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Name: Mr
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Christyn --

I don't think you have mentioned what your tow vehicle actually is. If you tell us, it will start the inevitable he said/she said about viability for the purpose. So, I will just say this - the 13' with bath does not weigh significantly differently than a standard 16' without bath. The 16 has plenty of room for your people, and a closet to hold a porta-potty.

But, I am guessing that it is all a moot point. If you are that pressed on capacity with your tow vehicle, you are probably over the limits for the 13' with bath, too. The elusive 1000# weight that is so often referenced only applied to a totally stripped and empty base 13, without appliances, cooktop, propane tank, cushions, spare tire, etc, and even then very few ever weighed that little.

My suggestion -- please don't tell us what your tow vehicle is. Just tell us what it is factory rated to tow. If we know that, we might be able to suggest a solution that gets you out camping.

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Name: joe
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most State Park and National Park campgrounds that I go to all have wonderful bathrooms and showers. My suggestion would be keep the bunksby Get a porta potty for emergencies that slide under the center bumk unless you plan to do a lot of boon docking and then you can't use the shower

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Name: Emily
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We have the 13 foot front bunk option and the smaller dinette bed. In ours we sleep kids on the bunks (11 and 13 yo) and my husband and I in the bed. I'm on the smaller side, 5"6" and 115 pounds and he is 6', 220 pounds. There is no way we could add one of the kids to the bed with us. It's cozy (which we don't mind) but there is zero extra space in our dinette bed. We may be a bit biased as we come from a tent camping background, but it's easy to find campgrounds with actual flush toilets and sinks for washing up, so having the extra beds for kids was way more important. We usually reserve campsites on line ahead of time, so often I will pick a site near the restrooms, so if someone needs to go in the night, it's close by. It was also helpful when the kids were smaller, that during the day, I could send them to the bathroom and watch them go there and come back, eliminating the need to walk them to and from every time.
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Name: Bob
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Originally Posted by Byron Kinnaman View Post
A tent is no more unsafe that a Scamp trailer. We took our kids backpacking at 4 years old and they slept in their own tent. At 40+ they're still sleeping a tent. Remember we live in a paranoid world today. You either continue with the paranoia or ignore it.
Tents and soft sided campers are no longer allowed in a number of Yellowstone campgrounds, not due to danger from peeps, but from bears and other hungry animals.

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Name: Tim
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North Florida
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I do not have a 13 but really, really like my 16 for two humans and one medium dog. The floor is for a dog to sleep on IMHO. The dog just moves out of the way and does not complain when I get up in the middle of the night.

And to ask a question about the following excerpted quote from the OP: "We're hoping that dad and the kid(s) would sleep in tents outside". Is "dad" one of the "we" who are "hoping" that "he" can sleep outside in a tent? Speaking just for me, the "dad" in my bunch, I bought the Scamp so "I" could have an inside bed.
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Name: melissa
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Just curios your reason for the inside bath being a must? We have a Scamp 13 with front bunks and sleep 4 very comfortably. My girls are 13 and 19 and will not outgrow the bunks ever as we are a very short family lol. We have a porta potti for night trips and inclement weather. For privacy we set it up at night in the doorway area and use spring loaded shower curtain rod and shower curtain. Also makes a great changing area during the day if needed with easy and lightweight set up and tear down. So if the reason for the front bath is night time visits there really are other options that to me are easier to deal with than an entire add'l system that must be cleaned and maintained not to mention adding a lot of weight. Front bath Scamps are more tongue heavy. You didn't mention your tow vehicle but if it's marginal on weight you may find the tongue weight unacceptable in a front bath. We also have the 54" bed and regularly sleep 3 in it and 2 in the bunks when my daughter's best friend comes so my 4 sleeper becomes a 5 sleeper. We love it, it's perfect for us and we feel no need to upgrade to a 16 anytime soon
Melissa in Florida
2016 Honda Odyssey
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Name: Ken
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a 5 sleeper with 13 footer, that's awesome. making lifelong memories.

Also used a porta potti with a family of three for years with no problem. Keep us updated Christyn.
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
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1. On our last trip to Newfoundland we met two couples from 'away' traveling thru NL in Mini-vans, part of the reason we just bought one. They are literal caves. As well they make great tow vehicles. They could easily provide secure, extra sleeping space.

2. Consider a Scamp 16, they are almost as easy to tow as a Scamp 13 and can easily sleep 4 people with it's two front bunks. As well it still has the side bath. (An advantage to the side bath is that it feels bigger with a front window.)

Frontal area is the primary load on the flat, not trailer weight. Trailer weight comes into play on hills and that is really a small percentage of travel time, minimally the uphill distance is equal to the downhill distance.

As many people have suggested, these trailers tow well. I've towed both a Scamp 13 and a Scamp 16 and they feel very similar. When your towing they virtually look the same behind you. Ginny says, what you feel is that someone is following awfully close.

What kind of traveling do you plan to do?
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA
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Stuff and 4-5 people and a dog..??

