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Name: Rachel
Trailer: Scamp on order!
South Carolina
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Originally Posted by monB View Post
If you'd like to see the possibilities of RV travel with dogs, go visit a large dog show that has conformation showing. There will be a LOT of dog people camped out on the show grounds and they love to talk on their down time...BEFORE they go into the ring, not so much!

Anyway, lot of inventive people will be there and you'd get some handy hints just walking through RV parking area. Can't think of any shows in your specific area...Tarheel circuit come to mind but that's north. Go to the AKC website and check out upcoming events and you should be able to find something rather close.

That's a great idea! Thanks!

Originally Posted by Sands View Post
16' Scamp with front bench, rear bed (never use the table): My wife and I plus 3 dogs (one 70#, one 30#, one 8#) full time. Mostly boondocking. Two big dogs sleep on front couch, little one sleeps with us in bed. We spend 90% of daylight hours outside and the dogs go with us whether hiking or driving around sightseeing. When in camp we often leash the bigger dogs to keep them out of trouble, one at front of trailer and one at back. We have a Clam 10x10 screen room that we also set up about 1/2 the time, and there is plenty of room in there for the dogs whether with us or as a containment area for when we have to leave them for a while. We keep dog towels in both the car and trailer for inclement weather or when the dogs find irresistible water sources. We also keep a brush hanging just inside the trailer door and brush the dogs off before letting them in for the evening. Dogs are a lot of effort, but they offer a lot of reward too! We seldom go an hour when we aren't laughing at something one of them has done, and the unconditional love and loyalty they offer is hard to duplicate. Wouldn't think of leaving them behind.
Thanks! Mine come with me everywhere I can take them.

Originally Posted by CampyTime View Post
I go everywhere camping with Katrina (picture near my mame). I carry a towel or two to wipe her feet and body if she gets wet in the rain. I put a d ring through the floor of the trailer under dinette table. This is for when I use the showers. I never leave her in the trailer alone unless it's to bathe (just my choice) but would feel comfortable doing so for a little bit. Truth is she walks anywhere with me I go on site. When I go into town the kids and I each take turns with her outside if shopping is desired.

At night she either sleeps with me or I loop her leash through that d ring and she sleeps on floor on a blanket. If it's hot she is on floor as I love the screen door open. I'm afraid if she were loose in trailer with screen door open and heard a critter outside, there'd go my screen door.

If I'm outside so is she. I bought a cute little quik shade doggie tent last year that gets her off the ground and shades her from sun.

Yes at times having doggie is quite restrictive. But I love her and that's the way it is.

I also have a can as folding crate but it takes up lots of room in scamp 13. Was perfect when I owned a pop up camper. You'll figure out what works for ya. Best wishes!Attachment 93693Attachment 93694

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Yes! I'm glad to see there are some people like me. Gotta have my boys with me.

Originally Posted by Byron Kinnaman View Post
If you want to travel with pets of any be aware that National Parks don't allow pets on trails, with very few exceptions. They also require and enforce leash rules.
All national parks?

Originally Posted by Raz View Post
We have a dog because it's good for our health in more ways than I can count. Folks that don't get it, don't have to. We left our dog at a kennel, once. Never again. We bought the trailer so we could bring the dog with us. Byron is correct, the NPS is not as dog friendly as other parks. They're not that people friendly either . The National Forest Service and the BLM are better. Also, most state parks allow dogs. Common sense rules. Don't let your dog be an issue for others. In a 13' trailer, two adults and an 80 lb golden take up a lot of space. My wife has done wonders keeping things like bedding dry with covers made from plastic sheets. Same with the back seat in the truck. There are things we miss. Oh well. We'd rather have the dog with us than not. Happy trails, Raz
Thanks! I am definitely planning with my boys in mind.

