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Name: Alfred
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Hi: Chandler... Best bang for the buck is word of mouth. If every buyer of a product is happy and using it, others will notice. Every time we attend a trailer rally I'm sure Escape sells a trailer!!! Maybe not today or tomorrow but someday.
Sometimes it takes time... to become an overnight sensation.
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie

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Name: Lew
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Hi Chandler!

Word of mouth and a referral program are certainly good ways to sell something.

Of course, I still say the countries biggest RV Show (Hershey PA), Sept 12th-16th would be the ultimate for business.

One more thing, and I believe you already know most of what is suggested. You need BIG photos of your business, pictures of the crew building it at various stages, photos of the insulation being applied, etc. All on YOUR web site. There are lots of people like myself who don't use Face book for various reasons.


I really enjoyed the tv slot where your talking to the newsman and you said that the ParkLiner is a better built camper than the rest of them. Bold statement, but I liked that! Kinda like Papa Johns Pizza, when he says
"Better ingredients. Better pizza"

I'm getting hungry!

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Name: Walter
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A few comments that mostly emphasize some of the earlier ideas.
1. Casita gives out referral cards to anyone who requests them. If I give out a referral card to someone interested, that accomplishes a couple of things. It makes it more likely the card holder will follow it up, and if they purchase I get a credit with Casita.
2. Escape and Bigfoot (and maybe others) keep an up-to-date list of owners willing to show off their trailers. If anyone calls and wants to see one, they can quickly put them in touch with the closest willing owner(s).
3. I'm at a campground, someone sees my neat ParkLiner, but I'm not on site to show it to them. Later they run across me on a trail and I'm wearing a t-shirt with a large picture of my Parkliner. We arrange to meet later so they can tour my trailer and get a referral card. I think that's a more important reason for t-shirts than just someone seeing it in an unrelated context.
4. Getting a Parkliner out there to be seen at every possible opportunity.
5. I like the idea of recruiting a retired couple and providing them with a trailer to tour around everywhere and talk it up and distribute literature. It would not necessarily require outright giving it to them, just letting them use it free of charge for one season at a time, whereas they might be unable to purchase one outright.

Meanwhile we're looking forward to picking up our ParkLiner next month.

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Name: Dave & Paula Brown
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Park liner advertising advice

The availability to view on your web site WITHOUT needing to go to another site for pictures is a better "feel" to me, but the most important thing for me to want to decide on which trailer to purchase, would be to actually be able to see one in person. Shows, Rallies, and perhaps owners willing to show their trailer off to those in their area would really be helpful. We live in Arizona, and to my knowledge there isn't anyone with one out this way yet, but if you could arrange to have one on display at all the rallies around the country(see rallies/gatherings on this website), that could really sell more units. I'm not retired yet, but I did think the idea someone else posted about perhaps letting a knowledgable couple travel in one of your units to all the rallies, was a good idea. I don't know how to get the word out to people who think pop-up is the lightest and only option available to them, when it comes to pulling a trailer with their small car, truck or van, other than showing the small vehicles towing one of your products with the weight of Park Liner vs. weight of the pop-up prominently displayed.
Hope to see one of your units soon, as it really appears to be a well thought out and quality unit.
Happy Trails
Dave & Paula
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Old 10-11-2012, 10:49 AM   #33
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Name: Linda
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Parkliner documentary

Here is a link to a documentary on Park Liner campers: UNC-TV -- Life-changing television

The documentary aired on Tuesday, Oct. 9th.
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Old 10-11-2012, 11:57 AM   #34
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Name: Gilda
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Everyone has had great ideas for promotion of your ParkLiner so far. I have a few more.

1. The tire cover in back should have the name, ParkLiner, and the website/phone number in bold-easy-to read print (from a distance on the road). When I see the ParkLiner on the road I want to be able to jot down/remember the contact info. easily. I met a family who did just that with a Scamp they saw on the road. They ended up buying a 13" Scamp only by getting a glimpse on the road and viewing their website! They never saw one up close and in person.

2. You could give away (two or more) license frames with your contact info. (like car dealers do) to customers. The frames can be put on the trailer as well as the front and back of the towing vehicle. When the tow vehicle is not towing the trailer the license frames are still doing the advertising! (It might be a good idea to have a little graphic of the trailer on the frame.

3. The Scamp folks present their trailer publicly only one time per year at the Minnesota State Fair on and around Labor Day (due date for entry is late October of the year before. You might want to check out your state's fair now.) Even though I did not attend the Fair we happened to pick up our trailer on the day they were preparing for the Fair. They had a huge Astro-turf carpet rolled out. We thought it was the equivalent of a "red carpet" to welcome us! It was actually to be used in their display at the fair.

