My first RV - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Adrian
Trailer: Lance 1985~'Casita de Campo' ~23' 4"~Dinette Slide Previously: Scamp 16 ft Side Dinette, Front Bath
New Mexico
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Our first RV was a camper shell on the back of my dad's farm pick-up (1970 Chevy) with a butane tank in back; this would have been in 1971. My wife & I drove from Harlingen, TX to Las Cruces, NM for a job interview. We bought the camper shell for the trip. We had two fold up cots (old army style, canvas, take apart to fold), a borrowed Coleman camp stove. The camp stove's leather pump was dry, therefore we had a time getting it to work. Corn oil on the leather to get it going. First time to sleep in it was a KOA in Las Cruces. Got the job, found a small house to rent, spent another night at the KOA. Went to Carlsbad. Can't remember others stops. No real problem. Fell in love with RVing & New Mexico and have been at it for 38 years.

After getting back home, we bought a '71 Chevy Pickup for the camper shell. After moving to NM, I added build in bunks, storage, a spot for a Coleman ice chest and a wooden floor over the metal bed with indoor/outdoor carpet. It was a neat set up for us. It even had a little seat, so you could have a place to put on shoes, etc in the back close to the door. The camper shell had a solid back, with a door & windows on both sides. I took the tail gate off. It had 3 tiers, tallest in the rear, of course. It was great for boon docking & dispersed camping. We also got a port-a-potty.

We also bought a new Coleman stove in Las Cruces before we left. Ha!

In '75, at least I believe it was '75. Traded this set-up on a '75 Scout II 4x4, slept in the back with the tailgate down with a sheet over the back to keep out bugs, or in a tent.

A few years later, around '83 or 4, I got an old '60 something Holiday Rambler Truck Camper for the old '70 pick up, after I got it from my mom. It had roof leaks, water leaks if on city, smelled bad until got to cooking in it each trip. I took the mattress out & burned it (living out on a small, 5 acre farm at the time). It fit a long bed pick-up.

Bought a TT in '86 (a 20' 1983 Komfort Lite Bunkhouse with a head & shower, Wow!) which we took on a trip to Yellowstone, Glacier, Baniff in Canada to Victoria, BC then down the west coast to SoCal & back home towed with the 16 year old '70 Chevy farm truck without a butane tank & a low shell.

After several new to us tows through the years, we went to a '96 Coachman Catalina C-class 22' MH in '97. We went to Canada again for our first trip with it. This time to LA area then up the west coast to Victoria, BC area to Jasper, to Baniff, Watertown, Glacier, then back home via American Falls area of Idaho & Heron Lake. After getting a Fish & Sky Boat, we often towed our Jeep CJ-7 & the boat behind the C-class going up to Elephant Butte State Park.

We down sized to the 16' Scamp in 2005.

We enjoyed each and everyone of them.

Only once did we do any Stealth Camping, back in the early '70s. We pulled off the viewing road by the Grand Canyon South onto a forest pull over and into a forest track of a road. Parked behind some small trees & brushes. No knock on the door in the middle of the night. Only time we disperse camped where I felt as if I was stealthing.

We have had all kinds of things break or not work over the years but nothing to ruin a trip or to keep us from keeping on.

You may have heard of South Padre Island. It was where I first got a taste for camping in the mid-'60s. Very dispearsed camping back then, a '46 Jeep CJ, a tarp for shade, a cot to keep off the sand & away from the sand crabs, a summer weight sleeping bag and food & water. Had a blast, would drive down the beach until no one else were around. Maybe 10 miles from the entry point. My first trip was with a FFA outing to the island.

But my first campout was at Boca Chica with my parents. My dad & his brother fashioned a large open at one end shelter, like a "lean to shed", between two cars on the beach. It had a roof, back wall and a floor using one large tarp as I remember it. They were both farmers. This would have been in the early '50s. I still remember the tarp smell. No a plastic tarp, but a cotton duck treated to be water proof & bug proof as well, I assume.

At that time, you had to take a boat ferry to Padre Island, then get a ride on an old Army Half Track to get to the beach on the island. I belive we only went once, but man did I enjoy the Half Track ride. I was very young.

When my mom was a teen, to get across to the island, they could wade across, before the InterCoastal channel was cut. They also had to cross by row boat to get to Matamoros. Port Isabel was called Point Isabel then as well, but the Lighthouse was there. Old even then. Ha! The school distract is Point Isabel still today. .....

After building the causeway & bridges to the island, it was a toll road for many years. Most of this old causeway & bridges are just fishing piers or gone today. It had a lift on one bridge to allow ship to pass under, which caused long lines waiting for it to open.

