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Name: Mitzi
Trailer: LilSnoozy 12/01/16, Tug 2012 Dodge Citadel
Posts: 500
They backed into us!!!

mad We were gassing up at a Stop in Go in Flagler or Brevard county and some idiot backed into us!
I got a bad jerk and whiplash and started screaming at dH - who was facing the gas pump "We'vebeen Hit! Weve been hit!"

He never reacted- later on told me he never heard me.

I jumped out still screaming and ran to the back of the Snoozy- afraid of a massive damage to the FG- fortunately they had hit the steel bumper.

The other driver was about to drive away until I got back there and then asked if we could just not report it!!???

DH finally heard me- I was holding onto the pain in my neck-he asked me if I wanted to file a report with the police, I said no. It's not as if we had any visible damage- and I already have a wrecked spine and chronic pain issues- who would be able to tell if I was having pain because of the new accident or because of the old damage??And we were doing a big push to get home by 6 pm (didn't get home till 8, that's another story)

WhenI asked him if he had really NOT noticed the bang and big jerk DH said, "You know I'm not very observant about things"...

I am more than a little upset, to put it mildly.

I would think a car backing into your trailer and the resultant bang and movement should clue you in that SOMETHING was wrong...

BTW when we put the Snoozy back in storage noticed a tire was low. DH said "I don't think it's a problem"...last time we had this discussion there was a screw in the tread.!!! I have now invested in an air compressor that can reinflate within 3 minutes, with a 10 ft 12V plug.

Starting to feel alone in this activity...

That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: Floyd
Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
Posts: 7,016
When I added this bumper to the Scamp I knew it would not be of much use in a real collision. My hope was that it would serve us well if someone bumped us from behind. At least it holds the stinky slinky very well, hope I never have to find out about the bump!
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Name: John
Trailer: 2015 Oliver 23, Ram Cummins
Smith Valley, Nevada
Posts: 1,307
That is really annoying. Carelessness by others can be so maddening.

But I'm curious how you can get whiplash from something your partner didn't even notice, that caused no damage and wasn't worth reporting. I had a whiplash injury as a kid and there was absolutely no way the incident could have gone unnoticed.

Hope your trip helps you relax.
I only exaggerate enough to compensate for being taken with a grain of salt.
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Old 05-27-2017, 06:30 PM   #4
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita 17 ft DLX SD & 21 ft SOB
NW Wisconsin
Posts: 3,512
You and your husband have my deepest sympathy .
Please try and remember that your husband did not cause the accident. He was an innocent bystander as were you.
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Name: K C
Trailer: 1971 Trailswest Campster
Posts: 2,281
It can be a good balance to have one partner in a relationship with a "low key" response and another with a stronger "crisis mode" response. Value each other for what each of you contributes in the way of good situational management.
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Name: Mary
Trailer: Escape 21; (formerly Casita LD 17 & 16)
Posts: 10,170
Oh, my. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but, oh, my!! I feel for you!! Your Snoozy is practically brand new!
Mary F Fiberglass Rules!
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Name: Michael
Trailer: Li'l Hauley
Posts: 5,685
Since your neck was hurting, it would have been better to get their driver's license and insurance info before he left the scene. That way your next doctor visits could have been covered by the other guy's med pay. No copay or anything out of your pocket. The fact that you may have been more susceptible to injury or that you already have spine & neck problems is of little relevance; he was responsible and his insurance would have kicked in.

But what's done is done, and I hope you don't have any new complications resulting from this incident.

Don't be too hard on the hubby; obliviousness does not equate to a lack of caring and love!
Did you hear about the butcher
who backed into the meat grinder?
He got a little behind in his orders....
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Name: Mitzi
Trailer: LilSnoozy 12/01/16, Tug 2012 Dodge Citadel
Posts: 500
Yeah, we have complementary personalities most of the time.
Raspy, it was not a minor bump. It was pretty major and the snoozy/Durango pushback pushed the hitting car backfar enough the driver could have just driven away. (in fact was starting to!) I didn't check the front of that car for damage.
You don't understand how MaJOR his obliviousness is!
I've accustomed myself to his blank stare and unawareness most of the time.
We're talking about the time needed to get a sheriff's deputy car there to take a report and god knows how much time in an ER, with 4 cats in the car and 90+ degree heat. I know what is severe enough to call for an ER run and this was borderline. If we were in our hometown sure, because dh could run the cats to the house.
I'm over it mostly by now. I do wish he was more aware of what is happening around him. When he was talking about opening his own store years back I told him not until he doubled his life insurance and took out both short and longterm disability, because he has no understanding of body language or ability to gauge mood.
That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: Tom
Trailer: Sprinter 'til I buy
Denver, CO
Posts: 944
Your personalities do sound complimentary: A pain in the neck, and a pain in the ass! Just kidding!
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Name: Mitzi
Trailer: LilSnoozy 12/01/16, Tug 2012 Dodge Citadel
Posts: 500
That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: Alfred
Trailer: 2014 Escape 5.0TA/ 2016 Ram V6 Eco Diesel
Posts: 3,908
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Originally Posted by Mitzi Agnew-Giles View Post
Hi: Mitzi Agnew-Giles... I'm to poor to pay attention. My DW thinks I need a hearing aid. I already wear glasses... but we don't see things the same either!!!
Keep on Camping.
Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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Name: Marilyn
Trailer: 13 ft 2005 Scamp Deluxe; 2002 Subaru V6 Outback
Posts: 225
Floyd - would you be willing to send directions on how to install your new bumper with stinky slinky attachment? I am constructing a 6" wide slinky holder with slide out tray that holds new slinky + attachments, similar to what Donna and others built and attached to bottom of their FRG's. Unfortunately there's no room under my 13 ft Scamp for attachment. I thought of removing the battery box, attaching it there and resecuring the battery box to top of slinky holder...not sure if that's best solution or how to do it either. There's always sticking it on car roof rack, but that's not practical.

Would love to hear from you regards the bumper as I too, have a spare tire attached.

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