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, you could put the kid you like the least on the floor on an air mattress
Funniest thing I've read here yet. Haha.

"The babbling that I brook." - Pink Floyd

1991 Scamp 16'
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Benjamin -

Not meaning to throw ANOTHER wrinkle into your decision... consider a Scamp 5th wheel. We got one in Sept, and spent the first month on the road. There are jus the two of us, and plenty of room. With the 5th you get the upstairs loft for a bit more privacy. And the dinette of course make into a bed. And there is STILL room on the floor for that poor unfortunate child that nobody seems to love.

DOWNSIDE - you need to two with a truck, and w/ kids that means a quad cab. Regarding the kids... "teens" covers a lot of territory. 13/14 is way different from 17/18. Having been thru that phase, IT GOES BY FAST. Espec if they are already 15-16. Believe me, in a few years, things will start changing. So, **my nickel's worth** buy for the long haul, and "get thru" the middle phase.

B-t-w, I am 6'1" (just shy) and sleep well in the loft.

AND in additino to Casita's program, SCAMP has one too - where they will hook up potential buyers w/ existing owners for a look-see. AND just for kicks, depending on your time frame to buy, consider making an excursion to one of the gatherings. Lots to see and visit!

Good luck... it is a hard task.

Alan / Galt California

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My complements on the demeanor here. On the "other" board asking to compare just TWO trailers for value, quality, etc would have brought out a dozen keyboard weasels ready to vociferously prove (lecture) to you which one is the better.

Don't know how you all keep such an even keel.

Keep it up.

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Ron - Agree - and it is WONDERFUL

For example, tho we ended up with a Scamp 5th, I will acknowledge that Escape maked a heck of a rig, too. At LEAST as good as Scamp, if not better. So, why not take them? **FOR US** It wasn't the "right" choice.

I don't care for the slopeing nose.. the loft is already small, and I think the slope would make it too coffin like. Just my preference

I didn't really want to deal with a foreign company. First, I am sure the import is easy, but not as easy as bringing in from another state! 2nd. **IF** there were any legal issues involving the trailer, I would rather be in a US court and be a foreign national in another country's court system. 3rd, at the time, the relationship between $US and $CAN, it was above where I wanted the price point to be.

ALL very valid reasons for ME to make MY decision. BUT I fully recognize that others will go down a completely different path. The "right" decision is personal.

Let's all admit, that our friends and families with huge gi-normous rigs made a different decision. We are friends with two couples from Church - one has a Titanium 5th that has as many square feet as some small countries. It is WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL, and the perfect choice. For them. They love it. Our other friends have the really nice Motor home... Electric Everything. Again, BEEE-YOOO-TI FUL. Not my choice.

Given that, how could **I** all of a sudden say that **MY** choice is the only right one? It absolutely IS the right one.. for ME. Not for anyone else.

Different Strokes for Different Folks.

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What sort of campgrounds have you found that won't take "small" campers? And how do they define small? I have the same question for "old" campers (clearly they aren't talking about the human campers!)

I can already tell these wouldn't be my kind of places, but I'm still curious about them. If you had a really cute, fixed up, Boler type trailer, for example... would they look up the year?

Sheesh (can you tell I'm annoyhed with "them" already?)

:tail switching:
Raya, there are many Rv Parks, Campgrounds and Resorts that don't allow a camping unit over 10 years old. Been the topic of discussion on many a post here as well Most are lax about it, and will allow units that are kept up, but some are stringent with that rule. As I said, I think many will be changing that rule as the economy has effected their camper nights. Personally when Dh and I owned a park we had the rule and I loved it. It wasn't about keeping older units out. It was about controlling the icky situations you see in numerous campgrounds and rv parks. As a guest would you feel safe or even want to be in a campground/park that allowed run down rigs and all their junk parked next to you? Actually these type of campgrounds/parks are exactly where I want to stay. It's called pride in ownership! If the campground/park maintains their facility then I know I will have an enjoyable stay. Now for the ones that are real sticky with the rule, I don't want to stay there, had I wanted to I would have bought a million dollar bus, I didn't! Robin
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Raya, opp's I forgot the question about small. They define small by the length. I never had that rule! Though I have been in Parks that have it when we had a Class A. An example of a place that may have that rule would be a MotorCoach Park. It's really just a way of defining different camping/rving styles. As with my last post, I don't blame them for their rules, they are maintaining their property and providing a different level of camping/rving. Again, it's not my style of rving. It's just like certain restaurants that require a tie, yet you can go down the street and get the same dinner in a casual setting.Robin
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Name: Rachel
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Thanks for the added info. I haven't been around long enough to see the previous threads.

I could see a park wanting neat and tidy rigs, but equating that with age seems weird to me. I mean, look at a neighborhood with run down houses - they're just as (or maybe more) likely to be 1950s ramblers as they are to be 1890s Victorians. I just don't see age making the difference. (Of course private parks can do whatever they want; they could allow only blue campers if that's what they felt like.)

Your restaurant/tie example is a good one. Where I lose it is just in equating "new" with "nice." As if the tie and suit had to be less than five years old to count

I understand you don't make the rules (or even if you did...), so I'm not responding as if you were being illogical. Just sounds like a bit too much judging by age/size, and not by what they are really looking for (probably tidy, quiet people who pay their fees on time and then go on their way).

Clearly I'm going to be out when it comes to those places, with my 1980s Volvo and my 1970s camper that's only ten feet long! Too bad as I'm quiet, helpful when it's called for, pay my fees, and then go on my way.....
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We keep seeing the age/appearance/size topic rearing it's ugly head, but in two years of Scamping all over the West with our lil 13, even at the point early on in the restoration where the exterior made us look a bit like traveling Bubbas, we have yet to encounter this anywhere.

It must exist for it to be such a persistent topic, but never run into it personally.
Scamp Owners International
2015 Escape 19 & 1997 Scamp 19
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Here's an extreme example of RV park restrictions. This place states on its website that it only allows class A motorcoachs that are 25' or longer. I'm sure if you showed up in a tired 1980 Winnie, there's no way you could stay.
1980 Bigfoot 17' & former owner of 1973 Compact Jr
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RV parks with those restrictions. We don't need them anyways. With proper planning hopefully won't have to resort to them, since they cater more to the rich. But can be tough if one is in a situation. But there is always a Walmart within reach somewhere right???
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Ron - Agree - and it is WONDERFUL
Given that, how could **I** all of a sudden say that **MY** choice is the only right one? It absolutely IS the right one.. for ME. Not for anyone else.

Different Strokes for Different Folks.
[b]Wooohooo for Alan He's said exactly what this community is all about. It really boils down to "Love the One You're With." Each owner and each brand of molded lightweight fiberglass towable is valued here on FiberglassRV and I applaud each and everyone of you for your kindness and courtesy.

Keep up the good work!
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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Put the kids in a tent. They usually like being on their own. Also, they won't always want to go with you. And, they won't always be around and a FGRV will last a good long time! This is all IMHO, considering my experience with one and two teenagers--who always like to bring friends along!
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For two weeks this summer, our nephew enjoyed his self-proclaimed "one story mansion in the mountains" pitched next to our Oliver trailer... At 14, he wanted the independence and privacy of his little tent. (And enjoyed the convenience of our shower and bathroom...not to mention, the kitchen!). We all had a wonderful time. He took over my campfire building duties after a few lessons.... One match fires, hotdogs & smores doesn't get much better....
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SherryandPaul, that's what it's all about, sharing the joy of the great outdoors! Great pic's! Robin

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