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"Must" items before 1st trip

The Bigfoot 17' I picked up Saturday is right out of the box. I got the "winterized" version and most of the options. Since this will be my first trip ever in a trailer (I have never even gone on a trip with someone else) what items are a "must" for me to purchase for the trailer and other things to consider before I leave in a couple days?

For example regarding equipment I'll need something to level the trailer, and for a consideration I understand that I should fill water tank once I've arrived at destination.

By the way, check out http://transplantcentral.org to see the project I'll be using the trailer for. I had a liver transplant a couple years ago and will travel around the US and Canada to interview, videotape, and speak to patients, their caregivers, and groups about organ transplantation. That material will be put on the web site to help others. If you know of anyone who has discovered they are in need of an organ transplant, please give them the URL.



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First Trip

Hi Greg,
I just finished reading your journal. What an adventure!
I can't think of anything right now to help you with your first trip, I'm still too emotionally involved with your experience. I'm sure cooler heads will post lots of ideas for you. Good luck and God Speed.


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First Trip

:wave First of all, congratulations on your liver transplant. Hope things continue to go well. Our son had a double lung transplant in 1996 and is doing well, but still deals with the headaches. Your journal helped me to understand some of his problems, irritability and the many emotions that he deals with daily.
Now to the first trip, take food items to make it enjoyable, toilet tissue for sure, bottled water to use for drinking and cooking usage. We have our little traveler packed with towels, wash clothes, food and pretty much everything that you use at home. If you have a microwave, be sure to take microwaveable items. A flashlight is always in order, disposable products that can be used and tossed.
Make your first trip as enjoyable and worry free as possible. Just enjoy it!
Happy Traveling

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1st trip supplies

Congratulations and good traveling!

Buy a TT tool kit : phillips and straight screw drivers, wrenches to fit most common bolts and any special sizes to fit the water heater and lug nuts, a pop rivet gun, spare fuses and light bulbs, tefon hitch grease, duct tape ... you get the idea.

A collection of cleaning supplies in travel size packages: laundry detergent, dish soap, Simple Green cleaner or something similar, a laundry bag ...

A comfy, compact chair for sitting outside

A Kloss model 1 radio ... or your substitute for contacting the outside world.

And whatever foodstuffs are 'necessary' to you but not always easily available in unfamiliar places. My list is special coffee, including a drip and an espresso maker, wine and glasses, and the bread machine.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Greg,

We too are preparing for that first camping trip in our trailer -- any trailer. Here's what we have so far:

Correlle dishes (set of 4)
Plastic glasses
Nesting stainless steel set of pots and pans
dish drain, sponges, dish towels
salt/pepper grinders, and asorted spices
cooking utensils (spoons, knives,etc)
can opener
coffee pot
microwave/toast & bake (all combined)
plastic storage ware
compact gas grill/wok combination
screen tent -- stand alone
plastic table cloth for outside picnic table
pie servers (we had these already)
very small crockpot
baggies/foil/plastic wrap

That's all I can think about right now. Hope this helps. I can't wait to see what others think of.


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I guess I can add a few more...

First Aid kits for you (and pets, if needed)
Shampoo and bathing supplies
Dog Shampoo and dog towels (if needed)
Cooking basics-sugar, flour, spices, etc.
Broom and dustpan, rags, plastic dishpan (for doing dishes without using water and pump in cold temps, or just outside)

I need to make a list of things that have to go in it that we take out every fall so we remember to get everything back in in the spring.
Happy camping! A note pad and pencils are good to make notes of things you forgot or would like to change too.

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Must items-

:o That first trip can be mind- boggling. I have found plastic shoe boxes to be indispensible for keeping track of things- you can label them with markers or use different colors for different things. They also keep things from getting affected by the humidity on :cry rainy days.

Some of my "boxes" and their contents:

Entertainment:ola - deck of cards, small pack of crayons and 5x8 pad of paper, travel size games (Check the $ stores).

Library- :conf Pocket guides to Birds, Flowers, Trees, Insects, etc. Small paperback dictionary (for old-fashioned spell checking).

First aid-:sad Alcohol wipes, all sizes of Bandages, antiseptic, anti-itch cream,tweezers, antacid, ibuprophen, acetaminophen, eye drops, cough drops,first aid book.

Snax: :lol small cookie and cracker packs. Mini chocolate bars, gum, hard candy.

Cooking::reye2 favorite recipes on file cards in plastic sleeves, spices in Tupperware Midgets (or old film cannisters),Brown sugar, 10X sugar, Baking powder and baking soda in small Tupperware cups.