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Name: Carl
Trailer: 2014 16 scamp side dinette/Rav4 V6 Tow pkg.
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We retired and have a golden. We wanted to get away so we did what ever a normal person would do. We bought her own little house, soooo we can getaway all together. We bought her a outside Clam screen tent so she would not be tied and she can see everything around her. She likes it as much as she likes our deck at home. We at times leave her alone to shop local for a few hours inside camper,if cool enough in mountains, shady areas. We open all windows and turn on fantastic fan it stays nice inside. If it is real hot we seek electric sites only and run air. She is not any trouble at all, she is going to be 10 soon, so we hope to enjoy her for a few more years. Good luck with your dogs. Carl

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Name: Stan
Trailer: Oliver Legacy Elite II Hull #63
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We like taking our German Shepard along on our trips, but they can inhibit what activities you can do. If it's 2-3 hours we have no problem with letting him in the trailer, usually with a nice sized smoked bone. Yeah, the National Parks are a problem with the no dogs on trail policy, so he just has to stay behind.
Now the big down side, why do the dogs have to take a "big dump" right in sight of a bunch of people sitting out by their trailer? Do you stand there and try and ignore what's going on or make like a showman and you dog is a star on stage, or hide your head in shame? Hate when that happens, then you have to pick up the steaming treasure and carry it around till you find a dumpster.
And that's the down side of traveling with a dog.
But, we love our Gunner.

Stan aka poop picker
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Name: P
Trailer: Casita
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I have an arthritic Chocolate Lab and a small, mutt. We live where people go to camp so they are outdoor/indoor dogs. Before we go on a trip, both dogs get a bath. This lessens the wet dog smell just a bit.

I started out with the same size teardrop--5X8. I just had the Lab then. He loved sleeping next to me. I did not like the elbows in my side. One night I woke up to a teardrop dog quake. He had worked his way down during the night and was stuck in the foot area. I was able to slide him back out.

The Casita is much easier for him to get in and out. I have a dog ramp for him to load into the pickup, and have that handy for the trailer when camping. Neither dog is allowed up on furniture. The big dog sleeps in the aisle, and the little mutt sleeps under my bed. I can leave both inside while I go do something. I usually make sure they've been exercised and are "unwound" before doing that.
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Camping with dogs in the rain

Lots of towels; large ones to put over seating areas, small ones to wipe their paws.

Also, I find it's nice to have a plug-in hair dryer to blow dry their fur, and to dry wet stuff around the trailer.

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Name: Byron
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Here's my take on dogs and camping.
We don't have a dog because we don't want to take the time and effort to properly train a dog. We do however like OPDs (Other People's Dogs) if they well behaved. Which most are. The owner picks up after the dog and leashed at all times. (Almost all places require dogs to leashed).
As with many anti-social behaviors among humans it doesn't take many to make it somewhat necessary to create and enforce rules. I commend those that do take the time to train and obey the rules.
Now the rant about the few.
We spent February in Death Valley. The large campground at Sun Set usually has a lot dogs camping with their owners. There's a very large overflow camping area also. It would appear that many dog owners think the overflow sign says doggie bathroom. It was getting pretty difficult to walk in overflow area without stepping in doggie poop. FYI dog poop is the biggest complaint campground hosts hear. Then there was at least one couple considered the overflow areas sign as saying an off leash area and let their dog run and chase the local residents (wild life).
Like I said it doesn't take many to cause stricter rules. And it's not the dogs that are the problem, it's the owners.
Final word. If your dog is well behaved and social bring it along, We like meeting those dogs. If your dog isn't well behaved or not social, then train to behave and be social. Remember you're bring your dog into an environment that's might not be normal for them so a little extra care might be necessary the first few times you take them camping.
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Warren
Trailer: 1979 17' Boler
British Columbia
Posts: 25
We have always taken our 75-pound Airedale with us in our 17-foot Boler (sometimes with 2 grandsons). Mostly boondocking works for us -- but on those occasions when we have stayed in parks and had to leave her alone, a long rope tied so it cannot wrap around obstacles and choke her worked well. Just so she has shade and water: she is well behaved and while she will sit looking where we left, she doesn't bark -- makes it simpler. (Normally, she comes along on all walks).