4. I love the idea of offering clothing with your logo. Cafe Press (Custom T-Shirts, Unique Gifts, Posters, & Personalized Mugs | CafePress) as well as other sites (Zazzle | Custom T-Shirts, Personalized Gifts, Posters, Art, and more) will print anything ON anything (mugs, keychains, notecards, postage stamps, etc). Look up "RV" or "camping". Click on the "store" tab on the "Fiberglass RV" site and it will take you to CafePress which has many items available with our logo (FiberglassRV Gift Store) Thank you and Christmas cards should be very popular for your customers.

Good luck to you. Your trailer has some nice improvements over some other fiberglass trailers. As for us, it is too heavy. We tow our 13' fiberglass with a sedan (Subaru Legacy)
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Name: Jack
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The UNC video is very good on construction (interesting but most folks don't really want to know as much about it as they may think they do!) and pretty brief on the comfort/convenience selling points. But nothing beats free advertising even if local as the video side gets a repeater effect on the net. I wonder if anyone here has thought about the daily cost of keeping a rep on the road with a demo. I'd want a volume crowd every time I laid out the payroll and per diem fuel and food on that. State fairs should offer that. 3 orders per month sounds pretty good to me but every business is different in terms of the no. of units they have to push out to keep the lights on. Best of luck with the ParkLiner, Chandler.

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Name: Francesca Knowles
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In the words of the old song: "Ya gotta have a gimmick if you want to get ahead"!

Look at what the wienermobile did for Oscar 'bout taking one of your trailers on the road, but with a twist- it should be on some kind of a quest, unrelated to selling rigs, but guaranteed to gain exposure for them.
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Name: jim
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How about towing it with a big "MPG" display showing AVG mpg on a big dial as you drive around the country- a sales gimmick.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
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We spent 315 days on the road this year and, not counting tours of our trailer at 3 rallies, we did over 100 tours to interested parties. People would simply be waiting for us when we came out of a grocery store.

Most everyone who tours our trailer is surprised by it's 'inside size'.

There is tremendous interest in fiberglass trailers, people just have very limited opportunities to tour one.

I believe a decided advantage of many fiberglass trailers is that they can be safely towed by smaller vehicles and simultaneously get good mileage. The cost of fuel is presently an 'albatross' on the whole RV industry.

In my view, showing small tow vehicles that can do the job can be made a positive and a marketplace differentiator.

In general the amount of info provided in printed form is minimal. Many of your potential customers are not Internet wise. This winter we spent a month in a campground where there were two couples interested in a fiberglass trailer but neither were Internet wise. These were former large rig owners who still want to travel but not in their monster fifth wheel.

I would definitely attend rallies. I would also post on your website the rallies you will attend and offer tours to non attendees.

Seek opportunities to sell. Find ways to differentiate your offering.

Wishing you well in your venture
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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I would be happy to tour one around the upper midwest....make me a deal! Seriously though, I have though about one...(I think we are getting ready to order one somewhere, but haven't decided on a brand)...and I have never seen a Parkliner...are there any up here already that I can look at? I like some of the ideas you are incorporating, but would like to be able to see one in person before making that kind of investment....
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Name: Ken
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alternate link if your browser or ad blocker gives you trouble
Video: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 | Watch NC Now Online | UNC-TV Video
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Name: Francesca Knowles
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Just got an idea:

There's an RV show going on in Pomona, California right this very minute...
Why not hook up and GO- but as a "customer"?

Just pull in and park in the lot with your trailer- no advertising- and then take in the exhibits, etc. If my own experience is any indicator, you'll come back out to notes plastered all over the rig asking about it!
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Name: Steve
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I was discussing the same topic with the guy (forgot his name) who owns the US rights to Trillium before he moved from Sacramento to Carson City. I told him he needed to design basic "packages" such as the ECO version or the "Sport" package much like they do in the auto industry. Then target each package to it's target audience. For instance the ECO package would have solar, a very small earth friendly manufacturing footprint (ie natural fibers vs nylons). Target it to Whole Foods/ Earth Conscious types or the Sport version could come in a variety of local team color options with special bbq's and coolers great for tailgating, etc. The options could go on and on. I guarantee you paint up a little egg to look like a team helmet and go to a tailgate party at a stadium and you'll be on the newscast that night. LOL!

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