DesertHawk- Las Cruces, NM USA
2015 Lance 1985 ~ Casita de Campo ~23' 4"
~Previously ~ 2005 16' Scamp
2009 White Ford F-150 Reg. Cab Longbed ARE Topper
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My first rv
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Name: Greg
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My first RV:

Name:   Rucksack_Travel_Hiking_Army_Backpack_BB53_.jpg
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Scamp Owners International
2005 Escape 17-B
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Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
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Wink From the home page, scroll to the bottom and click on "HISTORY"
Boy with Tonka Toys
I think I was 7. "It" was a blue metal Tonka/Buddy-L pickup truck with a matching blue plastic slide-in camper, just like the one next to this boy's right knee in the 1st picture on the History Page of the website linked to above. It was the bestest Christmas EVER!!!
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Yup, I was one a them long haired freaky people back then. 1974 and me with my 1935 Chevy truckhouse that I lived in while going to college at Evergreen State College. It had a small, wood cook stove, porta potti, stained glass windows, etc. Where I parked it while at college was on a fairly remote 20 acres, with a small porch and, of course, a 1 holer (outhouse). The rig in the background is my friend Jack's 1935 International.

Click image for larger version

Name:	steve_and_2_house_trucks.jpg
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Trailer: Casita
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Yup, I was one a them long haired freaky people back then. 1974 and me with my 1935 Chevy truckhouse that I lived in while going to college at Evergreen State College. It had a small, wood cook stove, porta potti, stained glass windows, etc. Where I parked it while at college was on a fairly remote 20 acres, with a small porch and, of course, a 1 holer (outhouse). The rig in the background is my friend Jack's 1935 International.

Attachment 23631

Steve ur yankin my chain here... I mean... no, .. I mean really?

I need to meet more of you people!


PS I really boom over the first nations whale!
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Name: james
Trailer: Boler 1984
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Click image for larger version

Name:	Winter_Camping.jpg
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Doing some REAL camping back about 1975.
Now why do thay call us Crazy Canuks?
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Name: james
Trailer: Boler 1984
Posts: 2,912
Before the tent I used to mount a small wall tent into the back of an old Pickup and throw in and old matress.
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Trailer: 2000 24 ft Shasta Ultra Flite
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The trunk of my 1966 Ford meteor served for those overnight trips to bush parties and pig roasts, I discoverd how comfortable it was in there while installing Craig power play 8 track speakers ($300 player in a $200 car) later I bought a fold up with a canvas top, cold and wet !
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Trailer: 1982 Scamp 13 ft
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My "first RV" was a quilt thrown over the clothes line! I still remember how much cooler it was on a hot day. My "second RV" was one of the hand-me-down Army tents our troop used at Girl Scout camp. They were square & supported in the center by a tall pole. When it rained, they leaked.....a lot. We had a great time!

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Trailer: 2007 Casita
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First that I owned was a 73 27ft Explorer Class A, hand me down from my parents with only 22 thousand miles on it. It was like brand new even in the mid 80's when they gave it to us after they bought a new rv. But the first rv I ever camped in was a travel trailer my Dad bought after my Mom told him she wouldn't camp again in a tent. So he bought the trailer, Sorry can't tell you what it was Dad passed a few years ago ( he would have known) but Mom doesn't remember what brand it was. All she remembers is that it was wonderful compared to a tent. From there we owned and camped in several travel trailers, overhead campers, C Class, Class A, 5th wheel and last but not least a B Class.

But here is a pic of the first RV I camped in 1964, it's the one behind my brother and I
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Name: Joe
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My first camping experiences were tent camping with friends and family. At first everything was borrowed, but as time went on I slowly got stuff of my own, sleeping bag, tent, cooler, etc. It's a very different feeling to have your own stuff, vs. it all being borrowed, right?
After getting tired of sleeping on the ground, and making the decision to get a rig of my own, I found myself a tent trailer that 'needed some work'. I still remember getting it home, opening it up in my garage, and just sitting in it, dreaming of the fun trips I was going to have in it! It actually needed more work than even my Dad and I could manage, so it has since become a flatbed trailer for the ATVs to ride on, which it does quite well...hehe Still a good investment though, for only $100!
And then I learned about fiberglass rigs! Hunting on Craigslist diligently, I found my Compact II, YAY! So in a way, it's my first REAL RV... MAN have I learned a lot from it too, and from everybody on this website. And it's just the beginning! I'm sure there are many adventures ahead with the Compact, and probably several more rigs in my future after it. You all will see them all as they come, in pics on here! hehe

That's my two cents, thanks!

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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
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I bought this real cheap.. it was very easy on gas.

My cousin Yoshi and I had great adventures in it.

Click image for larger version

Name:	myfirstrv.jpg
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But seriously folks...I my first RV was a VW bus with full Wesfalia package... tho I didn't really appreciate it at the time as an RV. It was my daily driver. I LIVED in the thing during hard economic times.

I am going to be living in the Burro soon for the same reasons... it will be a tad more comfy.
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Aside from tent camping, my first RV was a regular VW T4 bus with build-in cabinets and fold-able bench. No kitchen appliances or running water, and also no camping roof. Was fun though, especially since I picked the furniture and curtains to go in. I loved it, and it was also my regular driver. Very economic at that, being a 69 hp Diesel... Those Germans again, I know.... Just aggravates me that I couldn't get my 4Runner as Diesel with manual transmission, oh well.... And now I am really looking forward to my Escape 17'B trailer I am getting next year!

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