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Trailer: Surfside TM14 1974
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I'm curious: What do people bring with them when travelling? What's the most unusual thing you've ever brought?
Here's why I'm interested:
When we were at Bolerama last year, someone remarked that my unit was *ahem* a tad pristine. The actual comment was something like: "It looks good, but you don't really live this way - it's just for show." "Well," said I, "for the most part, we DO live this way." "Right!" she snorted, "Then where's all your STUFF?"
For the most part, all my STUFF was in the closet, cupboards, under the bed, in decorative containers (I happen to think our truck is a VERY decorative container), etc. So when we did the little tour through other people's units, I started to note what other people brought. I couldn't believe it: Turkey fryers! Microwaves! Plasma t.v.! Make-up mirrors! Astronomy telescopes! Crock pots! Portable convection ovens! Stereo sets! Baby play pens! Play pens for dogs! Dutch ovens! Coffee makers! Cappachino makers! Pie makers! The Foreman Grill! Libraries! Complete china, crystal, silver and linen sets! Computers! Hot water heaters! Shower units! Family albums! Popcorn machines! Bathtubs and swimming pools (oh wait, that was ME)! Rock collections (whoops, me again)!
No wonder some people can't fit it all in to the 80-odd square feet of space we're allotted.
Anyway, now I'm curious. Mostly, we were travelling light because we weren't living in the unit for a month or so, like some people do. A few weekends here and there - maybe a week at a time, if lucky. But we'll soon be going to the Oregon Gathering - and I'd like some suggestions on what to pack. And....some advice on HOW to pack from those who manage to cram it all in!

Anyways....if anyone else is curious, just add your lists (or portions thereof) to the forum. If we get enough responses, maybe we'll do a poll. Please also add your creative packing ideas, and maybe the most unusual thing that you've ever packed, or that you've ever seen in someone else's unit.

- Miriam

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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
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It depends on the destination and purpose. I have been known to bring one of most of those things at various times.

If I am "RVing" at places with electric, I will bring some comfort items, like a coffee maker, but sometimes I don't. I have a satelite dish and receiver I use at those times too.

Always have a laptop, I have an aircard and can get internet anywhere (Just about) regardless of power or remoteness.

Audio and video are built in. Nothing fancy, but more than enough for camping.

For boondocking, I have back up survival items, like heaters, lanterns, radio etc. Basically one each of the essential car camping items.

Doggie playpen, I always have, cause I usually always have... doggies!

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Name: Byron
Trailer: 2006 Scamp 13' towed with a 2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7l Magnum W/full tow package (over kill)
Posts: 6,562
Our backpacking experiences help keep us from going too far overboard. We do have a couple luxery items, a couple soup bowels, a non-stick skillet, a small folding table (really small). I usually carry the old laptop computer along. (It likes to live in the Tow Vehicle).

We discovered that we can get a lot more enjoyment out of our adventures without the burdons of Televisions, Sterios, CD players, micorwave. In fact that what we want to get away from.
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Trailer: Boler 17 ft
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Good question, great list!

If we have Electrical, we bring a laptop and a DVD or two. (A Motion Picture The Whole Family can enjoy, like Indiana Jones or Futurama.)

If we are boon-docking, we bring our own seasoned wood in a container that when emptied is also suitable for hot baths: must also bring along home-canning-sized pot to heat water over campfire. Plus, who knows, we might catch some fresh crab or a BIG fish.

Fishing license and fishing gear, even if no lake, river or ocean is planned. Water is often surprisingly available!

Canoe, bailer can, life jackets, swim suits, wet suits, snorkel gear: ditto.

The Lego Challenge. We always bring this, as it JUST might rain. This means scooping as much Lego as will fit in a shoe-box, no special choosing, must be random. Then on a rainy day, bring out the Lego box and make whatever you can with pieces available.

Playing cards, checkers, chess game also stored in same cupboard as Lego Challenge Shoe Box. Drawing materials: plain unlined paper, pens and pencils, pencil crayons, etc.

Books, magazines, newspapers, including already-read. Who knew the Paris Hilton article could be SO interesting two months later on a cold windy day? (Also good for fire-starter.)

Dad's "I AM ORGANIZED" BOX: for cell phone, lap-top accesories, etc. when Dad is on call for work. Also useful for flashlight batteries, car keys, quarters and loonies for machines, other VIP items.
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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 24,585
I'm with Gina...depends on any planned activities and/or destination, length of time AND the time of year. Change out the wet weather gear for swimming stuff...winter to summer.

Nearly always packed:
Mountain Bike
Puzzles..I love to put puzzles together when it's wet outside
Coffee Maker..I'll leave extra socks at home to bring my coffee maker!!
Seven-in-One Game box: Chinese checkers, Moncala, etc.
Playing cards and cribbage board
AM-FM, weather channel radio with built in lamp.
One VERY comfortable lounge chair.