I also now organize my foodstuffs with all the DRY things in one large plastic bin and any bottles of liquids or cans in another- these have lids that seal tight ever since I had to clean up from a plastic bottle of salad oil that tipped and burst open all over the entire cupboard:red ....At least now if something does get broken, it stays confined to one area!

Happy travels...:banana

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I found a screw driver at Home Depot that has 13 tips that fit in the handle and it ratchets. It has all of the tips that you will need to do almost any job. It is better than carrying several different ones.

Another item that is handy is a digital air gage.

Naturally you need a few misc other tools.

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A way to level your trailer.

I got to the campsite on my first trip (last weekend) and my friend says -how you going to level it?.
I say -level it, I have to level it?:conf Oh Yea:red

Since then I have asked around and people use everything from inexpensive leveling jacks from Harbor Freight to a few lenths of 2x6.

I saw a nifty metal ramp with three different height platforms for $25 at the local tt supply.

Have fun!

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First Timer Basics

I don't know what Bigfoot supplies.

Water Hose - one that says suitable for potable/drinking water. (Never mix this hose with other hoses, one you may decide to get for waste water flushing for example.)
Water Pressure Regulator - necessary if you hook up to city water
Trailer Levelers - All ground is not level. You want the trailer to be level. Can be scrap wood or prepackaged dealies from camping store. (I have a box of miscellaneous pieces of scrap wood in my trailer.)
Bubble Levels - Attach to body of trailer as an aid with trailer leveling.
Waste Hoses - Prior to departure check to see if you can visualize how you hook up the hoses you have and how they will work with your outlets and valves. You may need extenders or connector modifiers. At some dump sites and some campgrounds with hookups, you will be able to connect your hose to the sewage inlet directly. Your trailer could be low, high or slightly distant from the inlet. Try to visualize what hose modification you will need.
Chocks for trailer tires
Lock for trailer hitch
Stabilizer jacks - let your stabilizers down at home and walk around in the trailer. If you don't like the amount of bounce, get additional stabilizer jacks. Cheapies from an auto supply place will do.
Lug Wrench - Check your lugs at least every other gas stop. When the trailer is new, they seem to need more frequent tightening Check your tire pressure when you do this. Also make sure your propane is off for the gas stops.
Extension Cord and Adaptor - Orange outdoor type cord and an adaptor that lets you hook trailer into house shore power. (Don't know what connectors you have, but you want adaptors sufficient to let you draw off house current and be able to hook in at parks which are 30 and 30 amp.

Chairs for sitting outside. A little side table is also good.
Extra keys - one set hidden and extra set for each person occupying trailer.
Flashlights - at least a couple
Duct Tape - No one can live without duct tape
Garbage bags
Ziplocs in different sizes
Paper Towels
Hammer and/or mallet
Extra towels
light weight warm blanket
First Aid kit

CLEANING STUFF For self and trailer.
Marine/RV toilet paper
A small broom and dustpan, floor towel or mop if you have linoleum. Additionally, a car vac or dustbuster if you have carpet.
Think small and light weight. Trial size packages work well.
Stick to biodegradable brands. A mild cleanser like Ivory dish detergent works for hair, skin, dishes, and hand washable clothing.

I'll let folks who actually cook comment here.
A very small microwave or toaster oven is a nice add if you don't have one.
I have a small camping mess kit, can opener, spaghetti pot, one skillet, a lightweight 4-place setting Rubbermaid microwavable, resealable, freezer set of plates, glasses, and bowls, cutlery, dish pan, wash and dry cloths.

Christmas lights - I have a set that I wrap around the awning. Low light, low watt aid in finding trailer after dark. They don't disturb the neighbors and they make you easy to find.
Portable Lamp - Depends on how well lit your trailer is. I like bright light for reading.
I have a sling blade and rake for campsite clearing.

Probably not applicable to your 17ft Bigfoot
If you don't have gray water tanks, a blue dump tank or something comparable to capture waste water. Here in the SE many parks will punish (stiff fines) for gray or black water dumping onto the land.
A heating source - disc heater or propane/butane adder like Black Cat

ALSO SEE: Checklist Thread - http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/read.php...?TID=744&page=1

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helpfull camping items

A lot of our camping is in the Federal park system where hook ups are not normally available so we use one of those collapsible 5g water jugs to replenish our water supply. A 3' length of 1/2 hose helps to access our water fill.

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The checklist you mentioned at the end of your post did not work - will you re-enter? Thanks
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That post is from 2003.
Suggest you copy the list from Post #10 and paste it into a Word document, or whatever you use.
What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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Camping musts:

DEEP POCKETS are all you really need. Purchase what you need when/where you need it.....
I'm just sayin.....

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