No matter how you look at your situation, you will have a full vehicle and lots of stuff in addition. I suggest that you need a small utility trailer for all your camping stuff and one or two big tents. Good tents not Walmart tents. Forget the 13' travel trailer. OR...get a Honda or Toyota minivan and a 16'/17' scamp/casita and let the children stay in the van.
Don't let your choices revolve around bears. We didn't get a trailer until we were 62. Before that it was tents on the north slope where every day it was 10 to 15 Grizzlies To Yellowstone and glacier and half a dozen western and eastern wild areas. Bears are not the boogeyman! But do pay attention to keeping your food and foodstuff secure.
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Name: Christyn
Trailer: About to take the plunge...
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Originally Posted by Paul E Henning View Post
Let me throw out one more idea. If the kids are quite young, and nobody in the family is claustrophobic, it would be pretty easy to rig a bunk bed over the dinette bed. To make it simple, it would mean sacrificing the dinette for a permanent bed, but if the bath is priority #1, that is an option. If you go this route, NEVER FORGET to put down your rear stabilizers!!
Oh my goodness I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for everything mentioned here! Let me try to answer all the questions..

Paul we only have one kid now and he's not even a toddler yet so yes he and any others would definitely be young for a while. I can't believe you mentioned this, I was up till after 1am this morning wondering if we couldn't build a bunk over the main bed?! "losing" the dinette would be no loss for us, we are getting rid of furniture at home to spend more time on the ground anyway and I'd far rather everyone be outside if at all possible for eating etc. so I expect we would hardly ever even set up the dinette. Can you point me anywhere that someone has done such a thing? We both actually understand quite a bit and have construction experience, but on houses not fiberglass, I can't see how to build this thing! I think it could be a great option though, especially if the beds could be taken down during the day like the normal bunks can...
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Name: Christyn
Trailer: About to take the plunge...
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Originally Posted by Jon in AZ View Post
Rather than tearing out the inside of the trailer for back-up sleeping space, look for a tow vehicle that could sleep a couple of people. Long before I owned a trailer, I used to sleep very comfortably in the back of my 1993 Subaru Legacy. We have a 2011 Honda Pilot now, and the back folds into a nice flat (slightly inclined) space that could sleep two if needed. I don't consider a mid-sized, V6-powered crossover (Pilot, Highlander, Santa Fe, Pathfinder, Explorer,...) overkill for a 13' egg when you're talking about bringing a whole family, extra camping equipment, toys, pets,... It would also leave open the option to trade up to a larger trailer later as your family grows and if you were so inclined. If you are willing to shop used, it wouldn't necessarily break the bank, either.
This is really a clever idea...I had forgotten how the SUV's often can fold flat in the back! I don't think it's ideal, but then again most of the time I would hope most of the family would be outside anyway, it's for parks with bears (as mentioned above) or really violent weather that a "back up" would be needed...also to answer the other mention about the hubby, hahaha, well he just wants to travel, likes to camp, doesn't care too much at all about sleeping in the trailer at this point...could that change? Yes I'm sure it could and that would be hard if we had just bought too small, I do want to avoid having to sell and upgrade if at all possible.
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Name: Christyn
Trailer: About to take the plunge...
Posts: 23
Originally Posted by rdickens View Post
Christyn -

The standard engineer's answer is "It depends.". 😉
What size main bed are we talking about?
How big will the child become during ownership of this trailer?
Are you creative and willing and able to do mods?

A while back we briefly slept 5 in our Scamp13 with the 54" bed and the sofa/bunk beds.
We slept 5 in our Scamp13 with 54" bed - Fiberglass RV
(Hint: My wife and 2 teenage granddaughters slept in the 54" double bed.)

I have seen a mod where someone constructed a 54" tall bunk over the foot area of a 54" main bed.
Oh my goodness, do you have any contact/pictures/etc of that mod? We are very very creative and handy...I design interiors as well so this will not be a very standard trailer by the end one way or another . I would so love to see how they did that. I think also if possible we would get the 54" bed, I've been wondering, what gets smaller to make the bed bigger? Is the kitchenette smaller?
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Name: Christyn
Trailer: About to take the plunge...
Posts: 23
To try to answer the rest of the questions, our TV is rated as "no tow" I believe so apparently that will have to be addressed anyway (sigh!). I do think we would want to boondock as much as possible (why could you not use the shower? Can't you use a grey water tank?).

As far as the bathroom goes, the ability to bring a bathroom anywhere is SUPER key for us, we both hate public bathrooms (stayed in a lovely campground a while back tent-camping with a great set of facilities but just strongly dislike using them). I guess I'm just a creature who likes my own spaces...The shower would be great for just a super quick rinse at night to feel like there are no ticks crawling into bed with you (SHUDDER)...I realize I don't sound like the camping-est person and I certainly wouldn't say that I am, I love nature, but I have more than a reasonable respect for ticks and bears...really do, this trailer is my hubby's way of giving me a place to feel safe and still have adventures with the family . I am curious about the portapottis I keep hearing it just a box you sit on and the waste goes onto the ground? Is it like a casette toilet? I could totally be swayed by voices of wisdom... Nighttime trips to the potty are not an issue, no one in our family has to get up at night hardly ever.
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Name: Christyn
Trailer: About to take the plunge...
Posts: 23
I should perhaps mention another reason for 'having all our bases covered' facility-wise is that neither of us plan well at all, it's far more likely we'd just start driving and stop in some town that is cute than plan a route...though I know you can't just take off with a trailer so perhaps we'd have to think ahead a little bit. We want to do impromptu weekend trips within 5 hrs mostly and just have a little home set up when we get there, not a huge fan of the RV parks, definitely more off-the-beaten-path-sorts

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