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Name: Dennis
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 109
Just completed 2 month trip through Quebec, N.B., PEI, Nova, and Nflnd. We mostly camped at NationalParks and used pass(about $35). Wonderful trip! Camped at city parks near Quebec City and Ottawa City, also great as bus stopped at cam entrance and went downtown....without fighting traffic or parking.

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Name: BigT
Trailer: Boler
Nova Scotia
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Hi Patrick;
I recently moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Both provinces offer a lot of wonderful places to visit and things to do.
If you cross at Niagara Falls, there are campgrounds on either side of the city with easy access to the falls area. When travelling from there I recommend as others did to time your arrival in the Toronto area for noon time to avoid traffic congestion. You may consider taking the 407 around Toronto if you do not plan of visiting the city as this route has far less traffic. Heading east out of Toronto there are two provincial parks. Darlington near Courtice Ontario is ideal if you want to visit Toronto. Leave your trailer there and drive back west 15 minutes to Oshawa and take the Go Train ( rapid transit ) right into the center of the Toronto.
Once you are heading further east there is a wonderful park called Pres'Quile at Brighton Ontario. Large flat park, beautiful beaches and great for biking.
When you get to the Fibreglass trailer event in Nova Scotia, look for a Boler that is painted black on the bottom and red on the top. That will be us. Say hello.
Also, be sure to take some time on the south shore of Nova Scotia and then as well travel to the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. I am sure you won't be disappointed.
When entering each province be sure to stop at the provincial tourist information centres for great booklets and free road maps.
All the best,
Big T

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Name: Raz
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Last summer we travelled through Ontario from New York to Michigan and later from Michigan to New York. At the border they asked where we were headed, how long we would stay, and did we have any weapons. They never asked about the dog or food. We had passport cards which we presented. We also had an auto insurance card we got from our insurance company stating we meet the requirements in Canada.

Once in Canada we found a bank and exchanged some money. In general gas is more expensive, food is about the same. Speed limits are in kph. To get mph multiply by 6 and divide by 10. (60 kph = 36 mph) The people are very friendly and love to chat. Just don't get between them and Tim Horton's at lunch time.

Here's a site you might find useful


Have a safe trip. Raz
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
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Originally Posted by patrick crawford View Post
I plan to visit Canada this summer and would appreciate any comments/suggestions you may have. My plan is to cross the border at Niagara Falls simply because i'd like to see the falls. It's occurred to me that this may be a very busy place to cross and am open to alternate suggestions. Then I'll turn right and head toward the atlantic coast area. I'm planning to attend the vintage rally in Nova Scotia mid July. I'll have at least several weeks to wander around and would appreciate suggestions for camping areas. A variety would be great as I can camp comfortably without hookups but may need to stop sometimes with hook ups, wifi, etc. one thing i'd like to do is avoid large metro areas.

What can I expect at the border? I have a current passport and vaccination records for the puppy and no firearms.

I've only visited Canada for short trips and those were long ago when all was needed was a drivers license to clear customs and I wasn't camping.

So, comments from Canadians and folks that have traveled there would be welcomed.

We've been to the Vintage Fiberglass rally and it was fun. The year we went the rally was in PEI. If I were taking a detour from NS, I'd take a side trip to PEI rather than the falls. I loved the falls but PEI would probably make more sense.

Places to see coming and going.

Sunset Point Campground Harrington, ME, order a lobster when you check in. You can google Sunset Point in Harrington, ME.

Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. Great tide place.

Louisberg, NS. Great rebuilding of early French City.

Cabot Trail, stop at the Clucking Chicken.

Campobello, NB. FDR

Rayes Mustard Factory, Eastport, ME

Acadia National Park, ME.
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Patrick
Trailer: R-Vision Trail Lite
New York
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Ditto on Sunset Point Campground...double dittos on the delicious lobster dinners delivered cooked just right to your campsite at what was market price and less than any restaurant in might never leave!! I found this gem thanks to Norm and Ginny...beware there is another campground in Lubec, Maine with the same name but too crowded (tight sites) and no lobster dinners��. The spot you want is in Harrington, Maine. Be sure to call ahead and reserve as they are popular. Campground is just one mile off route US 1.

Happy Camping!
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Name: Anne
Trailer: 2014 Parkliner 2016 Honda Pilot
North Carolina
Posts: 144
Agree with Norm on his list... we spent a month in the summers of 2013 and 2014 in PEI and NS. Loved them both. I'd add:
- Lunenburg, NS is a delight with camping at the visitor's center,
camping at the lower level for us. parking lot above for class A's
- NS: Edison museum in Baddeck, NS -- awesome, had no idea how much he did
and suggest reading David McCullogh's Wright Brothers ahead of a visit.
- NS: Forget Peggy's Cove. (touristy!) Go to Blue Rocks outside of Lunenburg.
- PEI is for wandering the coastline. Gorgeous. Great food, lighthouses, scenery, and wonderful people. Lobster season there is over in July, I believe, and I think starts again in August. (We had trouble finding fresh lobster in July.) Green Gables area can get a bit crowded in July. Potato museum in O'Leary is awesome! We planned to spend an hour and finally left after 3 (including a very nice lunch 8^>)
- PEI - we stayed in provincial parks which have electric and water. I'm thinking that most have wifi near the office. Not sure if w/e is available in NS.
- PEI - visitor centers have wifi.

