Our first trip with the Little White House - Fiberglass RV

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Our first trip, with the Little White House, since bringing her home.

Over the last twenty years, we have made packing up our camping gear into a science. Each category has its container, makes packing and unpacking easy and fast. Well ...... that doesn't work any more but that's OK I like to learn new things.

Found permanent places for some of the supplies. Was surprised how much room was still left. Since we 'dry camped' this trip we left the microwave at home. The cabinet became our Pantry. For the closet I purchased a hanging storage unit for the towels and our clothing. The dishes are stored above the sink. Since I like to eat off 'china' I made pockets, out of bubble plastic, they worked very well.

The majority of California campgrounds are now 'site specific reservations' so we knew the type of campsite we were going to stay at. We were so concerned about having to back into the space (backing in for the first time) ..... we forgot that we needed to stop at the park's dump site to fill up the drinking water. We have decided, while traveling, only keep the water tank at a minimum.

Took us (Bill) about 1/2 hour to back into the space. It would have been better had we driven in the 'wrong way' since the campsite was at a 'weird' angle. Went through the 'arrival check list'. Went through the inside 'arrival check list'. Started to get all the supplies for dinner and that's when we remembered about the water ....... Neither Bill nor I suggested to take the Casita to the dump site for water. The nearest water faucet was about 100'.

The next day we went to Mendocino, Fort Bragg and a couple wineries ....... saw an Ace Hardware store. Yeah ....... purchased a funnel (supposedly for oil) and 2 feet of plastic tubing and guess what ...... $5.00 later and we have an emergency water connection. It took 5 buckets (using our dish washing/water buckets) and the water tank was full.

We took this little trip to get the Casita kinks out and to see how Fianna (our Border Collie) takes to camping .... before heading out to Oregon next week for a couple weeks. BTW, Fianna loves camping.


Bill & Marianne, Silicon Valley, CA
2009 Casita "Little White House" Liberty Deluxe
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Glad to hear your shake down outing was a success! Yep, hardware stores are blessings sometimes. Backing up CAN be learned, believe me if I can do it anyone can. I dread the day I get one of those weird angled sites. But when that day comes, I am of the thought process that if and when I get myself in a major pickle and can't back into a site I will hand it over to someone/anyone who can . No pride here! Id rather be parked than stressed out................ LOL
I am with you on real dishes. And have found that a few sqaures of that foamy shelf liner cut to fit between dishes keeps them from getting broke or scratched. Real silverware toooooo! I don't use a microwave but like you switch out some gear depending on what type of site we will be in. No use in carrying a crockpot or electric coffee pot when we are without hookup's. Maybe a little more work but worth it so I have space.

One thing my Dh has always said is most people start tooooooooo soon cranking the wheel. You have to learn to give your self enough room to even get started. Most people pull up to a site and start turning. Pulling past the site and easing your way in works much easier. First I needed to learn how to back up in a straight line so I could give myself room to ease in. But once I learned to pull past the site then start I have found that backing up isn't all that hard. (except this weekend, the rv park was tight tight tight) I would have been better off backing the whole lenght of the row (we were second site on a dead end) instead of trying to get to the end of the row and then turn around in what little space there was between the creek, trees, and our space........... The workcampers idea to drive in and turn around, not mine! When my BIL got there he backed all the way down the row from the main road and was in like flynn. It took a bazillion point turn around for me to get in. I just didn't want to make the guy mad the first 5 minutes I was there. But I knew I was right! ( I have a feeling he didn't know how to back up very well so wasn't going recommend it as being the simpler way to get in, if you know how to). Oh well got a little more practice on turning around on a dead end with lot's of obstacles. Whoo Hooooooo! Have a wonderful time on your trip! Be safe! Robin

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hmmmmm doubled the post, Sorry
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Anne - don't worry at all - the backing will come with time. Another idea to gain proficiency is to go find a big parking lot at a mall ... set up some cones and practice. Tho thre ARE general guidelines, each Tug/rig combo has its own personality and getting comfortable with THAT is key.

We were either really brave or really dumb - after we picked up our Scamp in Minn. last fall, we took a 4 week shake-down cruise to New England before returning to Calif. It was a GREAT trip - but I KNKOW I provided some cheap entertainment for the other campers on my first few back in attempts. lol. Can you imagine learning with one of the GINORMOUS rigs??? No way!! We like our little trailer.

AND - I am sure you will enjoy YOUR rig - they are so nice to tow, and (as you said) for the SIZE, there is so much storage room.

This coming weekend we are taking the g'kids and going to Brannan Island state park in the delta - just south of Rio Vista. Just a weekend - they are 4 & almost 8, and will have a ball.

Happy Camping!!

(b-t-w, I agree with our rig name... except we christened ours just "The White House" instead of little... and since it is a 5th, I point out that depending on how it's parked, sometimes we sleep in the East Room and sometimes in the West Wing, but the "Oval" office is always the Oval Office.... hehehehe.)


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The majority of California campgrounds are now 'site specific reservations' so we knew the type of campsite we were going to stay at. We were so concerned about having to back into the space (backing in for the first time) ..... we forgot that we needed to stop at the park's dump site to fill up the drinking water.
Haven't read the whole topic yet and maybe someone already mentioned this, but most dump stations only have NON-POTABLE water (at least here in Oregon where I've camped) You'd be better off finding a spigot outside the dump area as you don't want to pollute your freshwater tank OR hose.
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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What fun! And congratulations on your first of many wonderful trips!

I had to laugh, we (well, it was Mike's responsibility) forgot to fill our tank first long trip out in our Escape - and we had no excuse, having had a Burro for 12 years! We had some bottled drinking water along and made a funnel from a bottle with the bottom cut off, fortunately we had a clean bucket along also. Actually, I made a rather elaborate "T" funnel with two plastic bottles so we could pour straight down - it went quicker.

Like the bubble wrap idea, we 'treated' ourselves to two nice (on sale) china shallow bowl/plates for our 'new' trailer and I layer thick paper towels between them and the usual misc. camping bowls, they all sit inside a shallow wicker basket which keeps them in place in the cupboard, so far so good.

I also found the Escape has more room than I could fill, after years of tenting then having the little Burro. I guess in time space fills......

Mike is a good backer up, but in those odd spots is glad to have me back there giving directions, we are spoiled by being two. We have gotten our backing up communication down pretty good, lots of hand signals. Even came home late the other night and backed into our very tight storage shelter in the dark, odd angle, next to a woodshed, little wiggle room, just a flash light. We've been known to use cell phones so I don't have to shout in campgrounds but our hand signals work well. Trailer guiding can add a new dimension of communication to your marriage! You will absolutely get better with practice and there are several threads on the forum with lots of advice, do a search. Some of it seems conflicting but use what works for you.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy your Little White House!


PS - I second Donna's remarks, in many WA campgrounds water near dump station is also non-potable, drinking water is usually found elsewhere, maybe not stopping there was a fortuitious mistake keeping you from making a BIGGER mistake!


"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -- Lao Tzu

Enjoy our travel photos at: Turtle Travels
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