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Lately, we've been thinking about getting a little dog. It's been several years since our 14 year old cat passed away and now may be the time to get another pet. Since we're relatively new to RVing we were wondering how well a dog would adjust to traveling. Are they allowed in campgrounds? Are there any other things we should consider relative to camping with a pet? The dog we were considering is a toy poodle. Our next door neighbor recently bought one but it is not fitting into their family very well and is being somewhat ignored, sadly to say. They have asked us if we wanted to adopt it but so far we've held off taking on such an important commitment. I did a little reading about toy poodles last night and they seem to be a good match for us based on their temperment, etc. Well, it might be a more appropriate match for me if we selected a slightly dumber dog according to my wife. She says the dog has already been teaching me tricks when he escapes and gets me to come out and play with him.

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Camping with Pets by

Pet Leash Laws by State

Cleveland National Forest website has a statement about Dogs

Frederick - The Scaleman
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Steve it sounds like the poodle you mention has already picked you if you are going out to play with it and feeling sorry for it! There are some poodle owners on this forum who would no doubt rave about the breed, which is suppose to be very smart. They live long too!

Until three years ago I always camped with pets, 30 years of adventures with different dogs from a collie to a corgi and several mixed breeds, in tenting days and early trailer days. The only draw back I found is if you plan to visit a lot of National Parks as they are not allowed there. There have been other discussions on the forum about dogs and where they can go and not go so you might want to do a search. In general I think dogs are great travelers, especially if adapted to it early.

Small dogs make great and easy company as they fit just about anywhere in a trailer, you sound like a guy who will no doubt have your canine companion on the bed so small is good! There is the extra consideration of what type of outdoor activities you like and what breed fits best.

If you give in to this little friend - enjoy! Let us know and post some pictures!

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -- Lao Tzu

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Hi Steve,

I'm not sure if we pick dogs to travel with or they pick us!

Click image for larger version

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As far as National Parks go, yes there are pet restrictions, but our Gal has been to Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountain NP. It does require more planning and you can't just go and do whatever you want, but I think the payoff is worth it.

Click image for larger version

Name:	nodogs.jpg
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If we are voting, I vote yes for the dog.
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I vote for the dog too. Nothin like a loving little companion to travel with.
Pets can be a problem if it is hot outside, and you want to eat in a resturant or sight see where pets are not allowed(as you can not leave them in a hot car or camper.)
Train the little one to hide in a purse if you must, and take it with you. My friend from Portland, Oregon took her Poodle into grocery stores, shopping centers, resturants, etc. That little Poodle stayed in its purse even if the purse was sitting on the floor in a cafe. I could not belive it. Little Bubba went everywhere she went and no one ever questioned her as to why she carried 2 purses
I took my Nicky into cafes, church, and shopping centers a few times in an extra purse. No one knew he was there.
I do remember going tent camping yrs ago way up north in the wilderness where there were no fast food places. We did not eat all day due to not wanting to leave Tina in the car while going into a cafe. That was the only time I was sorry I had her along.
I bought my camper mainly for the dogs. I wanted a place I could leave them for a little while if I wanted to go somewhere they could not go.
Yep, I vote for getting the dog.
Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

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Hi Steve


Since the poodle is your neighbors.. how about borrowing the poodle for a Casita weekend trip.. maybe Lake Casitas.. you would find out how easy (or hard) it is to have a pet along.

We have a cat and we take him on all our trips. He loves camping and we love having him with us.
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Traveling with dogs can be a joy AND a pain.

That said, I wouldn't be without mine, 2 beagles (And a Kamping Kat).

It is like traveling with kids, except you can't leave your kids in a trailer or crate if you want to wander around the campground without em

Dogs generally only want to be with you, doesn't matter where. They travel well, and it gives you an excuse to leave your campsite.. ya gotta go walkies sometime.

It is so ingrained into me to walk in campgrounds that I actually have a hard time when my dogs are not with me. I borrow folks dogs to walk.

One of my fave walking pals is a poodle mix, Buddy, Mike Sanders dog. Poodles are smart and usually obedient.. they are the 2nd or 3rd (I forgot) smartest dog on earth. This makes them adaptable..

The restrictions have been noted, you have to plan your shopping or eating out around "What do we do with the dog", but.. like kids YOU adjust.

Get the pooch and enjoy!
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Gina, they are the 1st.

I had Mitzi a little toy poodle who just loved camping, actually any traveling in a vehicle.