Have a wonderful time!!! We loved it.
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Name: Carl
Trailer: 1981 Trillium 5500
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Originally Posted by neparker View Post
- NS: Edison museum in Baddeck, NS
It's more like the Alexander Graham Bell museum.
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Name: Anne
Trailer: 2014 Parkliner 2016 Honda Pilot
North Carolina
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Originally Posted by Carl V View Post
It's more like the Alexander Graham Bell museum.
oops! thanks for the correction.
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Name: p@
Trailer: Casita
South Carolina
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thanks to all of you who gave me much needed information. since i'm in the very beginning of the planning stage and nothing is written in stone i now have some valuable info to chart my course. my aversion to metro areas may very well cause me to reconsider visiting the falls (i saw it once as a kid and doubt it's changed a lot besides becoming much more crowded).

thanks again

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Name: Jim
Trailer: Scamp
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Don't forget the must-see Whirligig Festival in Sherburne, NS. Videos of it are on youtube. Some are quite clever.
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Name: Anne
Trailer: 2014 Parkliner 2016 Honda Pilot
North Carolina
Posts: 144
I completely forgot North Cape lighthouse on PEI. It's a experimental wind farm with a nice restaurant overlooking the ocean, a hiking trail and a very fascinating museum. Another place I thought we'd be in and out of quickly. Not so!
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Name: Patrick
Trailer: R-Vision Trail Lite
New York
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Patrick Crawford, Since I have traveled most of the route you are going to be traveling (last summer visiting both my son inSouth Carolina and a trip up to coastal Maine) I will suggest a route that avoids metro city traffic as much as possible and give you some scenic driving. It will involve a few extra miles over the Interstate 95 route that looks direct but the traffic is horrendous and the last place you would want to tow a trailer through...delays upon delays...a road even truckers avoid at all costs.

From South Carolina get on Interstate 81 northbound and stay on it until you reach Scranton, Pennsylvania there take Interstate 84 eastbound through New York (avoiding the New York City traffic zoo) on into Connecticut and on into Massachusetts (still on Interstate 84 look for Interstate 90 eastbound toward Boston...take I90 a short distance to exit for Interstate 290 take that to Interstate 495....this will connect you to Interstate 95 (bypassing the traffic mess around Boston. You will enter Maine on Interstste 95 but for part of your trip up to your entry point into Canada you will use Interstate 295 in Maine then return to this point you have a few is to exit I95 onto route 9 in the Brewer, Maine area...route 9 will bring to to Calais, Maine where you can then cross into New Brunswick, Canada to take route 1 on through to Nova Scotia....this is the most direct avoid most of the metro areas and believe me I have tried over the years to find a stress free route for the journey you are about to undertake. Your driving time will be measured in days...not hours. My personal recommendation is to join AAA the auto club with there RV membership then you will have access to Free Camping Guides for the United States and Canada. Paper maps of every state and Canadian provincial area you plan to travel through (the paper map details are most helpful). AAA offers "Trip-Tik" travel planning services at no cost. Lastly, if you do not have a GPS I strongly suggest you get one. I have always used "TOM TOM" and my current GPS came loaded with complete mapping for the U.S. And Canada. I paid about $100 at Walmart and it included free lifetime updates via the Internet.

Save these routes as they might be useful. I have been traveling to Maine every year for over 20 years...enjoy your adventure...allow plenty of time.

Happy Camping!
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Name: Mitzi
Trailer: LilSnoozy 12/01/16, Tug 2012 Dodge Citadel
Posts: 466
Researching "eggs" also a newby, but in 2007 I bought a tent bigger than my first apartment, rented a van and took the grandchildren (13 and 8) north with the spring for the month of June. Climax was Niagara Falls. We stayed in the KOA on the American side and signed up for a guided tour of Niagara. The guided tours get to jump the lines. We visited the whirlpool, the gorge, the Maid of the Mist (where my 8 yr old granddaughter posed with young Japanese ladies who were impressed with her Hello Kitty outfit) Cavern of the Wind, and one other I can't remember. Didn't have to hassle any parking and our tour guide was very knowledgeable. The next day we crossed into Canadian Niagara. We went to the Brick World, which is all things Lego. Scads of Lego constructions and 3 different sizes of Legos stashed for your construction pleasure. This had mainly been for dear Grandson's delight but bith granddaughter and I enjoyed this immensely. Talked to a staff member who said that adults outnumber kids in the visitors 3 to 1. I hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did. PS When /If I ever go back to Maine I am going to go visit the Old Sow whirlpool near Deer Island also. Biggest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere!
That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: David
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Funny, Norm mentioned the Hopewell Rocks. One of them collapsed a couple of days ago.
Hopewell rock collapse

no stopping mother nature and the power of water!

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