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I've done the research, read everything I can find, so now we have to decide:

We're looking to buy our first camper, we are a family of four, two tall adults and two teens, two medium sized dogs, primarilly looking for a convenient way to camp that helps us avoid tents and such.

The trailer would mostly be used in rv parks, though some forest (remote) use. We decided that we'd prefer space over convenience, so the bathroom is optional. We do need cook facilities, AC, and a gas furnace. Tow vehicle is a Kia Sedona V-6 minivan.

I'm a fairly handy guy, but I really don't feel like doing another remodel, already have lots of irons in the fire, so I want a low maintenance, easy to care for unit that has sleeping room for four.

It is likely that we'll be kid free someday, so another consideration is getting a unit that would also serve two adults for longer trips.

Without being able to see any of these units:
Which has the best build quality?
Which has the most bang for the buck?
Which has the best resale?
Does anyone make one with a rear access door?


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Which has the best build quality?

You'll get as many opinions as there are models/owners.

Which has the most bang for the buck?

A good used model that suits your needs is likely a good answer to this one.

Which has the best resale?

They all hold their value surprisingly well.

Does anyone make one with a rear access door?

Not that I'm aware of.

That being said, I'd get a nice 16footer with a side dinette, and make the kiddies sleep in the van until they fly.

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At 6'2" I am comfortable in the center of my Trillium. The only other FG I have been in is a Boler (Scamp's/Casitas are similar) and it was too short for me. However, if you are looking at 13' trailers they aren't very big - if you have personal space issues then you will find them all too small for you. I can confirm that the bunk beds in these trailers are good for 1 teen and 1 adolescent but may not work for 2 big teens.

I am assuming you are looking at older trailers:

1. Which has the best build quality?

All of these older trailers were well built - it's really a question of how well maintained they are./

2.. Which has the most bang for the buck?

Prices really vary from location to location. All of the olders trailers (if maintained and bought for a fair price) will not deprecate much (if any) because new trailers just keep getting more expensive.

3. Which has the best resale?

See above =)

4. Does anyone make one with a rear access door?

Compact Juniors are rear entry
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Oops, I forgot about the Compact Jr's and their bretheren. I thought he was referring to something along the lines of a toy hauler rear access.
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They are all good trailers. I think that one vs. another is the wrong way to go about this. What suits one family may be totaly wrong for another.

What's available?
Which one is in the best condition for the age?
Which one fits your personal needs and lifestyle?
How far are you willing to travell to get what you want?
How long can you wait for Mr Right-one?
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Yep, totally agree with you James. For example, in BC we hardly ever see Scamps or Casitas but there are a ton of Bolers/Trilliums and Bigfoots.
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Benjamin, Paul, James and Booker gave you some great answers to your questions. But feel I need to add my 2 cents in on issues that from your post that may come up.

First whats the towing capacity of your Kia? That right there will determine the size and weight of the unit you will be able to purchase. Don't forget to take in consideration all the camping stuff we take along, bedding, ice chest, lanterns, pots pans, etc........................... Then 4 basically adults.

Finding a egg to meet your needs is going to be the biggest hurdle. I don't know of a newer egg being made that sleeps more than 3, though someone else may be able come up with one for you. And honestly I haven't seen a bunk in the older ones that sleep 4 that looked like a growing teen could fit in, again someone may know of one. But the ones I have seen are designed more towards small children.

You mentioned your spouse and you are both tall. I am 5'9 and the only egg I have walked in that I don't have to dunk is an EggCamper. Not that I am squished in a Casita. But with 4 people in my 17 fter I would be. You have to remember these little eggs were made for more compact camping.

Then you mentioned that your camping will mostly be rv parks, are you aware that some rv parks don't accept small travel trailers? As well as older units? (though I think that may change because of the economy)

As for being able to travel with just the two of you someday, depending on your camping needs just about any of them will do, give or take a few.

I am not trying to discourage you, (cause I Love fiberglass eggs) But I just want you to know that you may not find the exact match for you, and that you may have to compromise with a few of your wants and or needs to find just the right one. Like dragging a tent along for the kids to sleep in. It would be great if you could actually see a few in person, so you get the idea of what they are like. I do know that Casita has a program that gets potential "new" buyers into privately owned Casitas in your area, you may want to call Casita and see if there is anyone in your area that gives the tour. Good Luck!