I now have Lily seen to the right, who was supposed to be a toy but is a little too big so she's a minature. She's 4 1/2 and has been traveling since I got her at age 8 weeks. I had to drive about 125 miles one way to get her.

She's a camper all I have to do is say "Let's go out to the trailer" and she thinks we are going camping, is a little put out when we just go back in the house. Lily has been to every state west of the Mississippi except ND, SD and KS. We went to Alaska for almost 3 month when she was 1 1/2 and last summer to the Great Lakes for just over 3 months. In fact, Lily has traveled over 41,000 miles on our camping trips during her short life.

I'd be lost without a dog to walk the campgrounds a million times a day. In fact, I had Lily at the Vets the other day she had lost about a pound went from just over 11 to just over 10 pounds. I told the Vet I should go weigh myself as I mostly lost weight also with all the walking we did over our 3 week trip. Certainly more than what we do at home.

MHO, don't hesitate get that little baby. Oh and poodles don't shed but do need grooming.
Joy A. & Lily
and "Puff", too
No. Ca. Sierra Foothills
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Here are a few more pro-doggy camping thoughts I had:

1) Dogs are good bed warmers - once car camping at Crater Lake (pre-marriage) it got very cold & snowed, my dog then was a Collie who laid across my legs all night, kept me very warm!

2) Dogs are a good way to meet others in a camp ground - now dog-less, Mike and I get our 'dog hits' by sauntering up to folks walking dogs, and talk about dogs while petting their happy canine who is delighted to meet a new face to lick!

3) Though a healthy canine diet is essential, dogs are great for those left over hot dogs or the cheese sandwich that fell on the ground!

4) They don't care how potable their water is.

5) They are always happy just to be with you, no matter how many things went wrong that day, how lousy the weather is, etc.

I think those factors alone make them perfect camp companions!

As for National Parks, most have camp grounds, often Forest Service ones, outside the park boundaries so you can get close, enjoy the views, take day a drive through, just no hiking or leaving the parking areas, etc. In 30 years of camping with a dog companion I never felt deprived of beautiful places to see. When I managed a visitor center here on the Olympic Peninsula, where there are lots of National Park lands, folks traveling with dogs who wanted to hike would ask about local kennels to leave their dogs just for the day. Once in the Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C. we left our Corgi at a kennel so we could take a boat trip to a Heritage Site.


"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -- Lao Tzu

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Traveling with fur kids is a lot like traveling with human kids. Preparation is key. Just like the recent discussion on traveling with a toddler, make sure you have pet-specific medications. You can pickup a cross-use medication book... what human medications you can give a fur kid and which ones you CAN'T. Some human medication will kill a pet. If you think it's tough to travel when you're sick, you will find it worse when the pet is ill.... for instance, nothing worse than diarrhea! Don't want that in the trailer or tug. Okay, maybe a "skunked" pet would be worse. Gina D. can give you a recipe to remove or alleviate that smell.

Pets, especially most dogs, give unconditional love and you'll find having a pet along will add to your camping/life experience. A dog will take you on hikes/walks you may never have considered otherwise.
Donna D.
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Guess who showed up on the patio this morning sporting a new haircut?
His name is Brewser. No, we haven't adopted him yet.
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Hi Steve

He is really cute and love that new haircut. Those eyes - how could you not love him.... I can tell, he's yours.
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Pets make camping better, Oreo will not let us go camping without her it is the law. We got the camper for her to camp and ride her Mule. "Pets Rule"
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Well, here goes......I'm sure a lot of you would like to pull both triggers on me, but, Steve, you asked so here's my answer.

Don't get a dog. If you really feel the need to get a pet, go for the cat. We have a Bichon Frise named Jake and a several of you out there have met Jake. He's a really sweet and loving doggy and a great traveler. HOWEVER, he is now 13 1/2 years old, getting blind and hard of hearing and really is struggling with being left alone in the trailer or at home. He howls like mad. He NEVER has done that before. I think the poor little guy is just so uneasy now and feels abandoned if he can't know Shirley, especially, is right in the room with him.

There are a lot of places you can't take pets, like many beaches, trails, etc. So if you are willing to modify your trip plans and put the doggy first, then go for it. I'm just not made that way but my wife sure is. Maybe it's a guy thing but I sure enjoy traveling without him along. Now don't I just sound like a terrible meany?

Well, like Popeye said, " I yam what I yam"

How about a Goldfish?



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