When do we leave?
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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pjanits's Avatar
Name: Pete
Trailer: 17 ft 1986 Burro
Posts: 882
Stuff those extra socks inside the coffemaker. Problem solved!
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Taylor Kissinger's Avatar
Trailer: 19 ft Scamp (Egg Salad Annie)
Posts: 260
I Have been known to pack to many books, Love to read while camping, as well as the standard books on Birds,Trees, wildflowers and Mushrooms. We tend to keep it simple, I do bring my C C radio from C Crain . And I have a collection of coffee pots, drip, perk , outside, inside, all drom the 40,s or 50,s. Some fly fishing gear and a good pair of hiking shoes. On Long trips to new places I have found a lap top very helpful(Streets and Maps)
And a Cribbage Board
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Trailer: 84 16 ft Scamp
Posts: 725
One of the things I bring along is a little gross, but it's due to a personality quirk that makes it difficult for me to throw anything away.

So I always bring my oldest underwear and socks. Then rather than washing it, I just leave it the various appropriate trash receptacles along the way. Maybe it's sort of a primate, marking my spot, kind of thing.

Then if I run out, I just buy new along the way. Those I don't toss. I'm too cheap for that!
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Trailer: 2002 17 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 106
We prefer to travel light, but still take enough essentials to be comfortable. Keeping in mind that if small and light will do the same job as something larger, we will opt for the former. One thing we always take is a small battery operated am, fm, shortwave radio. Comes in handy for coming weather. One time, when we were on a small boat, fishing on a lake, it just may have saved our lives. In our part of the country, we have summer monsoon rains accompanied by many bolts of lightning. Lightning strikes on someone who is in a boat on water can be unpleasant ! How did the radio help?? Simply turn on the am, find a spot on the dial between two stations which picks up no broadcast, turn up the volume, and wait. If lightning strikes anywhere up to ten miles away, you will hear it crackle on the radio. Gives you time to make it back to the dock.
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Trailer: 19 ft Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel Dlx / 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4
Posts: 1,125
HMMM My camping is pretty light...
1 frying pan
2 pots
1 colman stove
1 gas grill
folding table
dog pens
paper plates
small plastic bowls
coffee cups
book and word finds, cards
coffee pot
( new this yr) portable dvd player
( new this yr) microwave
other small misc stuff
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Name: Roger
Trailer: Y2K6 Born Free 32RQ on the Kodiak chassis, 1995 Coachmen 19' B-van
Posts: 5,009
Back in days of yore when I was a real camper, carried my 'stuff' on my back and slept on the ground, I carried a mess kit, something to start a fire with, food, toiletries, a change of clothes or two and a sleeping bag.

I've decided those days are passed, but I still don't carry much more. However, I do like to be 'civilized' when I 'camp' now. Aside from the amenities in the trailer (microwave, toaster, A/C, fridge, and other appliances) I have a set of Corelle dishes and nice stainless flatware for four. I can generally scare up a fairly decent bottle of wine. My pans, until this fall, have been a nesting set of aluminium with flaking Teflon and a removable handle (that I had since my sailboating days) but our old stainless steel cookware set from the house has recently migrated to the Scamp. I have a 3" LCD Casio TV, a 7" portable DVD player (and a usually a half-dozen of my favorite movies) and my Sony custom Stereo installation (it'll rock the neighborhood if I wanted it to... I think the thread on that mod was lost in the hack... I'll have to re-post it...). I carry a couple of lawn chairs, my sleep sack and pillows, clothes, food, and a percolator. I usually have a couple of books and a couple of magazines... My laptop is also generally in attendance as I seldom have an entire 'camping' trip without doing at least SOME work... <sigh>

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jack maloney's Avatar
Trailer: 1986 U-Haul CT13 ft
Posts: 494
The UHaul gets basic kitchen gear and food staples, bedding, electric heater, some books, my concertina, and clothing stowed in a closet and two soft bags. Everything else travels in the minivan where it's easy to access during the day.

We're on the road for a month at a time, and have never felt a need for electronic entertainment, or all the gadgetry so many here enjoy. But then, we used to do real camping, so now just having a dry place to sleep seems luxury enough.
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Frederick L. Simson's Avatar
Name: Frederick
Trailer: Fiber Stream
Posts: 8,154
Send a message via AIM to Frederick L. Simson

Hmmm. I once had an inventory of everything inside the Fiber Stream that was lost in the hack; and I did not back it up in my computer.

Recreating it sounds like a good rainy day project...
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Trailer: 2002 Casita Freedom Deluxe / 2007 Nissan Frontier King Cab
Posts: 733
We take a lot of stuff, but we tend to put it under the camper shell of our Nissan Frontier. We also take the canoe with us (fiberglass canoe, of course), and we mount it on top of the Nissan, also.

When we're en route, we do put a few plastic tubs of stuff in the bathroom. Our towels and some of our extra clothes. But when we arrive at the campsite, we put those tubs in the back of the truck. We carry a small folding table with us that we put under the bed, but when we arrive we put it under the awning, or fold it up and store it under the trailer.

We have a Weber gas grill. It goes in the truck. We have a folding canopy that we put over the picnic table. Also goes in the back of the truck. The generator that we just bought will go in the back of the truck.

As for the trailer itself, we keep clothes in the wardrobe. Things we use a lot go in the various storage bins. We always keep the trailer stocked with dishes, pots, pans, utensils, etc. in their various drawers and cupboards. We tend to use the microwave as a storage area for some foodstuffs. We've never used the microwave in the Casita and, since it's not a factory-installed microwave, we're considering taking it out and using that space for storage.

Our Casita is always ready to go. The cupboards have all of the non-perishable food items that we know we'll need. All spices, too. It only takes us a couple of hours to load up, hook up, and head out.

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