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Originally Posted by tractors1 View Post
I would make sure I avoided driving anywhere near a flaky looking load setup on the road. Happens surprisingly often; my favorite is the mattress tied to the roof bent 90 degrees when the driver is going 65 mph....
I have seen that one MANY times!!!

My wife had one fly off in front of her and land on her windshield.

I wonder - how good of shape is this mattress going to be in after suffering that sort of abuse?

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Name: RogerDat
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Don't need to risk your life, if you are reasonably sure the load is unsafe just call the police. Most states have "unsecured" or "improper" load statues. Normally they target commercial vehicles but if someone calls it in they will generally respond.

They can ticket, and/or insist the issue be rectified before allowing the load to move.

If the trailer is going down the road barely under control (we know what sway looks like) or load clearly not secured then make the call. They may not have kids but the people in the other cars on the road may, and some of us grown ups don't heal as well as we used to.

Parked and just looking a little sketchy about how it's loaded is a tougher decision. Like I said in prior post my trailer (10ft) loaded with modest amount of 16 ft. lumber handles fairly decent with lumber propped up on gate and strapped down tight, with flags on lumber where it projects past trailer. Would not tow it at highway speeds but at 50 mph it handles about as well as it does empty.

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Name: Bob
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A couple of weeks ago we watched a fool leaving Home Depot with two sheets of drywall tied to the roof of his sedan...tied in the middle, yet. He made it about fifty yards beyond the parking lot on the road before both sheets snapped in half and flew off behind him, causing the car behind him to brake quite suddenly. Then a few yards further the two remaining pieces slid off. Didn't even bother to stop. I like to think I would have said something had I seen him in the parking lot, but it likely would have fallen on deaf ears.
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Texas Transportation Code / Code Chapter 725
"Failure to secure a load" A $750.00 fine can be issued in this particular state.
Many other states have similar statutes. I recommend that you not contact the individual and put yourself in conflict . One call to local law inforcement may save you or someone else from death, injury, and damage. Sometime you can fix stupid.

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In California, the fine for that starts at a whopping $109.
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2012 Escape 19
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Many years ago we were driving on a mountain road and saw little military style Jeep approaching down a long grade toward us. He was about 200 yards from us when he started veering back and forth with increasing severity. We saw a way overloaded utility trailer intermittently jutting out from the jeep at extremely crazy angles. The Jeep's tires were actually lifting off the pavement, and I thought I'd better get off the road. I went onto the shoulder and watched fully expecting the rig to roll over. Somehow he got it reined in and came to a stop. (probably had to change pants) I'll bet he learned how to load a trailer that day, or at least how not to load one! It seems many utility trailers have the axle placed dead center under the box. That invites a person to improperly load it, like that guy in Home Depot. I have built many trailers in my lifetime, and all of them had the axle placed a distance behind the center. The placement was done by the scientific practice of dead reckoning. All of those trailers functioned without ill manners and were intuitively easy to load properly.
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Since the owner wasn't there for you to talk with, if you had a saw handy you could have done them a favor by shortening the lumber.

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Two stories:

#1) I worked for a company that manufactured bricks, mostly for commercial jobs. Once a year they held a big "Yard Sale" where excess production on commercial jobs are sold CHEAP to the public - not a huge quantity of any one item, but enough for home planters or such. One day we had someone who bought a whole pallet of brick - about 525 brick if I recall - around 3,500# total. And asked if we could load it on top of her old-school VW Bug.

#2) Confession - one time I **did** tote home some pieces of 20' long fascia trim (1x6 IIRC) on an 8' flat bed trailer. 8' on the bed, almost 4' forward ( to the ball) and 8' aft of the trailer. It was SECURELY tied in front to prevent it from sliding off back on to the road. Proper red flag on the butt end. AND sssslllllooooowwww drive home. Back roads only, watch mirror and pull over anytime ANYONE was behind me.

OK - one more...

Another time someone asked me to deliver a utility trailer to someone else. I didn't know in advance it took a 1 7/8" ball. I only had 2". Trailer was empty. SO... I "wired" it to the top of the 2" ball w/ bailing wire and drove SLOWLY to the destination.

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Since we're into stories: Way back when, I worked for an electrical contractor. We had a spool of 4-0 wire on a flat roof of an industrial building. Someone tried to steal it----by rolling it off the roof into the back of their pickup. Well, it ended in the bed of the truck, but the bed was on the ground-snapping the axle in two places. Not the same as towing, but still a good laugh.

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