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Plaque or Decal for MFGRV

:lol Hi All;

I'm in favour. Should we not consider the KISS principle (Keep It Simple S-----), like the Good Sam decal, or the original Christian "fish" symbol?

How about an egg-shaped "smiley-type", like Lainey has on his/her post of 07-14-03, (if it isn't already copyrighted), in various sizes.

Members could stick them wherever; they'd recognize each other and could take further contact from there; curious outsiders could ask questions and be enlightened as to web-site, e-mail etc.

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Old 07-16-2003, 06:49 AM   #86
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Wow, PC breaks down for a week, and I miss all the fun. :cry

There are so many choices. I think a picture or caricature would be seen the best, and easier to recognize then just words. words out to the side, maybe. one big enough for the back window would be nice for those who have back window available (some have AC's back there, and some don't have windows in the back)
:chin what would I consider best for me?
*picture for the side window, for tower and/or towee. I like Mary's sign and smiley, and the egg smiley. not sure about an egg trailer. even though I do like the picture. (You do realize each Sam's group has their own picture. or at least they use to. - don't know how this applies to us, just information.)
*words for the back or side would be nice.
*my number??? not that important for me, but could be. I don't think anyone seeing my rig will wonder if it's me or not. BUT I will admit that I can't tell Casitas apart or Scamps for that matter. I know, it's a defect I have. :duck
*being able to print out my own would be grand, but what of those who don't have that kind of printer. there would have to be another option available. for them.

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Old 07-16-2003, 07:01 AM   #87
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And, I want a coffee mug, Jana. Don't forget my coffee mug!

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I have re-thought this print it yourself theme. I have tried this, and it is so light I can barely see it. I would like it printed by a professional. and yes I think mugs would be wonderful.

Now the question in my mind is WHAT will it have on it?
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I'm gonna run that poll....

in the next few days/hopefully we can narrow it down and bug Michael .

(he needs another project right?) :o
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But what are you polling, Rick? the sticker or the picture? I guess I'm confused.

I'm wanting some ideas. how many people are working on a picture to submit? or an idea to be drawn by someone else? we talked about this waaay back before, but it died on the vine. I would like to see this completed, unless I'm the only one. :cry then I'll just whip out the o'l printer and have a go. :omy Oh. maybe that's a poll in itself - do you want, do you care.
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Old 07-18-2003, 02:18 PM   #91
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Decal Content

I think Darrel Smith came up with a fantastic idea and I would sure buy whatever we end up printing: decals, cups, spare tire covers, etc.

Here's my suggestion :

it lasts & lasts & lasts

RVs your kids can inherit!

Here's my reasoning:

1. Yes it's wordy (so am I!) but different fonts/spacing can make it happen. The "inherit" part could be at the bottom, if round, the words could wrap the border. I'm no graphic designer so I'm just throwing out content here, it could be layed out any number of ways.

2. Yes, it's not radical; yes, it's not romantic. But it's the longevity that attracts us most to Fiberglass RVs so why not stress that fact. By and large we're all practical and pragmatic people and that's what comes across in this content.

3. The "kids can inherit part" is slightly humorous (he said modestly)and is a play on the bumper sticker we often see with some form of "this rv is my kid's inheritance." It also repeats and underlines the longevity part. You read this you at least walk away knowing the #1 selling feature of Fiberglass.

4. Speaking of selling features: While this content supports our website it also sells fiberglass trailers. And of course that's good for us because our member base grows. But likewise it's good for the various fiberglass RV manufacturers. I could easily see us going to these manufactures and asking for some sponsorship with a decal,
or tire cover like this. We're helping sell their products, why not? And if we get one signed on, well the others tend to follow. I'm not fooling myself in thinking big bucks, but any amount that helps defray web costs is nice. And IMHO the future of fiberglass rvs is very bright; I think the rebirth of Trillium is a harbinger. (Obviously the above applies to other content ideas as well--whatever we choose we might wish to consider its marketability to the Fiberglass RV industry).

5. (The following applies to whatever we go with) Graphics should be generic. I have an egg but I would caution us against using an egg-shaped graphic. Bigfoots don't look like eggs; neither do Scamp 5th Wheels, Oxygens, etc. If there's one thing I like above the many many things I like about this web site it's that we're so wonderfully inclusive. Additionally, when we hitch ourselves to an egg shaped graphic (pun intended!) we ain't going to be able to knock on Bigfoot's door for sponsorship. I think we could just go with colours and graphics that are retro and capture the essence of 50's trailering. So many, many, options there.

That's it. Sorry for the length and sorry for the promotional nature of this post. I just believe in pitching what I believe. But I've seen lots of great ideas on this thread and whatever we do, my thanks to Darrel for a superb idea.


ps On the slim chance that we go with this idea I stipulate in
advance that my 3 1/2 year have total control
over the art work.
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Old 07-19-2003, 02:06 AM   #92
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great suggestions..and good "points to ponder"'!

stay tuned............ ;)
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Hello again:wave
I think we have had some great input on this subject. I am amazed at how many hits and responses have been made. After reading the many great ideas, I have come to the conclusion that they are all good and any one of could be used. I have rethought my idea of having a number reference and feel it is not essential. I think the main theme is our unique little trailers and the "growing" following for them. May I suggest one more idea to see how it floats. We need to keep this simple, international, and easily recognisable. How about using Michaels original lettering and colors have it read like this:
worldwide member
(flag of your country)

This could be put in any format from decals, to cling, to license plaque or window sign for the unique needs of each type of trailer. If we want to have our coffee mugs or key rings or other items we can have an online store and start generating novelties or unique gadgets which are readily available from many novelty companies with our printing of choice. These could be sold as nonprofit commodities for the benefit of the of the web site. We could also have an annual calendar with pictures of our unique trailers in unique locations and scenery as monthly illustrations. These are only suggestions. What do you all think.
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Old 07-20-2003, 09:59 PM   #94
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That is amazing. I just saw a window with that very thing, less the worldwide member part.
plus a flag.
it looked really nice.
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Old 07-23-2003, 06:31 PM   #95
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I found the vinyl 'cling' printer material and went with my original idea. Lame, but captures the juvenile delinquent in me:

<img src=>

Now I need to find UV resistant ink for the printer and I should be able to do some real damage. :wink
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There already is a decal for our fiberglass RVs. I picked mine up at a glass gathering in Oregon several years ago. They may be for sale at, (can't remember the www name), but I think it has "cafe" in the name somewhere. Someone will check it out. Marg in NW California.
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That would be cafepress

Fiberglassrv Gifts, T-Shirts, Stickers, & More - CafePress
1980 Bigfoot 17' & former owner of 1973 Compact Jr
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Old 12-29-2011, 07:24 AM   #98
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Good idea, but what is wrong with the 2 stickers that are in our own FGRV store? That should get the word out with our internet address.

Marty D

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