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Name: Raz
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Originally Posted by CampyTime View Post
Hi Everyone,
I just have to talk here. Although I am listed as a Senior Member, I am by no means senior in knowledge of FGRV's. In fact, my senior status was certainly arrived at by posting countless questions to others when problems or just general inquiries popped into my head. Most of the time, I am just a lurker and a learner here. One of the reasons why...

I become so saddened when posts/threads turn into jumping grounds. Jumping down another's throat, that is. As for this thread, I believe the simple thing we are seeing here is just like you witness with automobiles day in and day out. For every 10 people who love their Ford, Chevy, Toyota etc., 10 more have had a bad experience and this formulates their negative opinion of the product. This is normal! Experience is the basis of opinion. I, personally, am not offended in the slightest when a person here posts a negative experience with any brand of trailer, and that includes a Scamp (of which I own). This site is not to tout one brand over another. This is simply that person's experience. I am grateful for all postings, and then if I am interested further, take that information as a springboard and begin my own research.

Hey, I've never even stepped foot into another brand of FGRV, although I do see from reading here that all brands have their pros/cons. I own a Scamp because it came my way through serendipity and human kindness, and I could afford it. Heck, if it had been a Casita or Escape or other brand I probably would have bought that too, for I knew little of FGRV's when I made my purchase. As embarrassing as it sounds, I bought one because I thought they were cute. In all fairness, now that I'm a big old, 2 year owning big shot, I can say there would be several things I would ask Scamp to change if I were buying a new one, with one being glassing in the top of the floor instead of just the ground side (would be nice for potential indoor leaks) and using plywood instead of OSB. Just my opinion! It doesn't make me a "hater" as my kids' generation calls it.

So please...keep posting all of your experiences, good and bad, and let's be loving, intelligent people and realize these are just others' experiences, taken for all their worth for us to learn by or simply to read, and stop waiting around the corner to jump somebody. I sadly admit it is one of the reasons I don't post much advice here, even though I am certainly well versed enough to help a newbie with general questions about maintenance and care.

If we can't simply share our experiences without being accused of brand slander, then I really don't know what I'll write in the future when I have a problem and am in need of venting and help.

With Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy Holiday Season,

Just so you know you didn't get lost in the shuffle. Good post. Raz

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Name: Carl
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Originally Posted by P. Raz View Post
Just so you know you didn't get lost in the shuffle. Good post. Raz

Wendy, I second that. You stated this point eloquently. The truth is my displeasure with Scamp is based on my personal experience, and I am aware that others feel differently. Any negative comments I may have made about my Scamp experience were not intended to insult or offend the Scamp faithful, any more than if I were to say I don't like cauliflower, it wouldn't mean that I think produce department managers who stock it are providing a disservice. Most opinions presented are based on one's likes/dislikes and though someone may not agree, it does not make either one right or wrong. Tolerance, like patience is a virtue.

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Originally Posted by CPW View Post
Point taken, Donna.

I'm going into kind mode.

No more brand bashing (except by PM if asked).

And no more beverage bashing either!
I always thought you were kind! My experience with our Scamp will be available only via PM. I had more than a lifetime worth of being attacked for my views back in the days I participated in the Yahoo Scamp Group.

Happy Holidays to Everyone.
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Name: Carol
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British Columbia
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Originally Posted by P. Raz View Post
Just so you know you didn't get lost in the shuffle. Good post. Raz
Wendy, I totally agree with Raz.

In your relatively short ownership you have taken the time to learn as much as you can. As they say "you have come a long way baby" and you should not feel at all hesitant with posting your experience.
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Name: Floyd
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Originally Posted by Carol H View Post
Wendy, I totally agree with Raz.

In your relatively short ownership you have taken the time to learn as much as you can. As they say "you have come a long way baby" and you should not feel at all hesitant with posting your experience.
I have read nothing in this thread which should preclude anyone from posting his experience,with the possible exception of me, which might easily be inferred from the content in this post and possibly one or two others, which I'm sure would be a mistake.
Of course I concur with the notion, and shall not be hesitant in posting my experience either, nor will I be a party to intimidation on either side.

Despite repeated insistence to the contrary I have not been insulted or offended by derogatory comments aimed at Scamp, nor have I said anything which could sensibly be construed as insulting or offensive.
So far, thankfully,this conversation has not been reduced to blatant Ad hominem and I trust that it will not degenerate to that degree...doing so would merely confirm what was said in post #17.
I have experience with Scamp which has taken its rightful place along side the experience of others, no more no less.

My posts are always intended to be amicable and helpful with a touch of entertainment where possible. Any offense must be taken since none is given.

In other words, more "kind", ... I WUV you all!
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Name: Alan
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I believe this has been beat into the ground... Lets move on
This is not what this forum is about
In my humble opinion
I ve always felt this forum was a great learning tool.... But this has just become to negative

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Name: Morris
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Tell me more about the escape 5.0


Originally Posted by Marv View Post
At one time we had a Scamp 19 on order (and then cancelled it); we currently have an Escape 5.0. There is more difference in the sleeping areas than just the queen bed. If you get the front bath Scamp (necessary for my height, 6'1") the sleeping area is fully walled in on all four sides except for the narrow opening for the stairs. Claustrophobic folks, beware. If you get the side bath Scamp the bed area is open but headroom in the bath is tight.

Except for a few mostly little things, the other difference that stands out for me is the effort to hitch up. The Escape has an electric landing gear (actually two electric tongue jacks). Back when we shopped, the Scamp had a manual crank that took forever to extend and retract the landing gear. Maybe that has changed now.

They are both good trailers. Personal preference can help a lot with your decision.

Edit: It looks like you already made your decision a few minutes before I could post. Oh well, I tried.

BTW, if you can wait until February, I know where you can get a nice used 5.0.
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Name: Donna D
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Originally Posted by MorrisRamsey View Post

Tell me more about the escape 5.0

I'm not Marv, but I can tell you Escape (ETI) no longer builds the 5.0 trailer (single-axle.. Classic model... only available used). Guess which "new" model of the Escape 5er I own?
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Gee Donna, I don't think anyone here knows which 5.0 you prefer. Perhaps you would like to tell us? Lol

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Life would be a million times better if there were Pinatas strategically placed throughout the day.
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Name: Marv
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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
I'm not Marv...
Yeah, she's better looking than me.

Morris, Not sure what you want to know. I sent you a private message.


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axle, escape, scamp

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