Also, many of us have been known to knock on doors, wave people down to get a peek at the egg in there back yard or the egg they are towing down the road. I have given more tours in gas stations and mini marts. So if you no of one parked along the road, just go ask to see it. We are pretty much a friendly bunch and proud owners that don't mind. Best of Luck! Robin
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2 tall adults, 2 teens and 2 medium dogs in a little egg? You all must enjoy snuggling very much. Take extra deodorant but no baked beans.

Ok, I'll get serious. The beds in the widebody Burros and Eggcampers will be the longest, and those trailers will also give you more height. But I don't think any eggs 17' and under will give you room to sleep all those warm bodies. Maybe you can find a used 25' Bigfoot. Everyone says they are built really well.

Although there's something to be said for the earlier advice of letting the teens sleep in the van, or even having a tent just for them. Sometimes teens really like getting away from the "old folks" and enjoy the camping experience more when they feel like they have their own "private" space. In that case I'd go back to what I said about Burros and Eggcampers. You're not likely to find a used Eggcamper or a new Burro; so if you can afford mid teens $$ check out the Eggcamper built near Grand Rapids MI (I toured the place and they look solid & feel as spacious as you'll get in a 17 footer); or if you need to stay at a lower price point then keep an eye out (like on for used 17' Burros.

Either of those are about a foot wider than the Casitas and Scamps, and I think you would appreciate the extra space.

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Remember the Casita Liberty (either 16' or 17') makes into a long bed (fore and aft). This would be for the 2 adults, if the teens can be persuaded to bunk in the tent or van.

That's good advice to discover the amount the Kia can tow. (Definitely lets out the 25' Bigfoot!)

Good luck with your decision.
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Hi, Benjamin & family, and

IMHO, sounds like a used Burro 17ft. widebody might be a good choice. With regard to Bigfoot trailers - they ARE well built, but methinks too heavy for your Kia.

Speaking to the 'empty nest' Egg in the future ... we are in our 3rd year of full-timing in our Scamp13 and lovin' it. It has everything we need - space is not an issue as we are generally outside 'cept for bad weather. We tow with a 2000 Mazda MPV which seems to handle the Scamp fine. No illusions about weight tho - we are VERY careful! When the time comes to replace this van as our tug, we'd go with another MPV, but Mazda is no longer building them with 6 cyl - down to 4 cyl for fuel economy, I guess.

We wish you success in finding an egg 'just right for you'. Take care, L 'n D
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I just pulled out my Scamp brochure. I had forgotten that the 16' "layout 7" has the rear dinette (makes into about a 48" x 74" bed I believe), front bunks (bottom bunk will sleep one but I don't think the top bunk will hold a teen) and side dinette (good for a shorter teen, I think). FWIW.
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You just missed the unusual Casita in the referrals section that had the rear dinette bed and two sets of bunks, one set up front and one set on the side. The teens could have each had a lower bunk and the dogs could be accomodated in the upper berths. While those are rare, they do exist in most all brands.

The Burro WB 17 would be my choice though like many others have suggested and then build a reinforced front bunk to handle the extra weight. Course the tent or van option for the teens sure looks tempting.
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a teen WILL fit on the front bunk of a 17 foot Burro wide body. I sleep up there exclusively. Now, I am short, but I have dogs and they sleep at the end and I can still stretch out.

If you got on without a bath, there is a wide open space between front and back beds, you could put the kid you like the least on the floor on an air mattress and still have walking room.

here are some pictures of a "Dance Hall Edition" Burro.

He has put captian style seating up front, but they normally come with a 2 seater dinette/gaucho up front.
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What sort of campgrounds have you found that won't take "small" campers? And how do they define small? I have the same question for "old" campers (clearly they aren't talking about the human campers!)

I can already tell these woudn't be my kind of places, but I'm still curious about them. If you had a really cute, fixed up, Boler type trailer, for example... would they look up the year?

Sheesh (can you tell I'm annoyhed with "them" already?)

:tail switching:

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burro, casita, trillium, eggcamper

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