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Name: Peter
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** It's a nice addition. Go to any campground on a sunny day and you're sure to see lots of people using theirs.

-front dinette and bed combo
**If you're camping as a solo or couple with no more than one kid the front dinette makes a lot of sense. You can leave the bed set up and still have a place to sit and read, and if you're a couple one of you can sleep in while the other drinks their coffee inside on a rainy day.

-entry door window with slider
** Not something I'd order . . .

-fantastic fan
** Have one. Use it. Love it.

-dual 6 volt batteries
** Nah. If I want to spend money on batteries I'd buy an "AGM" deep cycle marine battery instead.

-gravel guard protection package
** If money is tight this is one of those things you could add on the after-market if your trailer gets dinged up and it bugs you.

-porta potti 345
** Consider: It's 3 in the morning and an ice-cold rain is falling, but that's not what's keeping you awake. You're wide awake thinking I NEED TO PEE!
If money is tight it's one of those things you can buy later, even pick up at a garage sale. But someday you'll be really happy to have one.

-spare tire
Something you hope you'll never need, but is an indispensable necessity.

-rv50 solar panel ( I'm told I could update that to a rv100 solar panel for a minimal difference)
** Whether this makes sense or not depends a lot on how you plan to camp.

If you like your creature comforts -- a microwave, electric coffee maker, etc -- even several solar panels won't keep up with your electric demands, so think full-hookup camping. No solar panels needed.

If you're the type who only spends a couple days at any one place without hookups, then you can use your tow vehicle to charge your batteries while you're underway. No solar panel needed.

If you convert your lights to LEDs and your camping style is to only run the furnace first thing in the morning to drive the chill out you can easily go a week on a single battery charge. No solar panel needed.

If, on the other hand, you're the type who likes more primitive campsites with no electric hookups and like to camp for several days at a time and still like having a few creature comforts (like running the furnace in the evening and at night), upgrading your lights to LEDs, getting a solar panel and the largest capacity fresh water tank you can buy makes a lot of sense.

We do a fair amount of dry-camping (no hookups), so we upgraded all our interior lighting to LEDs, installed a single 50w solar panel on our roof, and upgraded our fresh water tank from 12 to 20 gallons. Most of the time 50 watts really is all we need; the only time we found differently was when we were camping at Yellowstone and it was so cold (in the teens) at night that our furnace (and, therefore, furnace fan) ran non-stop all night. Our battery was almost completely discharged by morning, and at 50 watts our solar panel did not have the "oomph" to get our battery up to snuff the following day.

We carry a Mr Heater Portable Buddy "backup" heater for times like this. The Buddy heater can get our trailer toasty without drawing our battery down; unfortunately we discovered our backup "Portable Buddy" heater doesn't work above 7000 feet altitude . . .

We could have solved our problem by bringing more blankets along for cold camping trips and only using the furnace in the evening and first thing in the morning to drive the chill out. What we did instead was add a second 55 watt panel. Now with 105 watts of solar we there's enough juice for our furnace and to watch our small 12-volt AM/FM/TV/DVD player for an hour or two at night.

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Name: Mike
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Well after a long summer of waiting , patience has paid off and the trailer that I had designed for the wife is finally being built . I will be taking the wife to Calgary to pick it up on Sept. 17 and spending the night in it after watching my boxing coach Sheldon Hinton defend both his Canadian heavywieght titles , it's gonna be a great day . The process of the build was put on hold as the owner Joe Thoen had some issues his company had to deal with . I must say that with the input from this forum and many others who shared their opinions I know that my wife will be thrilled I have made the trek back and forth from Edmonton to Calgary to take pics and will do up a story of our experience with having a trailer built from scratch . I hope we get a long indian summer to enjoy it a few times afore the snow flies , thanx again for the support , cheers mike

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Name: Roy
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Originally Posted by mike stone View Post
The process of the build was put on hold as the owner Joe Thoen had some issues his company had to deal with .
Can you explain that one a little further? I'm trying to understand the lack of response to emails. Joe said to email him pictures of the part I was looking for and I never heard back.

Though his price on the #139 Kassen hinges are the best around!
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Name: Mike
Trailer: 2010 trillium outback
Posts: 44
Hmmm not sure why Joe wouldn't reply to you Roy I would try calling him or Lana again and tell them that you are unimpressed with the lack of attention you've recieved , I'll atest to the fact that he is busy but make no excuses for him . The issue that Joe had was he fired the company that was doing the fiberglass for him and picked up his molds but took some time to insure that the company that he chose was up to his standards and after seeing the trailer bodies come in and the fit and finish I'd say he chose very well one of the reasons he's still in buisness while over 30 others in the industry have closed their doors this year such as bigfoot for example . And as a side note I'll add that a 125 watt solar panel sure takes up alot of real estate on the roof darn near big enough to weld with lol , cheers mike
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Originally Posted by Booker B. View Post
Hi Mike,

We have a 1976 Trillium so some things won't apply.

Awning - use it all the time and love it.
Front dinette - would be nice but the bunks do fine for us.
Door window - We never even open the curtain on the door slider
Fantastic fan - I have the regular vent and I would prefer more airflow
Dual Batteries - we have only a single battery and our lights last 10 days minimium.
Gravel Guard - we have chips all over the front of ours, doesnt bug me but if I paid 20k it sure would
Porti potti - ours stays home
Spare time - you know if you don't get it you will have a flat on your first trip.
Solar - see above on batteries.

Mike, I am a big fan of our fiberglass cabinets. I wish Escape would make a 13-15 model with fiberglass cabinets but it's not part of their build.

Hope that helps!
I'm with you on the fiberglass cabinets Booker.Have looked at other models of Trillium and Bolers without the fiberglass cabinets and was less than impressed.As far as I'm concerned they are what makes a true fiberglass trailer.I have a feeling that it is cheaper to produce the fake wood cabinets.Of course everyone has there own opinion as different people like different things.

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