There is nothing she likes better than camping.
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Name: Patrick
Trailer: R-Vision Trail Lite
New York
Posts: 605
Tip for camping with 2 BIG dogs in 13 foot trailer.

1. Check long range weather forecast for long stretch of good dry weather.
2. Reserve campsite at campground that allows dogs.
3. Go camping.

If it is raining:

1. Stay home with 2 BIG dogs.
2. Study campground directories for dog friendly campgrounds.
3. Wait for better weather forecast.

When I camp without a pet and it rains I go to a museum or go visit antique shops.
Unless you have a huge 5th wheel wheel with a huge HDTV rain camping gets old mighty fast....faster with one dog...really fast with 2 BIG dogs.

Happy Camping.
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Name: Linda
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 123
my dogs are the reason i have a trailer. if you travel enough, and gasoline prices are in the 3+ dollar range like they have been, you finally get it that flying and staying in cheap motels is actually cheaper sometimes. but--i won't leave my fur babies! more for my sake than theirs, in the long run. i just miss them too much to enjoy the trip. i've always had a bigger rv than i now have--plenty of space for all of us. now, though, i have just bought a 17' casita that i have yet to take out on the road. like Sands, above, i invested in the screen room that i'm hoping will free up the inside when we're in place for several days! you might want to invest in some dog raincoats just to cut down on the amount of water that you have to deal with when they come inside. besides, greyhounds look stunning in fashions!
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Name: Louise
Trailer: Scamp
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No problem with a little one...

I love traveling with my 11 lb pupÖa Havanese. I found Shenandoah Nation Park allows dogs on their trails, which is why I stop there every year. Like someone else mentionÖbring lots of towels
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Name: Bill & Sandra Hanna
Trailer: 19' 2011 Escape
Posts: 229
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We were lucky to have our Scamp by the house so we could pop in with Poochie and chill with drinks n snacks from time to time. Reggie had his special camping bed by the bunks or on the lower one. We trained him to get comfy there while we 'camped' in th backyard. We would leave him for a little bit at first, within earshot in case he got upset but he never did. We think he thought the Scamp was his!!! As we left him longer periods...even in rain, he did great. Once they get used to you coming and going they usually get calm. Ours takes our away time to sneak a nap on our bed so we make sure it It is covered with a heavy duty cover. We love chillin with Reggie in our trailer (now a 19' Escape) and he loves his luxurious rolling dog house!
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: Scamp on order!
South Carolina
Posts: 12
Great tips and lots to think about! Keep 'em coming please!

I always, always pick up poop if there's any chance someone else may step in it. Irresponsible owners are almost worse than badly behaved dogs. I have had way too many encounters where people let their off leash, borderline aggressive dogs charge my dogs while they are leashed and by my side. I've started carrying mace because it happens so often. Greyhound skin is like tissue paper and I don't want any vet bills.

Rain boredom could definitely be an issue. I guess that's where an Audible subscription comes in handy, and being sure to make the best of good weather.

What about awnings? I opted to skip installing the awning on my trailer. At 90 lbs and almost $900, it seemed a little excessive.
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Name: Gordon
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North Carolina
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Originally Posted by Brindles View Post

What about awnings? I opted to skip installing the awning on my trailer. At 90 lbs and almost $900, it seemed a little excessive.
Awning discussions are like talking about religion or politics. Its in discussion now at the "Scamp Travel Trailers" Facebook page and there are also many threads here on the subject. I am also on the Nay side but it seems to be a minority position. There are a lot of other options to spend nearly a grand on but when you get to the beach with no shade, it might be nice to have.
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Name: Rachel
Trailer: Scamp on order!
South Carolina
Posts: 12
Looking it up now! Thanks!

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