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Name: Sue and Greg
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I love the giggling girl scout story!

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My personal pet peeve is overly friendly neighbors. I'd love to chat, but please give us 20 minutes to set up first. And we might be more cordial if the first comment was something other than: "So how much did you have to pay for that tiny little thing?"

All in all, we've covered a lot of miles & stayed at many campgrounds with very few unpleasant experiences.

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We have also had very few bad experiences with neighbours, but we did cause one once, unintentionally. This was our most disastrous camping experience.

When my kids were little, we would camp a lot on Vancouver Island most of the year. Tent or van camping, no trailer then. 25 years ago, when my daughter was barely 1, we went on a spring weekend to a southern Island provincial park for the weekend. We pulled in around dinner time on Friday night, my wife, myself, our 7 year old son and our daughter. Our area of the park was deserted. Unfortunately, my daughter became slightly ill after dinner, and became very uncomfortable. From about 8 pm to midnight, she cried continuously and had ongoing diarrhoea. By midnight, campers on both sides of us had come in, set up, packed up and left, twice. We had used up our entire reserve of several days of clothes for her by then. She finally quieted down and went to sleep.

The next morning we put her in her usual backpack/seat (with fold-out legs so she could be vertical but still sitting) by the fire (she loved the fire) to cook breakfast. Since she was learning to walk and was feeling much better, she started rocking back and forth and within about a minute had dumped herself head first onto a rock, where she cut a long 2 inch cut on her forehead. This bled like crazy, though we were later told that surface head cuts bleed a lot but are not very dangerous. In about 2 minutes we determined that it was beyond our ability to control, so we abandoned the campsite and drove to the hospital near Victoria, about an hour away. There they had to give her about 12 stitches, all without anaesthetic because it was a head wound and she was so young. Even though we were separated by several doors and hallways, I can still hear the continuous screams for about a half hour during the stitching, with the womenís tennis final of the French Open on the hospital TV. After that we went home. Less than 24 hours camping and an ignominious end. I am pleased to say that it didnít cause any long term effect though, we still camp a lot and all our 5 kids do too.

Rick G
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Name: theresa
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our worst camping experience was experienced in jekyll island, georgia's campground.
the only spot the host would assign us was a handicapped site (we are not handicapped) immediately adjacent to the washroom. and i mean, almost inside the washroom....
there were many other vacant sites, but he kept insisting that those sites had to be kept available for georgians who "might" show up looking to camp. it was a tuesday night in february....what are the chances????
however, there WAS a large group in the tenting area....a very large group. they were all there over their spring break from college/university taking part in an ultimate frisbee tournament. needless to say, our night's sleep was non-existent. when we finally settled after quiet time, which the noises from their numerous campfires extended by several hours (with no intervention by the host/staff)....then, the banging of the damn washroom screen door began. can girls (the washroom closest to us) go to use the facilities at night by themselves? of course not! they need to bring 2-4 friends with them, talking loudly all the way to and from the facilities, and of course, let the door bang! on the way in...and bang! on the way out....
oh my goodness, i am still tired, just remembering it.
the next morning, the campground owner/host expressed "great disappointment" at our decision not to book for another night!!! obviously he stayed somewhere else the night before.
left a decidedly bad taste in my mouth......
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Name: RogerDat
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I'm not advocating revenge but...

We once had a very loud, rowdy and intoxicated group of young people camping next to us. Quite time was supposed to be 10:00pm to 7:00am finally at close to 11:30 I went and asked them if they could lower the volume on the radio and maybe stop shouting as we had kids trying to sleep. The response was loud and belligerent. I'm not here to teach other peoples kids manners, and there is no point to getting in a fight over being young, stupid and drunk so I let it go.

Fell asleep that night at 2:00 am to cries of "Ted Nugent" as his song came on their still loud radio.

I was however in the habit of getting up for work at 5:00 am so by 7:10 in the morning we are all up and around getting breakfast. At which time I opened the windows on that side of our converted school bus motor home, flicked the switches to turn on all 10 speakers, fired up both of the 50 watt per channel booster amps and enjoyed a little Janice Joplin with my morning coffee.

From the loud angry noises coming from their tent I'm guessing they were not a fan of Me and Bobby McGee as a hangover cure. They went to bed that night much earlier, maybe they were tired?
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I've learned a bit from camping.

1) Some parks are known for partiers. Check ahead of time with hosts, rangers and so on. They'll tell you which parks are rowdy.
2) Yes you can call the police. I never got that far. We were tent camping in a park during a deserted midweek. 135 spots, about 5 campers through the whole park. We went off for the day and when we came back the host was laughing his head off. He said, you have four tents on the site next to you now. I said yeah that's a funny joke. He said no seriously, it's true, they wanted the site next to you.

It turned out to be some day laborer and his son and friends. His girlfriend had kicked him out. Furniture, tv, various stuff. They were up until about 2 am drunk, and the conversation between the two "boys" (20 something) before the father came the next day to join them went like this,

"Dude! My almanac says to fish at 1 a.m."
"Dude! This is like having four hotel rooms!"

As they drank more and more they got progressively louder. Dude #1 was on the phone with somebody. I just got really pissed and yelled out to shut up.

"Some crazy lady is yelling at me to shut up! Lady, we're on vacation from North Carolina!"

Well eventually I made my partner go with me to the host, and woke him up. He came by and scolded them but they were already half drunk at 2 am and fell off to sleep before they woke at 6 am to go off to their day labor job in their noisy diesel truck.

The next night the same. I went to the host again who pretended not to hear me knocking until finally he came to the door. "Call the police," he said irritably. I said no, I don't feel like it, you go threaten them and tell them you'll call the police.

He was pissed. He did it though. He was harsh with them. They fell off to sleep.

The next day I asked them why out of 135 sites they picked the site next to us.

"We like it" they said brattily.

We never did figure it out and the host was too much of a weeny to get them to move, so we moved. Which took half a day.

But you can call the police and they'll come and kick them out.
I just didn't want to do it.
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Luckily, I've only had a couple nights (out of many years) with noisy neighbors - memorably a group of motorcycle touring campers - drinking and loud until the wee hours.

But last summer at a KOA campground in Washington (my plan for that night fell through and I ended up picking this place at random), my neighbors were a slightly dodgy group of young folks with a really old trashy stick-built. They were outside being somewhat noisy - but mostly it was really rainy and they stayed inside.

The bad part came the next day when I was in Canada and got pulled over by a mountie for not having a license plate on my trailer. YUP - my license plate and it's holder had been ripped off my trailer - I believe it was swiped off the trailer in that campground while I was away from my trailer walking my dog. Goes to show that one should pay attention to those 'bad vibes' - I had second thoughts about staying there but since it was late and pouring down rain, I ignored my intuition - never again!!
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Originally Posted by jenbooks View Post

But you can call the police and they'll come and kick them out.
I just didn't want to do it.

And then, after the police leave and "your friends" return at 3:00 AM, drunk and angry about having been kicked out........
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Originally Posted by Anne H View Post
Luckily, I've only had a couple nights (out of many years) with noisy neighbors - memorably a group of motorcycle touring campers - drinking and loud until the wee hours.

And than, there was that egg camper standing at the Pearly Gates.
St. Peter checks his book and tells him "I can't let you in, you haven't done a single good deed in your life!"
Eggie says "Wait, check again, I stood up to a group of drunk bikers who were disturbing peace and enjoyment of all the campers, it must count as a good deed!"
St. Peter checks his book again and says "Nothing here about it. When did it happen?
Eggie replies "oh, about five minutes ago..."

I wish to be one day at least half as good as I think I am today. Andrew Kalinowski
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