Bigfoot may be on it's way back; If you hang in there for a while, the trailers may be available again. Bigfoot RV - Motorhome, Truck Camper, Travel Trailer - Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer - What's New at Bigfoot
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For two people, the only one that would really be comfortable for long-term living would be the 25' Bigfoot, which someone here pointed out to me a few months ago. And since they are out of business, we'd have to find a used one. Most of those are in Canada.

Hi Lisa,
I met Ron from Oregon who was selling his Bigfoot trailer (25?) back in May. I'm not sure if he still has it or not. Maybe if you posted a note, he may contact you if he still has it. Good luck. Marina
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Fgmh ?

Hi, Lisa - as others have said, I think this depends on your choice of travel style.

1st, I agree with Donna D ... I'd jump at one of those rare Scamp MH's

Next, We also like the GMC MH's but not the idea or expense of such a large rig to muscle thru city traffic. A Joy stated, a TV and small FG trailer can easily park in just 2 spaces.

Lastly, we chose TV and trailer for the above-mentioned reasons. We like the mobility of leaving the Egg in our campsite, whether in a CG, RV park or dry-camping and touring or exploring with our van. Plus, our E350 Ford is our mobile storage container for things like off-season clothing, tools, extra supplies, etc. AND we can go uphill a lot faster!

And a note about size - you can be comfortable in a small trailer. We enjoyed our first 3 1/2 years of full-timing in a 13ft. Scamp with no sense of being confined. We recently upgraded to a 16ft. Scamp with a bath (named it 'the Royal Flush') and that has expanded our camping options a bunch.

Enjoy you research and 'shopping' - L 'n D

p.s. If we ever have a shot at a Vixen MH in good condition, most of this logic will disappear - they are awesome! LdB
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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Having just recently become an Ex Motorhome owner, I can speak with experience.. don't do it LOL

Even if you never have any drivetrain issues, its a traveling nightmare, especially if towing a car. No quaint camping spots for you, you are limited to pull thrus when on the road. All the benefits of easy set up are torn down when the car is a factor.

Living in one is not as nice as you would expect. I found the biggest problem was it was like living in a 31 foot hallway. No floorspace to speak of, but LOTS of storage. Everywhere. Above, below and surrounded by it. Made it feel really cramped, even if the fixtures were full sized.

I doubt I will ever own one again.

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